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2 of 7 – A Life of Science: Lynn Margulis Opens the Gaian Era

Dear Earthlings:
two more snapshots from the Lynn Margulis conference this week.  How many angles to Gaia theory!  Each discipline has something to gain from it.  Each discourse can integrate it beneficially. 
Bruce Clarke, professor of English at Texas Tech, claims he became convinced of Gaia theory when he figured that “Gaia is a metabiotic system,” not an organism in the conventional sense.  “Gaia theory” he concludes, “is Systems Theory.”  That’s how the new scientific paradigm gets integrated in new fields of study in the humanities.

Mary Catherine Bateson speaks of influences.  Which direction?  Paradigm shift happens when a person responds to the age based on what the age demands.  So influences go in both directions.  Collaboration vs competition.  There is a cultural need to value collaboration.  Science can use collaboration to account for what isn’t explained by competition.  The influence goes from a cultural to a natural dimension, and vice versa.  Interpretations is what science and culture are made of.  As a listener, yours truly notices what an admirable group of people has gathered to celebrate Lynn Margulis.  Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead, in Mary Catherine’s family, are two of the most remarkable American thinkers! 
Dear Earthlings:

Education is the heart of democracy.  And that includes education to love.  It comes in many forms.  Including learning about Lynn Margulis, the role of collaboration in evolution, and Gaia theory. 

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serenagaia • April 12, 2012

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