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3 of 4 – EcoSex @ U Conn – Anapol’s The 7 Natural Laws of Love – Student Responses: Adam’s Take

Dear Earthlings:

The EcoSex course at U Conn is in process.  It’s a great experience.  We are reading amazing books.  Thinking out of the box and across disciplines.  Students are sending their responses in, with discussion questions.  In class, we connect the dots: a holograph of what we’ve read together, the “required readings.”  Multiple perspectives and good synergy.  Here, we offer a glimpse.  Deborah Anapol’s The Seven Natural Laws of Love, was one of two introductory books.  We got four responses: from Alissa, Rhiann, Adam, and John.  

Here’s Adam‘s take:

Response to Deborah Anapol’s The Seven Natural Laws of Love

I found “The Seven Natural Laws of Love”, by Deborah Anapol, to be a pleasant surprise. I am an emotional person, but I prefer to put up a stoic front and regard talk of love from a distance. Needless to say, I started this book with trepidation, but that dissipated almost immediately. Anapol writes in a warm, relaxing manner about topics which make many people, myself included, uncomfortable, and she succeeds at getting the reader to let down their guard.

            One thing I found truly pleasant about the book was that each chapter, in addition to articulately, if not somewhat fancifully, exploring the seven laws of love, had exercises for the reader to undertake. I performed some of them over the course of the week, and found them to be eye-opening. This interactive quality made the book more entertaining and animated.

            I will say though that I did not really feel a deep connection to Anapol’s book. I felt rather unrepresented; the target audience being young, heterosexual women, I felt overlooked by Anapol’s study and research – as if it did not truly apply to me, being a non-heterosexual male. My view of love also differs from Anapol’s. I do not disagree with much of what she says and believes; in fact, I completely agree with many of her main points, some of which being that the true source of love is one’s self and that truth and forgiveness are essential for a loving relationship. However, I got the sense that Anapol views love as a deeply spiritual, ethereal enigma. I view love, more or less, as a flood of hormones, some of which being dopamine and serotonin, and various psychological attachments. I am not a very spiritual person – I do not believe that Anapol’s view of love is wrong and mine is right, and I am not trying to undermine the importance of love. I am merely saying that her phrasing of love and her experiences seemed, in a way, foreign to me.

            All that said, I am glad that I read The Seven Natural Laws of Love. It was enjoyable, and I walk away with some very practical, true, useful advice and knowledge.

Adam Kocurek
Published with permission

WGSS 3998 – Ecosexuality and the Ecology of Love
Prof. Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio
U Conn, Storrs, Spring 2013

Dear Earthlings:
Let “nature” be your teacher in the arts of love.  Education is the heart of democracy, education to love.  Come back for more wonders: Students Responses to appear every Tuesday.  Book Reports scheduled every other Thursday.  Check out our summer offerings:  Ecosexuality in Portland, OR, July 17-21.  Info and Registration here! 
Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
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