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3WayKisses from Gaia – Opening the Aquarain Age with Sacred Gifts and Free Valentines

February, 2012
Hi lovely Earthlings!  
The age of Aquarius is here to bring sacred gifts and free Valentines.  Love is the ecology of life.  The water bearer weds the essence of Amrita, Eros, and Gaia into a virtual three-way kiss that’s magic, open, and complete. Three, not two, is the perfect number–Dante said–because it spins the energy of love to wider and wider circles until it floods the cosmos and enshrines the planet.  Expanding love is the essence of ecosexuality.  Earth, sovereign source of life, is also a compersive partner: so patient, forbearing with us.  Drops of the sacred liquid wet the cosmos that enshrines her to keep her vibrant and alive.  

 Our sacred gift to Gaia is PostaHouse, a school of love in Italy’s central mountains, the Apennines.  Its vision is to educate the whole person and include our hostess, planet
earth, as a partner with equal rights.  Amrita was called Ambrosia in the ancient Mediterranean.  One drop of this sacred nectar was known to confer immortality.  At PostaHouse we tap on the fount of this liquid of pure pleasure to prove that love is an art.  Our doors are open for residencies and events, including workshops, trainings, courses, retreats.   

The water bearer who brings new life is John Overton, musician, shaman, and new resident-in-charge.  His devotion is key, his perspectives inspiring.  Click on image to find out what he’s all about.  We believe that cosmic, planetary, spiritual, affectional, romantic, and erotic manifestations of love are life-giving when properly sustained and channeled.  

PostaHouse offers a unique bouquet of fragrant opportunities to co-evolve and contribute.  An intentional community and a holistic vacation center, this sacred space is devoted to transformative education in the arts of healing, loving, and living sustainably.  “A world  where it’s safe to love is a world where it’s safe to live” is its mantra.  The sustainable love we teach is for land, people, resources, arts.  Click on image for mission, values, spaces, locale, descriptions, seasons, rules, bookings. We’re open–for residencies only–October to May included.  We gladly host events June to September included.  Requests are pouring in.  Send us yours.  Book PostaHouse now!  We’ll pencil in the calendar and send you a free Valentine.  We express gratitude to Jeffrey Andreoni for activating the project, to Kalikalos, Greece, and to Ecosex . . . Sustainable Love, Facebook, for inspiration and sustenance. Click to Google Earth for PostaHouse.  
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 Love and knowledge are twins at heart.  How can we really appreciate something we know nothing about?  Self-knowledge is self love.  And it comes when we know and accept others for who they really are.  That’s why relationships are so complicated. Bonobo Coaching is the answer.  Click on image to find out how.  As a free Valentine, Yours Truly offers a full coaching session to everyone who signs up for a workshop, books PostaHouse, or buys two of her books online.  Scroll up and down for available opportunities.  

Expanding love in wider and wider circles is always a gift to us.  That’s what the March 10-12 workshop in San Juan is designed for.  Sign up now for Ecosexuality: A Weekend wih the Arts of Loving Inclusively and benefit form gifts and discounts.  Learn to practice ecosexual love in Puerto Rico’s caressing climate.  Space is limited.  Click on image to save your seats now!  And tune in to your potential as an artist and resource of love.  As a free Valentine, we offer a Bonobo Coaching session to everyone who signs up!  Never been to San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Need hospitality, travel tips?  Let us know how we can assist you.

Expanding knowledge that comes from love is another.  As the age of Aquarius opens, Yours Truly’s books are being recognized.   Gaia, Eros, The “Weak” Subject, BiTopia, Bisexuality and Queer Theory, Plural Loves, Women and Bisexuality : labors of love that charted new fields, memorialized experience, envisioned new paradigms, and helped launch new authors’ careers.  When this begins to register all around, you know you’ve done something right.  To express her gratitude, Yours Truly offers a free Valentine to everyone who buys TWO titles titles online.  Your free Bonobo Coaching session awaits you.  Please send in proof of purchase plus the Coupon below by February 20th.

“Education is the heart of democracy,” Yours Truly claims as she supports the Occupy Movement and the way it redefines democracy as the horizontal practice of participation that includes all life.  Her UPR course Huma-Love is about the infinite ways that love has been practiced across ages and cultures.  Its videos are now available online.  For those well versed in Spanish, they are another free Valentine.  They are a prelude to her new projects: What Is Love? and Dialogs with Gaia, simple books that explain the basic questions of life, and an open-ended collection on Ecosexuality.  Would you like to contribute?  Check the call for papers here!  Thanks to collaborators and inspirers,
including Kamala Devi, Annie Sprinkle, Beth Stephens, and Deborah Anapol.  Also, of course, thanks to UPR students at the Mayaguez campus for the new awareness created by action to save our institution from corporate greed.  We are the university and participation in the design of its future is invited!  Click on image to find out how. 
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For those based in Rome and vicinities Yours Truly offers another free Valentine.  Her late father, Luigi Anderlini,

 was a political figure who modeled integrity, passion, and love for humankind.  His career is now memorialized in a Il Ponte volume to be presented in the Italian Senate on February 21, at 4:30.  She is moved and invites you to celebrate this moment with her.  Click on image to see full invitation for protocols and etiquette.
Yours Truly wishes you a wonderful Valentine.  The best things in life are free.  Sacred gifts and free Valentines abound.  Pick your favorite and let us know how you share it!  Activate an Amrita fount and put each drop to good use.  Save a life, a plant, a species.  Enjoy every moment and imagine a life enchanted with the Earth as your partner.

At 3WayKiss we love you!
SerenaSF2011 Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire
Pioneer of Ecosexuality
Founder of 3WayKiss and PostaHouse 
Author of Gaia (2009), Eros (2006), and  


Award Winner with Nautilus and Finalist with Lambda

Editor of BiTopia (2011), Bisexualtity and Queer Theory (2012), Plural Loves (2005), Women and Bisexuality (2003)
Professor of Humanities
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

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