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A Vote of Power

Fellow Americans and all voters in the US system:

A vote for Hillary in November is the only vote that guarantees another election in 2020.

Neo-fascists don’t believe in elections. Let history be the teacher. The last election in pre-fascist Italy was in 1922. Then Fascism came. The subsequent election was in 1945!

I want to vote again in 2020. That’s why I’m voting for Hillary. Bernie knows this all too well, that’s why he shifted.

American democracy may be rigged just like most other systems. Still, this primary season we’ve seen a momentous display of diverse political perspectives and positions.

Do you value this? Protect it for next time!

A vote for Hillary is a vote for tanacity, a vote for resilience, a vote for wisdom in women’s golden years.

It will be the first time that an empire of the US magnitude is lead by a woman ever in human history, and we cannot estimate what that might bring.

Hillary has many virtues.

Including not flinching when she could have played victim of cuckoldry.

Including allowing Sanders all the room he needed to build the progressive movement.

Including galvanizing Republicans who take pride in the legacy of Lincoln and break away from traitors of this legacy.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for women proud of our wrinkles and the wisdom written one the face of our golden years. 

A vote for Hillary is a vote of power for all of those who believe in the wisdom of love!

I have to admit that my ecosexual dream would have been to see Hillary AND Bernie run together on the same ticket. That would have been a front populaire, French style fascism-prevention move. The Kaine move can break the GOP and be effective too.

Let Meryl Streep make the point better than me!

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serenagaia • July 27, 2016

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