Welcome to the Academic Webpage of Dr. SerenaGaia, also known as Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio.

Live knowledge is Dr. SerenaGaia’s passion.   She is a path breaker in several current domains of research: bisexuality, polyamory, and ecosexuality.  Amorous inclusiveness and sexual fluidity have been her path to what makes her passionate now.  She is a scholar activist and a participant observer in the communities, cultural practices, and transformational movements she studies.  Her holistic method integrates multiple disciplinary approaches into one holistic perspective.  Here we provide access to Dr. SerenaGaia’s academic credentials, publications, accomplishments, and articles.

Academia.edu is a networked website where academics showcase their research.  Dr. SerenaGaia’s work appears under Serena Anderlini’s profile.  The profile offers access to almost all of Dr. SerenaGaia’s peer-reviewed articles, and a number of related items.

Like most academics, Dr. SerenaGaia has a Curriculum Vitae.  This document lists all her accomplishments in the areas of academic research, teaching, and service.  The most recent updated version of this document is available here.

Many academics also have Google Scholar Profiles.  These profiles keep track of audience response to peer-reviewed publications, including statistics of views, and on quotations thereof.  Go to Dr. SerenaGaia’s Google Scholar Profile.

Dr. SerenaGaia is also a Professor of Humanities and Cinema at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.  A version of the Curriculum Vitae appears on her Profile in the Webpage of the Department of Humanities, of which she is part.

Enjoy the website of Dr. SerenaGaia!  Make love the ecology of your life.  Allow nature to inspire the arts of love.