The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love – Rome, Sept. 20-22, 2019 – A Weekend Intensive – Program

Welcome to The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love.


The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love is an educational program in the arts of love designed for people with the desire to love naturally, with freedom and courage. It combines RITUALS, PRINCIPLES, and PRACTICES from Tao, Tantra, amorous inclusiveness, and sexual fluidity to empower participants to reconnect with their natural gift to love.  

 If you do have a strong desire to love fearlessly and unconditionally, this alchemic cauldron is right for you.

When you overcome the main fears often associated with love, what will keep your loving nature from becoming fully expressed?

The program refers to the rituals, principles, and practices of sex-positive education, which appreciates the value of amorous and sexual expression as a basis for human happiness, health, pleasure, joy, and well-being. In sex-positive education, a wide variety of ways to express one’s amorous and sexual energy are appreciated, provided these expressions take place among people who are fully consenting adults. Sex-positive education encourages self-awareness, open communication, good listening, and complete respect for the wishes and non-wishes of others.

The practice of Ecosexual Love is based on inner guidance from the core of one’s personal ecosystem, and on respect and devotion to the ecosystems that surround us, including natural, human, and technological ones. For example, awareness of our fears puts us in touch with our inner vibrations. Addressing these insecurities is a way to raise our vibration above them and energetically dissipate external obstacles and critiques.

Respect for diversity is a way of being in awe of the diversity of nature, including human nature. When we come from a place of love, we can appreciate the value of people’s choices even when they don’t correspond to ours. For example, we can respect open relationships without practicing them, and learn to experience compersion as a way to overcome the fear of being consumed with jealousy. The programs in The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love are designed to empower participants to evolve their talents in the arts of love and to become artists of Ecosexual Love.

This introductory training helps to create awareness of these eventual fears and identify your major energetic obstacles to love.

We welcome diversity, appreciate consent, and support all forms of amorous expression. Join us as we transform fear into love with the Alchemy of EcosexualLove.

This bilingual edition is a space of encounter for many diverse people in both Italian and English (and other languages as necessary).  Our translation resources are abundant and we will make it easy for all participants. Our special theme will be water. How do you relate to this element inside and around you? We offer the resources to explore this.

The stunning location for this intensive is The Hill of Oaks (Il Colle delle Querce), a retreat center in the verdant hills of the Roman countryside. The center is only a 40-minute drive from the heart of the city, a one-hour public transport trip from Rome’s central station (Termini), and a 20-minute drive from the nearby urban train station, Monterotondo.

The location offers a magical indoor Love Temple, an oak garden with outdoor pool, gazebo, cafe, and health-food restaurant, a heated indoor pool for Watsu, two massage rooms, comfortable apartment accommodations for 1, 2, 3, and up to 4 persons, and much more. It serves vegetarian meals made from locally grown, organic, products.

Feeling inspired to participate?

Our early-bird option is open. A full two-day day intensive for only € 127!

Space is limited. Book your spot now! This offer expires on June 16, 2019. Reserve your favorite accommodation and meals also now here.

Are you a graduate from the 2018 edition? Join the course and assist us at no charge! Confirm your attendance and save your spot here!


The programs’ elements include the following:
1. The Tao, a practical philosophy from the Orient that allows one to harmonize the elements of one’s personal ecosystem, treating one’s organs and other parts of the person like members of an expanded family, who function well when they get along.
2. Tantra, another practical philosophy from the Orient that combines amorous expression with aspects of the sacred, sacred, allowing aural and energetic connections among people who wish to love each other with respect and reverence for their respective vital energies.
3. Amorous inclusiveness, which allows one to expand one’s ability to love in a wider horizon, beyond exclusive and monogamous norms.
4. Sexual fluidity, which allows one to perceive and appreciate amorous energies regardless of the gender of the person they emanate from.

The program’s experiential practices emphasize aspects of the practice of love as an art. In particular, they are designed support participants in alchemically transforming the energy of fear into love. The opportunity of the program’s courses is to dissipate four major fears that are common obstacles to love.

These fears include:

• the fear of lovesickness
• the fear of being rejected
• the fear of being consumed with jealousy
• the fear of pleasure

The four elements energetically transform these fears into love when alchemically combined.

Once these energetic obstacles are removed, once the energy of fear is alchemically transformed into the energy of love, there are no reasons why a person cannot generate all the love he or she desires. Participants in The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love are empowered to become sources of love in their own lives and communities.

Join us at  The Hill of Oaks (Il Colle delle Querce) for this new and special edition, September 20-22, 2019.

Become and alchemist of ecosexual love!

The weekend offers great opportunities to practice these freedoms in a space that is sacred, safe, and highly ritualized. There will be options for going more deeply later if you so desire. The introductory program is complete and empowering in itself.

The program begins on Friday at 4 pm, with arrivals and settling in. This timeline is orientative. We will evolve together with ease and latitude, while being present to the energies in the room.


Introductions. We will hold an Opening Circle  where participants will be invited to introduce themselves, and to share about their motivation to participate.


  • Tao: shaking, opening channels, rooting
  • Tantra: contact dance

Appetizers, soft drinks, juices, water

Theory.  Introduction to the Alchemy of Ecosexual Love


  • The Ecosexual movement
  • The Earth as the partner we all share
  • Reconnecting our metabolism to the metabolism of the Earth
  • Knowing and loving the ecosystem called Thyself
  • Allowing it to emanate love to others
  • Meeting others as “metamours”
  • Sexual and amorous expression: an art of healing and loving
  • Also in nature: plants and their admired genital parts
  • Ecosexual love: the love that reaches beyond genders, and numbers, and orientations, and relationship status, and races, and ages, and ethnicity, and origins, and species, and even biological realms, to embrace all of life as a partner with equal rights.
  • Celebrating Rituals of Ecosexual Love: a symbolic wedding to the hosting ecosystem
  • Gaia, symbiosis, love, and ecosexuality

Promise of full presence and awareness until the wedding ceremony.

Tao Practices:

  • The inner smile exercise
  • The water wheel exercise
  • The reverse breathing exercise

Tantra Practices:

  • The consent exercises
    Body Communication
    eye contact
    gentle touch
    getting a NO!
    Verbal Communication
    making proposals
    rejecting proposals
    rejecting with redirection
    Giving, Receiving, Taking, Allowing
    Yes, with direction, guided touch, mudras.
  • Oxytocin group hug
  • Sharing about experience, discussing

8-9 PM: Vegetarian dinner with vegan options

9-10 PM:

  • Contact dance
  • Angels Path
  • Oxytocin group hug
  • Screening of short film Playa Azul I Love You
SATURDAY, morning

7:30-8:30 AM: Yoga Practice with Adi (optional)

8:30-9:30 AM: Breakfast

9:30 AM-1:30 PM: We start our deprogramming for the weekend  

Ritual: Let’s make love the ecology of our lives

Let’s consider three elements of ecosexual love:

  • Knowing and loving oneself
  • Knowing and loving our host planet: the Earth
  • Knowing and loving those who share this partner with us: Humankind

Practices of Ecosexual Love:

1:30-2:30 PM: Vegetarian lunch with vegan options

SATURDAY, afternoon

3:00-5:00 PM: Break for meditation relax. Option: visit to Farm

6:30-7:00 PM: Break

7:00-8 PM: Let’s celebrate ecosexual love.  RITUALE: Plural wedding to the hosting ecosystem.

  • For a more detailed description of the workshops and this ritual, click here. 

8-9 PM: Vegetarian dinner with vegan options

9-11 PM: A facilitated celebration party to follow the wedding

Considering joining us?

Our early-bird option is open. A full two-day intensive for only € 127!

Space is limited. Book your spot now! This offer expires on June 16, 2019. Reserve your favorite accommodation and meals also now here.

Are you a graduate from the 2018 edition? Join the course and assist us at no charge! Confirm your attendance and save your spot here!

SUNDAY,  morning

8:00-9:00 AM: Yoga Practice with Adi (optional)

9:00-10:00: Breakfast

10-11:30 AM: Options for practice

  • The pleasure emitter exercise
  • The curiosity in nature exercise
  • The cuddle exercise
  • Possible screening of short film Playa Azul I Love You.

11:30 AM-12:30 PM: Sharing, discussion: how to integrate this training to your daily life?

12:30-100 PM:  Closing circle. Ritual.

1-2:30 PM: Vegetarian lunch with vegan options

Option to stay for the afternoon with free time to practice

Option to stay for dinner and overnight (not included)

Note: participants will have the option of arriving Friday morning and have lunch (not included), and even of arriving Thursday evening (dinner and overnight stay not included).

The venue offers excellent massage and watsu sessions, not included. Please book well in advance, + 39 392 670 1379.

Visit Il Colle delle Querce, the magical venue with a Love Temple and Watsu Pool that welcomes the group. (A 40-minute drive from Rome’s Central Station, Termini. A one-hour trip on public transport. A 20-minute drive from Monterotondo’s urban train station.)

Excited to join us?

Our early-bird option is open. A full two-day intensive for only € 127!

Space is limited. Book your spot now! Offer expires on June 16, 2019. Reserve your favorite accommodation and meals also now here.


Dr. SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD, is a teacher of #EcosexualLove.  She’s the inventor of this Alchemy and is in charge of the transformational process. She is a leader in the ecosexual movement and an expert in the ecology of love. She is trained in Tantra, Tao, ecosexual expression, and holistic bodywork.  She has facilitated in Hawaii, Sweden, Italy, the USA, Puerto Rico and Estonia.

She is a sex-positive educator and has been involved with the Ecovillage Movement since 2005. She keynoted at the Ecosex Symposium in 2012 and at Loving More in 2007. She presented at GEN in 2017and 2018.

An award-winning writer, activist, facilitator, scholar, filmmaker, professor, editor, and cultural theorist, she co-edited the collection Ecosexuality (2015), and co-directed Playa Azul I Love You (2016).  “Her prophetic books,” including Eros (2006) and Gaia (2009), “have inspired readers around the world,” Dr. Susan M. Block has said.

Dr. SerenaGaia believes that “a world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live,” and intends to create that world with her sacred activism.


Facebook pages:


Contacts: +39329 477 9406

Adi Ananda Parashakti is a Holistic Spiritual Coach. She is a co-organizer and is in charge of rituals, harmonizing languages, and holding sacred space.

She began her learning focusing on the Mind: practicing meditation and Zen Buddhism, studying engram types & Numerology to better understand herself and other people.

Later, she sought ways to wisely re-connect with her Body: In 2004, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Swami Sivananda Asharm in India, where she learned about Pranayama, Mantras & Asanas. She has integrated this body/energetic consciousness learning Thai Chi Chuan, Wu style.

She expanded her knowledge and experiences learning about Energies: becoming a Reiki Master, a Crystal Therapist & Theta Healing Instructor. Deep inside, behind all these disciplines Adi’s wild instinctive nature was looking for a way to be understood and expressed.

Her wild inner voice screamed out making her literally fall in love with Tantra! Tantra offered her its magic power: the connection with Mother Earth, with her body, with the Energies, with others.

Claudio Jalesh Petrassi is a Watsu operator. He is in charge of the element of water and connections with the venue.

He studied clinical psychology and specialized in counseling for children and adolescents and the Art-Counseling. He held lectures at the School of Counseling “ASPIC. He worked as a listening consultant in schools and carried out HIV counseling at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome.

He leads groups on parenting, fear of flying and fear of water. He designed and lead sessions of Watsu support for children diagnosed with autism and disability in general. He gives Watsu sessions and leads multiple warm water events, including baby Watsu days for children and parents, AI-CHI group days (Taichi in water), and groups of hypnosis in warm water.

He also organizes training courses in Californian massage and was trained in psycho-body techniques such as the Californian massage and Jin Shin Do.


We appreciate your attention. Feeling called to participate?

Our early-bird option is open. A full two-day intensive for only € 127!

Space is limited. Book your spot now! This offer expires on June 16, 2019. Reserve your favorite accommodation and meals also now here.

Are you a graduate from the 2018 edition? Join the course and assist us at no charge! Confirm your attendance and save your spot here!

Can we answer any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you in your journey of #EcosexualLove. Enjoy!
aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Erstwhile Professor of Humanities and Cinema at UPRM
Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium

Author of Multiple Books


Teacher of Humanities Online Series – Modern History for the Humanities and Love ResearchGate Profile Profile
LinkedIn Profile
Fellow at the Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2012-13)
Project: “Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema”
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