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Announcing “Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium,” 28-29 Jan 2016, Program

Dear people of the Area Oeste, Puerto Rico community:
I am very happy to announce something that is really exceptional, timely, and urgent, in my view.

The Symposium “Practices of Ecosexuality” will take place in the RUM on January 28-29, 2016.  It is the inaugural event for the program “Islas Maravillas: Ecosexuality Education and Extensive Research at UPRM.”

The program is ready and enclosed to you.  Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Susan M. Block, is a renown sexologist and author of numerous books, joining us from Los Angeles. It is a joy to welcome her to Western Puerto Rico.

She will open the event on Thursday at 10:30 in the Teatro Figueroa Chapel, with

“The Bonobo Way: A New Ecosexual Paradigm for Humanity.  Can we learn to evolve peace through pleasure from our primate cousins?”

The topic is timely and urgent, and relates to almost every discipline I can think of.  Please make sure you consider weaving the event into your syllabi.  Joins the Keynote and encourage all your students to do so.  Thank you!

Many other speakers and workshop leaders will follow her keynote.  Speakers are joining us from New Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington State. They are generously donating their time, passion, and expertise to our region and communities.  Please join me in welcoming them to UPRM!  The events are open to the public, free of charge, and bilingual.  Attendance qualifies as Professional Enhancement (CEP).  Please consider attending with your students.  Find the Registration Page here.  Thank you!

The symposium can also be taken as a course by enrolling in Huma 4996-001.  There are a few days left in the ajustes period and a few slots in the course.  Please make sure all your students are aware of this opportunity to learn by doing and encourage them to consider enrolling.  We have an Authorization Form that will make the process quicker.  Thank you!

Enclosed is the complete program and the program-at-a-glance.  Both have all information related to the Symposium and to the extramural event that follows it on the 30th.  Enjoy!

Besides as attachments here, the documents are also available online:

Click for Program

The Symposium was created with the help of many local collaborators, organizers, students, and employees.  They all did their best in co-creating something really new in the generous spirit of the gift economy.  There will be more opportunities to participate, network, debate, comment, assist in the Symposium itself, for students and all members of the university community and the community at large.  Please announce very widely to your groups.  Please contribute to making this event a success too!  Thank you!

I look forward to the events with you.  Please let me know if there are any questions I can address.  Thank you!

All good wishes for a happy new year.  Enjoy this early 2016.

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serenagaia • January 11, 2016

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