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Practices of Ecosexuality and Sex-Positive Education: Symposium Too

Prácticas de Ecosexualidad y la Educación al Sexo Positivo: Simposio Dos

OPEN NOW – Expires Nov 30, 2016

This event is an EXPLORATION of #ECOSEXUALITY and #SEX-POSITIVITY for the people of Western Puerto Rico, for all interested students, colleagues, community members of UPRM.

• What is #Ecosexuality?
• What is #Sex-Positive #Education?
• Where #Ecosexual #Health and #Love an #Sex-Positive #Education converge?
• How can the #EcosexualMovement and the #Sex-PositiveMovement help us co-create abundant ecosexual health, expression, and love?
• What is the transformative potential of these practices for our ecosystems, our regions, ourselves, and the partner we all share: the Earth?
• How can we bring their excitement and effervescence into our lives, communities, learning practices, and academic discourse?

A bilingual event – Un evento bulingüe
Deseas experimentar el simposio de manera mas profunda? Solicita unirte a nuestro equipo bilingüe
Want to experience the Symposium more deeply? Ask to join our bilingual team

These and more questions will be addressed in three days of symposium activities designed to offer a diversity of participating options.

Suggested topics include:
Ecosex, Sex-Positive Ed, and any or all of the following:
Health, diversity, consent, ecology, intersectionality, amorous behavior, relationships, fluidity, inclusiveness, genders, orientations, colonialism, nature, science, the internet, sex work, the adult industry.

Welcome contributions include:
Panels, videos, keynotes, films, dialogues, staged readings, book presentation, poems, songs, workshops, and more.

Followed by TE AMO PLAYA AZUL THREE and visits to local initiatives on Feb 4-5

Symposium Too is based on Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires The Arts of Love, Serena Anderlini and Lindsay Hagamen eds. The first world-wide collection of writings on this topic, the book brings together the voices of 30 leaders to converge the multiple energies of the ecosexual movement.

Ecosexuality and Sex-Positivity are global and local movements. We welcome contributors from anywhere they might come. Welcome to Western Puerto Rico, a nature’s paradise in the dry season of February. We support you in enjoying a fun, healthy stay. We regret that we cannot cover travel, accommodation, or ground transportation expenses. We strongly encourage donations that will help us cover homemade meals, tasty and healthy. We will connect you with our generous and helpful welcome team!

Wonder what’s #Ecosexuality, what’s #Sex-Positive #Education? No mystery. Here are some taglines for inspiration:

• The Sex-Positive Movement embraces sexual diversity and expression and emphasizes safe sex and consent. It advocates education to sex and has its roots in the work of Wilhelm Reich.
• Ecosexuals envision the Earth as a lover and Eros as the untapped renewable energy of our time.
• Ecosexuality is the cultural practice that enables our species to reconnect our metabolism to the metabolism of the Earth.
• Ecosexual Love reaches beyond genders, numbers, orientations, ages, races, origins, species, and biological realms, to embrace all of life as a partner with equal rights.
• Make love is the ecology of your life. Love the Earth you make love on.

Abstracts and bios to Keep the total under 500 words. November 30 very last day. Make sure you use your favorite language.

This event is part of the multi-clustered project Islas Maravillas: Ecosexuality Education and Extensive Research at UPRM. Interested? Ask us about it.

Join us! Invite your students, colleagues, family, beloveds, neighbors, partners, friends.
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Lodging and travel info posted to Facebook event, here.


Be part of the project!  We look forward to your enthusiasm and participation.



The Symposium is now also a CURSO CORTO that students at UPRM can take for one credit.

To view and download the course flier go here.

Student will need an enrollment sheet pre-signed by the Director of Humanities.

To view and download the Hoja de Matricula Prefirmada go here.

We hope to see you all at the symposium and course.

In love,


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CALL for CONTRIBUTIONS – ECOSEXUALITY: The New Orgasmic Revolution on Planet Earth


Call for Contributions


The New Orgasmic Revolution on Planet Earth

A collection of miscellaneous writings on Ecosexuality
Edited by Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, Mark Olson, and Lindsay Hagamen.

Ecosexuality has emerged as a socially transformative movement where the energies of activism, art, theory, and practice coalesce.  It is a style of amorous, erotic, sexual, and artistic expression that extends love and agency to nature as an equal.  Ecosexuals theorize human bodies as ecosystems similar to those that make up our hostess, lover, and mother–Earth.  Ecosexual practices reconnect the metabolism of our species to the metabolism of third planet Earth.  Ecosexuals believe that humans are nature.  Ecosexuals are artists of love who wed themselves to nature and invent imaginative ways to extend equal rights to all its elements and life forms.  They come in all colors, genders, ages, backgrounds, and orientations.  Ecosex activism brings more fun, passion, hope and diversity to the environmental and holistic health movements.  It generates global awareness of love as the ecology of life on planet Earth.  Ecosexuality can awaken erotic feelings for nature, including human nature as a highly erotic species.  It revisits every aspect of life as an opportunity for the intellectual, spiritual, political and artistic expression of ecosexual love and its inclusive orgasmic potential.

   We invite contributions on any aspect of Ecosexuality including those mentioned above and many more.

   We accept contributions in various genres, including academic studies, philosophical, theoretical, and critical articles, reports from the field, testimonial writings, personal narratives, interviews, dialogs, debates, poems, scripts from workshop presentations and performance pieces, artists’ pages or other visual representations, reports from events, courses, and other transformative experiences, and more.  

   Love is the heart of democracy, and as the 99 percent reinvents this practice as a horizontal system of participation and inclusion, we invite Gaia, the third planet, to grace us with her hospitality and sustenance.  May this volume speak her voice too.

   Please send all submissions and inquiries to  Proposals will be accepted by email (MS-Word).  Please send an abstract and/or description of what you’d like to contribute.  Our tentative date for complete submissions is now February 1st, 2014.  Please send either a complete contribution or a one-page proposal, plus a bio. 

   A very respected independent publisher in the field has expressed a serious interest in doing this book.  We will secure the best agreement and distribution.

   If you are a voice in the paradigm shift at hand and its transformative movements, this call is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  Let us hear from you!  Please POST this call as widely as possible too!  Thank you!
   Please let us know if we can answer any questions.  We’ll stay tuned!


Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire
Author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love and many other books
Fellow at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute
Professor of Humanities

University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

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