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The Covid Chronicles # 0 – “Evidence” and Covid-19 – Hope for a Curable Disease Can Cure the Panic / L'”Evidenza” e il Covid 19 – La Speranza della Cura Guarisce dal Panico

It’s all from some Facebook Post/Viene tutto dai post di Facebook.

In an epidemic, everything is evidence for something. (Scrolla per l’italiano.) People who catch the disease and heal are evidence that a cure or cures have been found. People who catch it and die are evidence that, as Bill Gates says, a vaccine is the ONLY solution to come. Now i ask: what would you like to be evidence for, love? The answer is up to you. Cures have been found in the eye of the cyclone–some of the best hospitals of Mantua and Milan. I’m happy to translate for you so you can get what they’re about. All you have to do is ask. You decide. With love and all good wishes to you and your loved ones

In un’epidemia, tutto è prova di qualcosa. Le persone che prendono la malattia e guariscono sono la prova che sono state trovate una cura o cure. Le persone che la prendono e muoiono sono la prova che, come dice Bill Gates, un vaccino è l’UNICA soluzione, a venire. Ora chiedo: tu di cosa vorresti essere una prova, amore? La risposta sta a te. Sono state trovate cure nell’occhio del ciclone – alcuni dei migliori ospedali di Mantova e Milano. Tutto quello che devi fare è chiedere. Decidi tu. Con affetto e tutti i migliori auguri a te e alle tue persone care

Curious about cures? You bet. Cures heal from panic and we find again the courage to hope. Here i publish links to the videos about experimental cures with promising results in the ICUs of major hospitals in Mantua and Milan. I created transcripts of the videos audio tracks, then translated them into English from Italian. I trust they will help the English speaking public every where to realize that hopefully Covid-19 will become a CURABLE disease within a reasonable time. That medical experiments in Italy’s Phase 1 can be beneficial to everyone. In that case, an eventual vaccine that would at some later time safely arrive could easily be optional and not mandatory.

Curios* delle cure? Ci credo. Le cure guariscono dal panico e ritroviamo il coraggio di sperare. Qui pubblico link ai video sulle cure sperimentali con risultati promettenti nelle ICU dei principali ospedali di Mantova e Milano. Ho creato le trascrizioni delle tracce audio dei video, quindi le ho tradotte in inglese dall’italiano. Confido che aiuteranno il pubblico di lingua inglese in ogni luogo a rendersi conto che si spera che Covid-19 diventerà una malattia CURABILE entro un tempo ragionevole. Che gli esperimenti medici nella Fase 1 in Italia possano essere utili a tutti. In tal caso, un eventuale vaccino che arrivasse in futuro in sicurezza potrebbe facilmente essere facoltativo e non obbligatorio.

Fingers crossed! And please help me reach out with this information to everyone. “We have the power.” As Janis Joplin would say.

Incrociamo le dita! E per favore aiutatemi a raggiungere tutti e tutte con queste informazioni. “Abbiamo il potere”. Come direbbe Janis Joplin.

Cure by Dr. Viecca, Primary Cardiologist of the Sacco Hospital in Milan. Embolia of capillaries in the lungs cured with anticoagulants and anti aggregants (Heparin and Aspirin)

Cura del Dott Viecca, Primario di Cardiologia, Ospedale Sacco di Milano. Trombosi dei capillari polmonari curata con anticoagulanti e anti aggreganti (Eparina ed Aspirina).

Cure of Drs. De Donno and Franchini of the Poma Hospital in Mantua. Hyperimmune plasma from bood of healed patientes is injected in patients in the accure phase of respiratory crisis.

Cura dei Dott De Donno e Franchini dell’Ospedale Poma di Mantova. Plasma iperimmune tratto dal sangue dei pazienti guariti iniettato in pazienti in fase di crisi respiratoria acuta.

For English speakers:

Transcript of Dr. Viecca’s video interview in Milan

Healthcare Information

Not pneumonia but a thrombosis underlying many coronavirus deaths. The latest discovery bears the signature of Professor Maurizio Viecca primary cardiologist at the Sacco hospital in Milan, who after facing the virus and studying the evolution of the disease in the most acute phase, has developed a therapy based on antiplatelet agents and anti-inflammatory already renamed Viecca protocol.

Dr. Viecca. “More than a month ago I began to observe that these patients went from the phase known helmet phase, to the intubation phase within an hour and a half, and this is not possible with mere pneumonia, because there is no virus in the world that can cause pneumonia, a virus that suddenly in an hour and a half no longer responds to the helmet and not even to intubation. That is, there is another mechanism in play.

I also started looking at the medical records of these patients and found that in some cases there was a blood test called Lidimer which was particularly high. When this altered blood test is found it means that there is thrombosis in progress. And then I spoke with the Naturopath of  Sacco, professor Nebuloni, who told me that she had actually done 30 autopsies to these patients, and in all 30 had practically found small pulmonary capillary embolism.

Now, people normally don’t know that when one has embolism of these small vessels, heparin alone, the anticoagulant alone, does nothing. And we cardiologists discovered this already 20 years ago when we did the first angioplasties during a heart attack, in which the coronary artery was finally open, the thrombus was gone, but the blood did not pass, because evidently this thrombus, breaking into small pieces, ended up closing all the capillaries of the coronary artery.

So I urgently took the same protocol, modified it and adapted it to the situation by establishing some parameters of when to start the therapy, what goal to have, etc., and we made as quickly as possible a protocol, approved by our medical committee, it’s so-called compassionate because it’s one of those protocols in which the state does not pay for the drug. Usually it is given by the pharmaceutical company, I did not want links with any pharmaceutical company, which is why I paid for it with my foundation.

I have had this protocol applied in the pulmonology department and we have applied it to five consecutive patients, young, old, what it was, and all five have had surprising results. It is the first time that something new and effective has been found.”

At the medicinal level, what was it that you introduced again?

Dr. Viecca. “On this mechanism of the platelets that join together, the anticoagulant alone does nothing, it takes this anti-aggregator. Consider that the anti-binding agent by definition is aspirin, which is given to heart patients. We administer a drug that is a hundred times more powerful than aspirin, and then as the drug ends we continue with aspirin and other drugs, so as to maintain what we call this blood fluidity so that platelets no longer join become attached to one another, do not form the famous white thrombus which then closes the capillary.”

So with this can we say that we move towards a victory in the battle against Coronavirus?

Dr. Viecca. “Yes, because with this protocol of mine is not that you go through your pneumonia, you do your pneumonia, but you don’t die. We had all these deaths a) because we didn’t understand the mechanism immediately, b) because there weren’t enough intensive care places. That’s for sure.”

However, the bureaucracy risks slowing down the possibility of treatment for Italian patients, an unacceptable delay according Professor Viecca who invites Minister Speranza to apply an urgent procedure.

Dr. Viecca. “In an emergency situation, solutions are needed, emergency routes, given that hundreds of people still die. So if I were minister of health, I would send inspectors to show him the files, to show him the results, to show him all I need to show him, because it’s not an impression, there are tests that prove this, so I have to send whoever is on duty for this, and at that point if I see that what we support is true, give us highways to make sure that we can apply it immediately everywhere.  Instead I tell you that likely this will be applied in Albania sooner, it will probably be applied in Dubai sooner than it is applied in Italy. And we are the ones that have discovered it. Which is insanity.”

Transcript of Drs De Donno and Franchini’s video documentary in Mantua

The Use of Hyperimmune Plasma in Mantua

“Let’s do an ultrasound, okay?”
Covid 19 is a new disease, but day after day, field doctors learn more about it and sharpen their weapons to cure it.
We entered the intensive care unit of the Mantua hospital, at the forefront of the treatment of Coronavirus pneumonia. Here every possible strategy is adopted, such as prone supination–patients on their stomachs can breathe better.
And several experimental, antiviral drugs like Interloquine, Chloroquine, all the way to Heparin, an anticoagulant that has aroused perhaps excessive enthusiasm.
Giuseppe De Donno, Pulmonologist, Carlo Poma Hospital, Mantua. “We have used Heparin in high doses immediately, we have seen that many patients develop pulmonary embolism despite the use of high doses of Heparin. So Heparin is not protective. It is used to prevent part of the pulmonary embolism, but there are some situations in which high doses of Heparin are not sufficient.”
Another hope against Covid is contained here, in this yellow bag. And the plasma, i.e. the liquid part of the blood, comes from people who have recovered from Covid 19.
Massimo Franchini, Hematologist, Carlo Poma Hospital in Mantua. “The recovered patient can make himself available to donate plasma, it is a hyperimmune plasma, that is, rich in specific antibodies directed against Coronavirus.”
Antibodies are the armed troops that the body manufactures to fight the infection. Those who have already won his battle can supply ammunition that those who are still fighting.
Franchini. “The fundamental aspect is the control of neutralizing antibodies. Out of one hundred potential donors, no more than 20 are eligible, with sufficient neutralizing antibodies for plasma donation. ”
The Mantua Hospital, together with San Matteo’s from Pavia, is a pioneer in this experimentation. The collected plasma is purified, and it becomes an actual medicine ready to be infused in Covid patients with acute respiratory failure.
“Good morning!” “Our patient arrived this morning with a picture of acute respiratory stress. Since yesterday he deteriorated significantly. Oxygenation in his blood collapsed. He was therefore transferred to our intensive care and we started what we call non-invasive mechanical ventilation. Here we make the first administration of hyperimmune plasma.”
At the hospital in Mantua, already 22 serious patients have received plasma infusions. All have improved and some have already healed.
De Donno. “Plasma has given us surprising results, the improvements are immediate, and when I say immediate I say within a few hours.
Patients who normally had a hard time weaning from mechanical ventilation, managed to wean from them after infusing the plasma. We were able to extubate patients who were intubated. The average length of hospitalization in our ICU was normally 16 days. Now it has now decreased to 5-6 days. ”
A pregnant woman at the 24th week was also treated while hospitalized in intensive care for Covid.
“How are we going today?”
“Definitely better today.”
“The fever is gone since yesterday.”
“So after the second plasma bag, the fever also disappeared.”
“What about the breath?”
“Definitely better.”
“Very well.”
Even the baby in the belly is fine.
She will be called Vittoria.

“I would say that your lung has just normalized.”
Although the evidence is still preliminary, plasma antibodies seem like a powerful drug.
Franchini. “In previous Coronavirus epidemics, plasma from convalescents was used. There are numerous studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. ”
De Donno. “It is the only specific treatment against Coronavirus currently in our possession. And it’s a therapy that’s a pity not to use. But when I say a pity, I mean it’s a mortal sin, not a venial sin. It is a therapy that needs to be implemented, and a therapy with very few complications. We have not observed any side effects. ”
However, there is a limit to this treatment.
Franchini. “The main limiting factor is having the donor who has healed. While here in Lombardy we begin to have a substantial number of patients who have recovered and can donate plasma, in other regions this is not the case. ”
To raise awareness of plasma donation, AVIS came out in the field.
Elisa Turrini, AVIS, Mantua. “AVIS has been fundamental in the campaign in favor of plasma, and it will be so in the coming years, also in promoting donations of this plasma. Precisely for this reason AVIS has sent all our recurrent donors an email to raise their awareness for participating in this project. ”
De Donno. “When a patient writes to you that she has been infused with a miraculous plasma, I think it is the greatest joy that can be felt, I still get goosebumps. When I see a mom saying, “thank you doctor, you will be the godfather of my little girl whom I will name Vittoria,” I think it will be a victory for humankind. I think this is a great satisfaction for those who worked on the protocol and it allows us to have this weapon in store for our patients. We are very willing to help all the centers that want to implement this type of method. “

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The Resilience of Love: A Crisis with Symbiotic Opportunities – An Online Project-Journey

The Resilience of Love: A Crisis with Symbiotic Opportunities

An online project-journey

Introductory Video/Article by

Dr. SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini

Greetings, welcome everyone.

This video/article is for people interested in invoking the Resilience of Love while in this unprecedented perspective that we are experiencing.

This video/article includes:

  • An introduction with an invitation to be part of this initiative.
  • A narrative sharing my own emotions and perspectives.
  • A message of peace, as a way envision opportunities in this crisis.
  • An invitation to participate in the evolving program and project The Resilience of Love.

When we consider the voice of Gaia, we can interpret this crisis as a message from the sovereign hostess of all forms of life, a message that comes to us humans in the form of a virus. This message now calls for more balance in the symbiosis between planet and world.

For those who don’t know me well, I am Dr. SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini, and I will say that the alarm of the Covid-19 crisis caught me in a period when I was gradually relocating in Italy, and in particular in the beloved community of Damanhur, after about 30 years of research and professional life in academia, and in the areas of the arts of loving and healing, while I lived in various regions of the USA. That includes California, where I discovered Tantra, open relationships and holistic health, and Puerto Rico where I discovered my relationship with the sea, with hurricanes, with forces of nature, and with Gaia theory, from a supreme scientist of symbiosis, Dr. Lynn Margulis.

From my Puerto Rican home in Punta Arenas I observed the patience of nature for 20 years, and noticed that recently that patience has disappeared. From that time back in the 1990s when we missed the opportunity to handle climate change more responsibly with the Kyoto Protocol, nature, I’ve observed, has exerted abundant resilience while waiting for us to decide that we were going to change the course of our voyage on his earth, to correct our route. That resilience has now come to an end. “What does not happen in 30 years can happen in one day,” as they say.

When I became aware that something truly extraordinary was happening, I was visiting New York, en route between Puerto Rico, and Oregon, where two of my expanded families are located.

I experienced all kinds of responses: agitation, avoidance, conflict.

Then I started listening to, and reading a very wide range of sources.

I was reactive, in an emotional state that included anger, fear, pain. Pain for my first matria, Italy, for many loved ones forced to the hardships of lockdown, for many a form of imprisonment, especially when living in small city apartments.

Then I evolved admiration, appreciation, gratitude for the wisdom with which people of goodwill in Italy understood, helped each other, came together, achieved results in flattening the curve, and in many cases even managed to find the pleasant side, with synchronic singing from balconies across the courtyards, with a newfound calm, kindness, simplicity, solitude.

From afar, I came to admire this somewhat magical, somewhat ingenious country, capable of great improvisations, whose people, together, listened and managed to respond.

I made peace with the thing.

When did that happen for me?

Two sources in particular impressed me.

I listened to Prof Telmo Pievani, at the University of Padua, where he teaches science of evolution. In a video, he humbly explains that, as long as the Earth had many primeval forests where herds of free mammals assemble, viruses would happily and un-conspicuously stay there.

Then they decided to make a species leap, they mutated, and came for a visit where free mammals do gather today, that is in metropolitan areas, where we humans are found, we who, until recently, were free.

“The Anthropocene,” I thought. This international exhibition in Bologna is designed to help the public understand why in geology studies today the thesis that the Holocene has ended is gaining support. The Holocene is the era that began with the last Ice Age, about 12000 years ago. Another era has started, an era when the balance of life on our sovereign hostess the Earth, also known as Gaia, is so dominated by our human presence and its effects, that we humans have become a force more powerful than all the other forces combined. Hence, Anthropocene, the era of human beings, as it were.

I put these two messages together and I understood that we are the responsible ones, not everyone to the same extent of course, but certainly each one of us in some way.

I got it. “This time,” I said, “there is no ‘bad guy,’ there is no ‘plan,’ there is no government to bash, there is no conspiracy.”

Or, at least, if there were any, it would be beside the point.

This gave me peace, and I found the courage to face the situation.

I asked myself, how can my practice of eco-sexual love, my experience, my wisdom be useful in this context?

This is the motivation for my initiative, the Resilience of Love. If this is a crisis of imbalance in life’s symbiosis, what opportunities are present for us to change that imbalance into a new balance of mutual support?

My practices, research, knowledge, and acquired wisdoms have served me well. I want to make them available to others.

Here is how I see it right now:

There is the world, what we have created, what can be described as the manifestations of the Anthropocene. And, lo and behold, this world today has come to an almost complete standstill due to a virus. Oh wonder of wonders!

What is a virus?

It’s a very ancient form of “non-life,” it has no body, and biologists assure us that its existence is absolutely necessary for the symbiosis of the various forms of life that accompany us in our journey here in the world.

There is this world, and let’s say that it’s a bit sad today, with people who suffer, worry, get sick, die.

And then there is the planet, that is, there is life, there is nature, which at this moment is quite happy.

There are trees, which as we know now can message each other through their branches and roots. In the Amazon, which is the only primeval forest that still exists, the message has made the rounds among trees, “they are no longer cutting us. Yay!”

Hares have been photographed in the deserted parks of Milan.
Often when we talk about hares, our mind goes directly to the taste of an excellent stew, or spezzatino. Hares hide from us, they are afraid. And instead this time they took courage, “the park is empty here in Milan,” they said, “why not go there for a walk?”

Dolphins reappeared in the lagoon around Venice.

The skies, finally clean, are full of pure air.

And so on.

So what is this Gaia who sent us the virus trying to tell us?

In holistic health, we often interpret symptoms as messages.

For example, I get the flu and I have to stay in bed. Maybe a few days earlier I felt tired and didn’t pay attention to my body’s gentle message. So now the body has to raise its voice, I get fever, and I have to take a break.

Or, I have a stomachache, I haven’t digested well. The body speaks, again. It could be suggesting, “why don’t you fast for a day, that way you give your digestive system a break, and then I can function better for you.”

So this Covid-19 per se, together with the Covid-19 alarm that’s been generated, could be just a symptom from the live body of Gaia, which we may interpret as a message. A loud message. A message that scours the planet from end to end. Not a more subdued message that only impacts some areas, as in super hurricanes, earthquakes in non-seismic areas, and other similar effects.

“I’ve had a lot of patience with you, dear humans,” Gaia could be saying, “keeping my metabolism stable as much and as long as possible so that I can continue to host you all as I did before.”

“That was my resilience of love for you. Now I’ve come to an endpoint. I can’t take it any longer.”

“It is up to you now to practice the resilience of love that I have practiced waiting for you to decide and change your course.”

That’s what Gaia could be saying.

I hear life calling upon non-life to save itself from us.

How did we let that happen?

Can we be more considerate of how we treat our partners?

Do we need a virus to behave as if our world depended on the health of this planet?

From Gaia’s scream, a new awareness can evolve and guide us as we reinvent the world to align with the happiness of the entire planet.

It’s up to us now to change the shape of our presence in the symbiotic system of life that hosts us, from what looks like a powerful tree overseeing the forest when just a single blow can cut it off, to that of a rhizome that’s more resilient because it grows horizontally, it expands sideways where it finds space to weave out its similar collaborative elements.

This is a lesson I get from the philosopher, Gilles Deleuze.

And this, behold, this is what I’d like to call the Resilience of Love.

“Good.” You might say. “And how can we practice it?”

The challenge is now finding ways to help ourselves navigate the crisis while together we also make an effort to change our route well enough for the Anthropocene to continue and be a beautiful time to be alive in.

We don’t have many of the answers of course. All these responses will have to come from the flow of events that evolves.

What can we do together at this time in the digital rooms where we can meet safely while staying in place?

A lot! We can transform the crisis into an opportunity for each one of us to:

Get to better know and love the ecosystem called “thyself.”

Get everyone to create and support a positive energy field in and around themselves.

In these ways, each person can contribute to their physical, emotional and energetic health, and to that of the people, families, tribes, communities, countries they love.

Let’s listen to Gaia and appreciate her message. The Resilience of Love lies in that active listening. The shared vision is co-creating the more symbiotic life that Gaia is requesting, a vision that can generate a new healthy and happy balance between the planet and the world. You can make a difference, and that difference can be key to your happiness and health.

We have weekly online appointments on Thursdays at 9-11 pm Central European Time (12 noon PST, 3 pm EST)

For all the details of the initiative, and to be able to join the ONLINE meetings, go to the Facebook event:

A screen will appear at the end of this video with all necessary information to join the Facebook event.

To access the link to the Zoom room, go to the Facebook event where it will be posted a little while before start up time.

Each appointment will be unique, and together we will work a progression toward deeper understanding and connectedness. The series will hold a combination of practices in the arts of healing and loving. It will expand our awareness of the symbiotic existence each one of us is part of, and its alchemies. These arts will apply to oneself, to one’s loved ones, and to all co-existing forms of life, ecosystems, and communities of beings that one is symbiotically related to.

Each meeting will invite active participation in various forms, including active listening, sharing in large and small groups, breathing, physical activity, movement, inner work, and a wide range of interactive and/or solo practices that will be proposed week by week as wishes manifest and momentum evolves.

A store of videos will gradually be created and made available in a dedicated YouTube playlist, inviting participants to practice, consider joining, and catch up on their own.

We envision co-creating a wide-ranging energy field of trust, support, and sharing.

Space is limited, self-proposing guests are welcome, opportunities to assist and collaborate are abundant. We recommend getting started as soon as possible, being present to as many weekly appointments as possible, and being open to going more deeply as a group moves along.

I send you a warm greeting until next Thursday, and I hope with this to have offered you something useful.

Please feel free to post your questions. We will address them to the extent that we can.

Thank you!

References include:

Video by Prof Telmo Pievani from the University of Padua

Anthropocene exhibition in Bologna

Science of Gaia and symbiosis of Prof Lynn Margulis

Rhizome theory of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze

Gaia and the New Politics of Love by Serena Anderlini

# # # # #

For more information and scheduling contact Dr. SerenaGaia asfo, + 39 3294779406 (whatsapp), Serena Anderlini of Puerto Rico, on Facebook and Messenger. Thank you!

aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Erstwhile Professor of Humanities and Cinema at UPRM
Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium

Author of Multiple Books Website Contact:, + 39 329 477 9406 Teacher of Humanities Online Series – Modern History for the Humanities and Love ResearchGate Profile Profile
LinkedIn Profile
Fellow at the Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2012-13)
Project: “Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema”
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Ecosexuality 3/3 – A Cuddly New World

by Selva (Michele Galasso) from YanezMagazine

Cont’d from Ecosexuality 2/3 – when love goes 100% bio

Even as American citizen, a few years ago SerenaGaia decided to try and recreate a base in our beautiful country. I recently visited her in Vidracco, in the Turin area, where she now lives. It’s the seat of Damanhur, a controversial eco village where she has been a guest, even though she’s not an integral part of the spiritual philosophical community called “the people of Damanhur.” An English couple was visiting, with their children, the underground temples that were built here. They invited us to a non-religious circle of celebrations and songs at their home. We entered their cozy bedroom, in the attic of a finely restored cottage they were renting through AirBnB. The floor is decorated with cushions, candles, inspirational books, and musical instruments. We are joined by few other friends. In the sacred circle that is created we all sing, pray, celebrate, and open our hearts and minds, as we connect to the cosmos. People pronounce words such as underground, nature, breath, a flapping of wings. When my turn to speak comes I feel quite high, full of love. I hear myself talk about how sensual it can be to walk and wander through hills and tree-lined ridges. While the shade becomes cooler and cooler, and a suave stream flows that gives life to sweet melodies. The image is that of soft open thighs where to penetrate to meet one’s pleasure.

I decide to share one of my experiences; a vision; a feeling. One day I almost cut half the tip of my finger. Without medications or bandages, I allowed nature to take its course. I was in the Canary Islands, in the middle of a rocky cove where overlapping geological layers were visible. I was amazed to notice how those piling up layers were incredibly similar to those I observed on the healing skin on my finger. For a moment I imagined myself being a tiny, invisible bacterium in my finger’s hollow. What appeared to me as immutable rock was only an insignificant moment in the course of a thousand grandiose mutations that the earth has lived in the past and will still live in the future. Perhaps that bacterium saw my finger and thought it had always been like that, just as I had forgotten that those rocks I saw were only a snapshot of a land that also changed, but with another rhythm. It grew and cracked, it collapsed, erupted, and became submerged, before humans even put a dent to it.

Who knows, perhaps even bacteria in our bowels wake up and wonder what life choices to make. Aren’t we simple bacteria in a plant’s reproductive system? Basically we are simply called to eat their juicy fruits so as to defecate their seeds at great distances. Eat, defecate, breathe, reproduce. Simple bacteria: this is how we look from the eyes of the organisms that host us. Probably one day a comet brought the first water to earth where bacteria used to live. The comet impregnated the earth with these seeds. Bacteria, the real aliens that speak to us from the stars in our guts, are nothing more than the oldest inhabitants of this planet. And they love us.

Perhaps with other visions, Eco-sexuality too speaks about this. It speaks of an ecological relationship with our own body, of sex-toys made from recyclable materials, of nature as an erogenous space where to make love, of dialogue and sharing in dual relationships, in threesomes, and in orgiastic situations. And SerenaGaia empowers those who decide to undertake a journey that leads to the awakening of one’s consciousness through the liberation of one’s body, in union with the planet and the cosmos. A real activist of sexual liberation.

She is involved in the organization of national events by the Italian Tantra family. She has recently returned from the Angsbacka Tantra Festival, 2019, which was held in Sweden. (Tantra, an ancient mystery discipline, is about opening one’s chakras in connection with another.) She participates in and holds Cuddle Parties, which got to Italy many years ago, at least in major cities. They empower people to open up to each other, based on rules that help one feel at ease. She participates in the ISTA, International School of Temple Arts. This organization “facilitates sexual healing and a healthy attitude towards sex” through mystery and shamanic rites that place men and women in a spiritual relationship with their own bodies. She attends swingers events, and other places where one can practice free sexual expression and naturism. She does love herself, her own body and is not the very least ashamed of it.

When we meet, which happens more and more frequently since this friendship was born, we continue to chat amiably as we did that first evening in Bagniaia. By now however, after having faced together our own fears and doubts about it, it can also happen that our chatter takes place while holding hands or huddled against each other, sometimes lying down on a meadow. When conditions allow it, or we are alone in private, we also spend time naked, which we love. We cuddle, while our hands caress the beauty of each other’s scars. Our skins and bacteria meet, our hormones and pheromones dance, the oxitocin [OXT] goes up, and, simply, we speak blissfully about ourselves, about Gaia, about the stars and the world to come, which we hope will be ever more open, welcoming and cuddly.

Thanks Gaia.

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#drserenagaia #GEN #RIVE #Ecosex #Ecosessuality #YanezMagazine

a co-translation into English by Dr. SerenaGaia and Selva

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Ecosessualità 3/3 – un mondo più coccoloso

di Selva (Michele Galasso) su YanezMagazine

SerenaGaia, sebbene cittadina statunitense, ha deciso da qualche anno di provare a ricrearsi una base nel nostro e suo bel paese. La vado a trovare a Vidracco, nel torinese, dove ora risiede. Qui ha sede Damanhur, un controverso eco villaggio di cui è stata ospite, pur non facendo parte della comunità filosofico spirituale che loro amano chiamare “il popolo dei damnhuriani”. Una coppia inglese in visita con i figli ai templi sotterranei che sono stati qui costruiti, ci invita nella loro casa ad un cerchio non religioso di celebrazioni e canti. Nella mansarda di una casetta finemente ristrutturata che loro affittano qui tramite AirB&B, c’è la loro spaziosa stanza da letto. Per terra cuscini, candele, libri da cui trarre ispirazione, strumenti musicali e pochi altri amici. Nel cerchio sacro che si viene a creare cantiamo, preghiamo, celebriamo e apriamo i nostri cuori e le nostre menti, connettendoci tra noi e con il cosmo. Vengono pronunciate parole come sottosuolo, natura, respiro, battito d’ali. Quando mi arriva la parola mi sento quasi eccitato, pieno d’amore. Mi ritrovo a parlare di quanto trovi sensuale a volte passeggiare ed addentrarmi tra le colline e i rilievi alberati: nell’ombra che diventa sempre più fresca, suadente, scorre un ruscello fresco che dà vita e canta dolci melodie. L’immagine è quella di morbide cosce aperte in cui addentrarsi per incontrare il piacere.

Decido di condividere una mia esperienza; una visione; un sentire. Un giorno mi sono tagliato quasi mezza punta di un dito. Senza usare medicamenti o bendaggi, ho lasciato la natura fare il suo corso. Ero alle Canarie, nel mezzo di una caletta rocciosa in cui si vedevano gli strati geologici sovrapposti, e mi sono stupito di come quegli strati sovrapposti fossero incredibilmente simili a quelli della pelle che si rimarginava sul mio dito. Per un momento mi sono immaginato di essere un piccolissimo, invisibile, microscopico batterio nell’incavo del mio dito. Quello che io vedevo come roccia immutabile non era che un attimo insignificante nel corso delle mille grandiose mutazioni che la terra aveva e avrebbe ancora vissuto in quel luogo. E forse quel batterio vedeva quel dito e pensava fosse stato sempre così, così come io avevo dimenticato che quelle rocce che vedevo erano solo un’istantanea di una terra che ad una altro ritmo mutava, cresceva e si crepava, crollava ed eruttava e veniva sommersa e poi scalfita dall’essere umano.

Chissà se anche i batteri nel nostro intestino si svegliano e si chiedono che scelte fare nella vita. Non siamo anche noi semplici batteri nel sistema riproduttivo delle piante? In fondo siamo semplicemente chiamati a mangiare i loro frutti succosi per defecarne i semi a grandi distanze. Mangiare, defecare, respirare, riprodurci. Semplici batteri: così appariamo visti dagli occhi dell’organismo che ci ospita. Probabilmente un giorno una cometa ha portato sulla terra la prima acqua, e lì vivevano dei batteri. La cometa ha ingravidato la terra, gettandovi un seme. I batteri, i veri alieni che ci abitano e che ci parlano dalle stelle delle nostre viscere, altro non sono che i più antichi abitatori di questo pianeta. E ci amano.

L’Ecosessualità, sebbene forse con altre visioni, parla anche di questo. Parla di rapporto ecologico con il nostro corpo, di sex-toys in materiali riciclabili, della natura come luogo erogeno in cui fare l’amore, di dialogo e confronto nei rapporti di coppia, a tre o orgiastici che siano. E SerenaGaia facilita, attraverso tutto questo, la vita di chi decide d’intraprendere un percorso che, attraverso la liberazione del corpo, possa portare al risveglio della coscienza in unione con il pianeta ed il cosmo. Un’attivista della libertà sessuale.

E’ nell’organizzazione degli eventi nazionali della famiglia italiana del Tantra ed è da poco rientrata dal Tantra Festival 2019 che si è tenuto ad Angsbacka, in Svezia [Tantra, oltre ad antica disciplina misterica, è connessione con l’altro nell’apertura dei chakra]. Partecipa e tiene incontri di Coccoleria, anche noti come Cuddle Party (arrivati in Italia ormai da anni, almeno nelle maggiori città) [come aprirsi al contatto con l’altro con regole che permettano di sentirsi sempre a proprio agio]. Partecipa all’ISTA, International School of Temple Arts, “organizzazione che tenta di facilitare la guarigione sessuale e l’atteggiamento salutare nei confronti del sesso” attraverso riti misterici e sciamanici che pongano l’uomo e la donna in un rapporto spirituale con il proprio corpo. Frequenta locali per scambisti e luoghi in cui si possa praticare la free sexuality o quantomeno il naturismo. Ama sé stessa, il proprio corpo e non se ne vergogna – anzi.

Nei nostri incontri, ormai sempre più frequenti da quando quest’amicizia è nata, continuiamo a chiacchierare amabilmente come quella prima sera a Bagniaia. Ormai però, dopo aver affrontato insieme con apertura ognuno le proprie paure e dubbi a riguardo, capita anche che le nostre chiacchiere avvengano tenendoci per mano o stando accoccolati l’uno vicino all’altra, sdraiati magari sull’erba di un prato. Se le condizioni lo permettono, o se siamo soli in privato, stiamo anche nudi, come amiamo. Ci coccoliamo, le nostre mani carezzano le cicatrici come le bellezze dell’altro, le nostre pelli e i nostri batteri s’incontrano, ormoni e feromoni danzano, l’ossitocina [OXT] aumenta e, semplicemente, stiamo così a parlarci beatamente di noi, di Gaia, delle stelle e del mondo che verrà –  speriamo sempre più aperto, accogliente e coccoloso

Grazie Gaia!

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Ecosexuality 2/3 – When Love Goes 100% Organic

by Selva (Michele Galasso) from YanezMagazine

Cont’d from Ecosexuality 1/3 – Meeting Gaia

The Ecosex Manifesto bears the signatures of two American activists: the artist Elizabeth Stephens and her partner and wife Annie Sprinkle, a former sex worker and New York porn star. Celebrated in their awareness campaign with several colorful events, the movement basically aims at a radical change in perspectives for the paradigms that see us humans today in our relationship with Planet Earth: we basically consider ourselves its users, or, even worse, its owners. And what if instead of seeing Gaia as an object, we could see her, not just even as our mother, but rather as our lover?

To explain this, SerenaGaia talks about Metamours. Let’s say that I am in love with Michele and that Gina is in love with Michele too; then Gina and I would be metamours: we would love each by interposed person. If we love the same person, perhaps we have something in common, and maybe we could also love each other. But there is more. Gina might be able to give Michele something I can’t give him, and vice versa. If I really love Michele and I want what’s good for him, then I should be glad that Gina can take care of his happiness in areas where I cannot reach. This, if we accept polyamory, would make life more simple and would be good for all of us. Gina, Michele, and I would be united by an energy of love, with respect and attention for the others’ well being, that would bring us all together. And on this basis we could build a healthy and fuitful relationship. Gina and I could finally also get closer to each other, while we both taking care of Michele.

In this perspective then, we are all, to each other, metamours. If we imagine that Earth is our lover, we realize that no one can claim her all for themselves, and we become aware that we all already always share a partner we love and need. All of us human beings, plants, animals, spores: we all are co-lovers, all in love with Gaia herself. Among other things, as the Earth no longer is our mother, we also need to stop taking for granted that she will always reciprocate our love. Actually, like good and careful lovers, we should constantly take care of her, renew our promises and, at every moment, get her to feel the force of our love for her.

From Nature, our new partner, we can even learn a lot about love. The oxygen that leaves emanate goes into my nostrils, then passes to those of an insect, and then may return to the nostrils of my neighbor. The sun warms up everyone, without distinction: beautiful, ugly, agreeable, disagreeable. Trees and plants show their genitals gifting the world with colors, smells and beauty. A cat’s purr can heal one’s body: the cat enjoys, and their enjoyment emanates waves that harmonize our organs. To love, be loved, and to feel pleasure, to take care of oneself and of others, we discover, are not necessarily mutually exclusive things.

Another significant lesson comes, for example, from Bonobos. Based on their matriarchal structure, these primates have made sex a key to their social organization. They use it, with pleasure, and it serves also to heal and resolve conflicts. They practice with multiple partners, of their own gender and of other genders of opposite or same sex; with wide ranging erotic imagination and in a playful way. If we paid more attention to this ring in the chain of being, often considered less evolved, we could perhaps learn some good tricks about how to live in a less convoluted way.

Native Americans typically start their circles and ceremonies by celebrating “all our relationships.” We are connected to the heavens, the stars, the earth, to our ancestors, animals, plants, and all of this while we also give and receive. Mitakuye Oyasin (“everything is connected”) the Lakota Sioux people repeat like a mantra: this is their way of praying and giving thanks. Likewise, we could celebrate “all our lovers,” all our metamours, which in my case include my grandparents, whom I love and know that they love me in return. In the same way, I love plants and hills around me, my cells and my bacteria. These are all connected by a warm energetic wave of mutual love.

this article will continue next week with Ecosexuality 3/3 – A Cuddly New World

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a co-translation into English by Dr. SerenaGaia and Selva

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Ecosessualità 2/3 – un amore 100% bio

di Selva (Michele Galasso) da YanezMagazine


Il Manifesto Ecosessuale porta le firme di due attiviste americane: l’artista Elizabeth Stephens e la sua compagna e moglie Annie Sprinkle, ex lavoratrice del sesso e porno star newyorkese. Celebrato allora con diversi loro colorati happening di sensibilizzazione, il movimento punta fondamentalmente ad un radicale cambio di prospettiva nei paradigmi che ci vedono oggi in un rapporto con il Pianeta Terra che è quello fondamentalmente di suoi utenti o, ancor peggio, proprietari. E se invece di vederla come un oggetto, ancor più che come nostra madre vedessimo Gaia come una nostra amante?

Per spiegarlo, SerenaGaia parla di Meta-amori. Mettiamo che io sia innamorato di Michele e che anche Gina sia innamorata dello stesso Michele; allora io e Gina saremmo meta-amori, ovvero ci ameremmo per interposta persona. Se amiamo la stessa persona forse abbiamo qualcosa che ci accomuna, e forse potremmo perché no amarci a nostra volta. Ma c’è di più. Gina potrebbe riuscire a dare a Michele qualcosa che io non so dargli, e altrettanto potrei fare io. Se io amo veramente Michele e voglio il suo bene dovrei quindi essere contento che Gina provveda a renderlo felice dove io non posso arrivare. Questo, accettando il poliamore, semplificherebbe la vita e farebbe bene a tutti e tre. Io, Gina e Michele saremmo uniti da un’energia di amore, rispetto e attenzioni al bene dell’altro che ci accomunerebbe tutti. Su queste basi potremmo costruire un rapporto sano e proficuo. Io e Gina potremmo anche affezionarci l’uno all’altra, mentre ci prendiamo insieme cura di Michele.

Ebbene da questo punto di vista noi tutti, quindi, siamo meta-amori. Se immaginiamo che la terra sia nostra amante, ci rendiamo conto che nessuno può reclamarla tutta per sé, e diventiamo consapevoli che tutti e tutte comunque già condividiamo un partner che amiamo e di cui abbiamo bisogno. Tutti gli esseri umani, le piante, gli animali, le spore: tutti co-amanti, innamorati della stessa Gaia Terra. Tra l’altro non essendo più nostra madre, non potremmo neanche continuare a dare per scontato che Gaia ricambi sempre il nostro amore: dovremmo invece da bravi e attenti amanti prenderci costantemente cura di lei, rinnovare le nostre promesse e farle sentire ogni momento quanto è vivo il nostro amore nei suoi confronti.

Dalla Natura, nostra nuova partner, potremmo poi imparare molto sull’amore. L’ossigeno, che le foglie ci donano, passa dalle mie narici a quelle di un insetto e poi torna nelle narici del mio vicino. Il sole scalda tutti indistintamente: belli, brutti, simpatici, antipatici. Gli alberi e le piante mettono in mostra i loro apparati genitali ricoprendo il mondo di colori, odori e bellezza. Le fusa dei gatti sanano il nostro organismo: loro godono, e il loro godere emana onde che armonizzano i nostri circuiti. Amare, amarsi e provare piacere – pensare a sé e all’altro, scopriamo, sono cose che non necessariamente si escludono a vicenda.

Altro insegnamento fondamentale ci viene ad esempio dai bonobo. Con una struttura matriarcale, questi primati hanno fatto del sesso la chiave della loro organizzazione sociale, laddove questo serve anche a sanare e risolvere i conflitti. Tra partner molteplici, del loro stesso sesso o di un altro sesso, con una grande fantasia erotica persino giocosa. Se guardassimo a quello che alcuni considerano un gradino meno evoluto della catena, potremmo forse invece imparare qualche buon trucco su come tornare a vivere in modo meno involuto.

I Nativi Americani sono soliti iniziare le loro cerimonie e le loro riunioni in cerchio con una celebrazione: “a tutte le nostre relazioni”. Siamo connessi con cielo, stelle, terra, antenati, animali, piante e tutto questo dando e ricevendo al contempo. Mitakuye Oyasin (tutto è connesso) ripetono come un mantra i Lakota Sioux: questo è il loro modo di pregare e rendere grazie. “A tutti i nostri amanti,” potremmo dire: perché amo i miei nonni, e so che loro mi amano; le piante e le colline che ho attorno; le mie cellule e i miei batteri; siamo tutti connessi da questa calda onda energetica di reciproco amore.

quest’articolo continua la settimana prossima con Ecosessualità 3/3 – un mondo più coccoloso

vedi anche Ecosessualità 1/3 – incontro con Gaia

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Ecosexuality 1/3 – meeting Gaia

picture & article from YanezMagazine

by Selva (Michele Galasso)

I met SerenaGaia one evening at the summer gathering of GEN, Global Ecovillage Network. This year the meeting was held at La Comune di Bagniaia [the Commune of Bagnaia], in Tuscany. Between this event and the meeting of RIVE, the Italian Network of Ecological Villages, in July 2019, Bagnaia has hosted more than 1000 people. As a group, the “Piumani” are now a significant element in the event’s program and its organization. Since I am a Piumano myself, this year, I was happily one of the volunteers, or, as we call them here, “Volentieri,” a pun that plays on the meaning of this Italian word, “with pleasure”.

It was evening, after dinner, when this lady and I started chatting about a book I was reading. As we got closer, I discovered she is exactly the age of my mother, which out of respect for both ladies we won’t say. It was a very pleasant deep intriguing conversation under the moonlight. After a few hours we walked ourselves to our respective tents and we hugged for a while as a goodnight gift before parting. As I looked at the stars, while falling asleep, I thought “what a sweet, pleasant encounter.”

A constant image of her: curly white hair, sometimes with a purple-colored hair lock. Among that hair, often, a wreath of flowers. Bubbling smiles like an enthusiastic girl who, when laughing to her heart’s content, would not hide whiffs of healthy pleasure. Hands quick and clear in explaining concepts with gestures, as well as in caressing and stretching out energies when the vibration is high.

The next day I am with the leaders of the organization when she appears, in her most formal and professional demeanor, with a complaint about books she sent for her presentation which had been sent back by mistake. This way I discover she is one of the lecturers in one of the many workshops and seminars for which people from all over the world come to these events.

Dr. SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, whose Italian name means serene and joyful, holds a course in Ecosexuality, a quick taste of what can be more thoroughly experienced in her seminars on the Alchemy of Eco-sexual Love. One can also read about this in one of her many publications, to name just a few: Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, Women and Bisexuality and many others. On her site she is defined as a leader in the eco-sexual movement, as well as an expert in the ecology of love. “A world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live,” she claims, and intends to create this world with her sacred activism.

By all effects an American, so much so that she no longer even feels Italian is her preferred language, she has lived in the United States for most of her life. In California she became familiar with, and supported the bisexual movement (sometimes known today as “queer”), and in Puerto Rico she was for years a university professor. And it is precisely in the USA the she joined the revolutionary movement that stands “for an ecological love.”

But who are, in short, these Ecosexuals? In fact, this neologism in quite new. if you google it you could get the idea that they are, or should I say we are, mad people having sex with trees. This kind of facile humor, which also often happens in relation to topics like pranic nutrition and other holistic practices, is a natural human defense against what is not known. Potentially very dangerous according to some, these ideas and theories take the risk of questioning everything upon which one’s life is based. Therefore they are often exposed to contempt, mockery, belittling. All it takes is a quick look at the cartoons about Darwin and his theory on the “ape man,” considered absurd in his times, at the disputes against heliocentric theories, or the disbelief around Columbus as he claimed he could reach the Indies etc. Ah ah ah. Big laughs.

Yet, as the web reassures, unlike other movements, this one, albeint rapidly growing, focuses on personal pleasure and attitude rather than protests or political ends. So, basically, “it’s okay.” What’s important, always, is for it to appear harmless enough. Or maybe not so?!

Find out next week in our next segment!

this article will continue next week with Ecosexuality 2/3 – when love goes 100% bio

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a co-translation into English by Dr. SerenaGaia and Selva

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Ecosessualità 1/3 – incontro con Gaia

foto e articolo da YanezMagazine

di Selva (Michele Galasso)


Ho conosciuto SerenaGaia una sera, al raduno estivo della GEN: Golbal Ecovillage Network. Quest’anno l’incontro della rete globale degli eco villaggi si è tenuto alla comune di Bagniaia, in Toscana, che tra questo e l’incontro della RIVE (Rete Italiana Villaggi Ecologici) ha ospitato, nel mese di luglio, più di 1000 persone. Dato che i Piumani sono ormai una componente fondamentale del programma e dell’organizzazione del campo, quest’anno tra i volontari, che qui invece chiamano “Volentieri”, c’ero anch’io.

Era sera, dopo cena. Io e questa signora, poi ho scoperto dell’età della mia mamma (che per rispetto di entrambe le signore non diciamo), ci avviciniamo e iniziamo a chiacchierare riguardo un libro che sto leggendo. Una gradevolissima profonda intrigante conversazione alla luce della luna. Dopo qualche ora ci accompagniamo alle tende e ci abbracciamo a lungo per augurarci la buonanotte prima di separarci. Mentre guardo le stelle addormentandomi penso “che dolce piacevole incontro”.

Di lei un’immagine costante: i suoi capelli bianchi e riccioluti, a volte con una ciocca di colore viola. Tra loro, spesso, una coroncina di fiori. Un sorriso argentino da ragazza entusiasta, che quando ride di gusto non nasconde mugugni di sano piacere. Mani veloci e chiare, nello spiegare con gesti i concetti, così come nel carezzare e stendere le energie quando la vibrazione è alta.

Il giorno dopo sono insieme ai responsabili dell’organizzazione quando me la vedo arrivare in tutto il suo aspetto più formale e professionale: deve lamentarsi perché i libri che aveva fatto spedire qui per la sua presentazione, per un disguido, sono stati rimandati indietro. Scopro così che si tratta di una delle relatrici dei tanti workshop e seminari per cui da tutto il mondo gli ecovillaggisti si ritrovano in questi eventi.

La Dottoressa SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, gioviale quanto il suo nome, tiene qui un corso sull’Ecosessualità, breve accenno su ciò che più approfonditamente si può esperire nei suoi seminari sull’Alchimia dell’Amore Ecosessuale, o leggere in una delle sue molte pubblicazioni – per citarne solo alcune “Eros: A Journey of Multiple Loves”, “Gaia and the new politics of Love”, “Women and Bisexuality” e molte altre. Sul suo sito è definita come una leader del movimento ecosessuale, nonché esperta di ecologia dell’amore: “un mondo dove è più sano amare è un mondo dove è più sano vivere”, e intende creare questo mondo grazie al suo sacro attivismo.

Cittadina americana a tutti gli effetti, tanto da non sentire neanche più l’italiano come sua lingua di preferenza, ha vissuto negli stati uniti per la gran parte della sua vita: in California ha scoperto e supportato con gioia fin da giovane il movimento bisessuale (oggi anche queer) e a Puerto Rico è stata per anni docente universitaria. E’ proprio negli USA che si è unita a questo rivoluzionario movimento per un amore ecologico.

Ma chi sono, insomma, gli Ecosessuali? Neologismo in effetti molto recente, googleando si potrebbe avere l’idea che siano, o siamo, dei pazzi che fanno sesso con gli alberi. Questo tipo di facile umorismo, come spesso avviene ad esempio anche riguardo alimentazione pranica e altre pratiche olistiche, è naturale difesa umana da ciò che non si conosce: per alcuni potenzialmente molto pericolose, queste idee e teorie rischiano di mettere in discussione tutto ciò su cui si è basata la propria vita – ergo vanno vilipese, schernite, sminuite. Basta pensare alle vignette su Darwin e la sua allora assurda teoria sull’uomo scimmia, o le contestazioni alle teorie eliocentriche, o all’incredulità su Colombo che pensa di raggiungere le Indie etc. Grasse risate.

Ma, rassicura il web, a differenza di altri, questo movimento, sebbene in rapida crescita, si concentra sul piacere e sull’atteggiamento personali piuttosto che sulle proteste o su fini politici. Quindi, in fondo, va bene. L’importante, sempre, è che sia innocuo. O forse no?!

quest’articolo continua la prossima settimana con Ecosessualità 2/3 – un amore 100% bio

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I Fell in Love with the Piumani 2/2

a Piuman iterview to the Piumani

I Fell in Love with the Piumani 1/2, cont’d

“Yes but, in concrete, what do you all do there?”
This one is also not really easy to answer, because there are no real and exact rules. Shall we say that, by and large, given a general program, a lot of “flow” will follow. The practices are similar to those in rainbow gatherings: no alcohol or drugs, and lots of love. We all eat together, in a circle, always celebrating with songs, dances and lots of hugs. Above all, people use non-violent communication, in particular the Cycle Way style from Native Americans. Moreover, at the appropriate moments, anyone can propose workshops any kind, to share and exchange knowledge and know-how.

What I like most is the affectional company that weaves every moment together, the great value given to others and to affectivity: in other words, the “Cuddling”!

…Depth with lightness
also means a caress
it mens respecting sadness
Another custom of Piumani
is sitting not too far from each other
and consider, instead: “You know what I can do?
I can place myself next to you and then we hug.”
And with bodies tangled together,
rubbed and superkissed,
one never feels alone,
undervalued, or bored…

Suffice it to say this: every day, there must be at least two people in charge of the wake up ritual–the sveglia piumana, as they call it, because, while one plays and sings good morning, the other one goes from bed to bed to hug everyone, considering that people usually sleep together as much as possible. If this were not enough to give you the idea, another common practice is offering a welcome greeting for every group that arrives exhausted from a journey, in order to shake off a bit of the hangover from Babylon. This includes a welcoming song, stretching in pairs, five minutes of wild dancing, a group hug and a piuman greeting. At departures, when someone leaves the gathering, the offer is a hand love shower and a circle of appreciation, also from the practices of the Manitonquat’s Circle Way. In this circle everyone says something he or she appreciates about the other person, and we all know how difficult it can be to receive appreciations.

We don’t have to necessarily imagine all Hippies as all naked and promiscuous. Some follow standardized fashions and are very reserved. The Piuman philosophy of life simply tries to look at qualities instead of problems, to emphasize love and beauty (which are always present, even in defeat), and to overcome fear with trust. This is all that makes these much denigrated revolutionary, the hippies, appear so alien, blasphemous, and especially dangerous. Because in the world out there, all this power, the immense energy we have if we allow ourselves to be covered in light, if we hold hands, is deliberately denied and ridiculed. And yet it is something so simple, honest and immediate, like every child’s joy and game. The finest culture and education turns us graceful into bonsais cut especially for this society, but if we grew according to nature we would be immense trees in a virgin forest.

“Yes, but in practice …”

In practice, even if I assure you that one paper it does not render, this was the general program of a typical day at the Piumanno 2017, for example. This event was held from 12/27, 2017 to 01/04, 2018, partly at Casale dei Giganti, near Vasto, in the Abruzzi, and partly at the ecovillage Giardino della Gioia (Garden of Joy), in the Gargano peninsula in Puglia. This is where the 2020 Piumanno will also be hosted. Day Program:
07.00 awake with song and hugs
07.30 meditative walk / yoga
08.30 breakfast
09.00 activities
11.00 free time
13.00 lunch in a circle
15.00 activities
17.30 free time
19.30 dinner in a circle
21.00 evening
11.00 cuddly good night

I can also add details and anecdotes from my personal experience. For example, to me it meant a lot not to look at a watch throughout the new year’s eve, and to do without the hateful countdown of the minute to get to the firecrackers, while us Piumani in the fire clan was preparing great special effects for the bonfire, and while we were involved in a continuous ritual of passage under the stars with play, dance, fun, emotion and sacredness. Yet I do not believe in any way that I’d be able to describe why and how much I fell in love with this unapologetically piuman humanity.
So much I was involved that I can affirm, with every one of my cells, without fear, and, indeed, with a happy emotion of pleasure that “yes, I admit it, it’s true: me too, I am a Piumano!”

“there is freedom waiting for you
on the breezes of the sky
and you ask “what if i fall?”
oh but my darling
what if you fly?”

(Erin Hanson)

by Selva (Michele Galasso) from YanezMagazine

a co-translation into English by Dr. SerenaGaia and Selva

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Mi sono innamorato dei Piumani 2/2

Intervista Piumana a dei Piumani

continua da Mi sono innamorato dei Piumani 1/2

“Sì, ma praticamente cosa fate?”
Anche questo non è proprio immediato da comprendere, perché in fondo regole vere e proprie non ce ne sono. Diciamo che in generale, dato un programma di massima, si segue molto ‘il flow’. Le prassi sono un po’ quelle dei rainbow gathering, ovvero niente alcool o droghe, ma tanto amore. Si mangia tutti assieme, in cerchio, celebrando sempre con canti, balli e tanto ascolto. Soprattutto si applicano la CNV (comunicazione non violenta) – in particolare la via del cerchio dei nativi americani – e lo scambio di condivisione orizzontale. Inoltre, chiunque può proporre, nei momenti adeguati, workshop di ogni tipo e genere, per favorire lo scambio di conoscenze.

La parte che io preferisco di più, in assoluto, è il costante accompagnamento affettivo che lega ogni momento, il grande valore dato all’attenzione agli altri, all’affettività: in una parola la “coccoleria”!

Profondità con leggerezza
vuol dire anche una carezza
che rispetti la tristezza
Un’altra usanza del piumano
è non sedersi troppo lontano
ma pensare: “Sai che faccio?
mi metto vicino e poi l’abbraccio”.
E coi corpi aggrovigliati,
stropicciati e pluribaciati,
non ci si sente mai isolati,
sottovalutati e nè annoiati.

Basti questo: le persone incaricate del risveglio ogni giorno devono essere almeno due, perché mentre una suona e canta il buongiorno, l’altra va di letto in letto ad abbracciare ognuno (si dorme di solito il più possibile tutti assieme). Se non bastasse a rendere l’idea, altre prassi comuni fra i piumani sono il saluto di benvenuto per ogni gruppo che arriva spossato da un viaggio, per scrollarsi di dosso un po’ di postumi di babilonia, che prevede una canzone di accoglienza, stretching di coppia, cinque minuti di ballo sfrenato, abbraccio di gruppo e saluto piumano. O ancora, alle partenze, quando qualcuno lascia il raduno, la doccia di mani piumane e il cerchio di apprezzamenti (sempre dalle pratiche della via del cerchio di Manitonquat), ovvero ognuno dice qualcosa che apprezza dell’altra persona – e quanto è difficile farne, e riceverne, di apprezzamenti.

Non sono da immaginare necessariamente tutti ignudi e promiscui, i figli dei fiori. Alcuni seguono anzi le mode standardizzate e sono molto riservati. La filosofia di vita piumana prova, semplicemente, a guardare alle qualità invece che ai problemi, a sottolineare l’amore e la bellezza (che sono presenti sempre, anche nella sconfitta) a vincere la paura con la fiducia: sono queste le cose che rendono così alieni, blasfemi e particolarmente pericolosi questi tanto denigrati hippie rivoluzionari. Perché nel mondo là fuori tutta questa potenza, l’immensa energia che abbiamo se ci lasciamo ricoprire di luce, se ci teniamo per mano, viene volutamente negata e ridicolizzata. Eppure è qualcosa di così semplice, onesto e immediato, come l’allegria e il gioco per ogni bambino. La più fine cultura e l’educazione ci rendono graziosi bonsai tagliati apposta per questa società, ma se crescessimo secondo natura saremmo immensi alberi di una foresta vergine.

“Si’ ma in pratica…”

in pratica, anche se visto così concretamente assicuro che non rende affatto l’idea, questo era ad esempio il programma di massima di una giornata tipo del Piumanno tenutosi dal 27.12.2017 al 4.01.2018 in parte al Casale dei Giganti, vicino Vasto, in parte all’ecovillaggio Giardino della Gioia, sul Gargano in Puglia [dove si terra’ anche il Piumanno 2020]:
07.00 risveglio cantato
07.30 passeggiata meditativa / yoga
08.30 colazione
09.00 attività
11.00 lavori pratici e tempo libero
13.00 pranzo in cerchio
15.00 attività
17.30 lavori pratici e tempo libero
19.30 cena in cerchio
21.00 serata
23.00 buona notte piumana

Potrei certo aggiungere dettagli e aneddoti della mia esperienza personale, dire ad esempio cosa abbia significato per me non vedere per tutto il capodanno un orologio – senza l’odioso countdown e senza botti (per quanto il clan del fuoco abbia preparato grandi effetti speciali per il falò) – ed essere invece immersi in un continuo rituale di passaggio sotto le stelle tra gioco, ballo, divertimento, ma anche commozione e sacralità. Eppure non credo in alcun modo riuscirebbe a descrivere perché e quanto io mi sia innamorato di questa umanità svergognatamente piumana.
Così tanto coinvolto da poter affermare, con ogni mio gesto, senza timore alcuno ed anzi con un felice moto di piacere che sì, è vero, lo ammetto, anch’io sono un piumano!

“there is freedom waiting for you
on the breezes of the sky
and you ask “what if i fall?”
oh but my darling
what if you fly?”

(Erin Hanson)

by Selva (Michele Galasso) from YanezMagazine

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