Call for Proposals – #EcosexualLove @ Lolia, Hawaii – Nov 1-6 – Respond by Aug 31

Dear Earthlings–

How does it feel to practice #EcosexualLove in Hawaii?  Did I hear fabulous?  If yes, then, please check this out.  It may be the occasion you’ve been seeking.  The Call for Proposals comes from our team-member, “Your Portland Poet” Karen Hery.  She’s organizing the 1st Annual Gathering of #EcosxualLove at Lolia Place, on Nov 1-6.  We are seeking proposals.  You can be part of the program.  The Call expires on August 31.  What is Lolia Place?  An up-and-coming intentional community home of conscious sensuality and welcoming to #EcosexualLove.  Here’s Karen’s invitation letter to you:

“Dear friends and fellow #EcosexualLovers–

It was a pleasure be a presenter in Puerto Rico for the UPRM Symposium “Practices of Ecosexuality,” organized by Dr. SerenaGaia (aka Serena Anderlini). It’s also a pleasure to get back in touch with you with one more piece of exciting news.
Dr. SerenaGaia, Saffire Bouchellion and I are now collaborating together on a FIRST ANNUAL GATHERING OF ECOSEXUAL LOVE at LOLIA on the big island of Hawaii November 1 – 6.
We are super excited about this project and opening up this event to you. I am one of the people in charge of the process and am writing to encourage you to contribute to the event’s program. It would be an honor to include you in this gathering as a presenter/participant.

Free from the more formal structure of a university setting, we are looking forward to even more expanded experiences of ecose
xual practices at Lolia Place, a clothing optional, conscious sensuality focused eco-village. We encourage you, when you consider responding to our call for proposals, to think beyond lecture-and-listen style presentations and expand into the arena of interactive discussions, experiential workshops and visual performances. We are excited to hear back from you. Please check our Call for Proposals. It’s open till August 31st.  Thank you!

For this first year event, we are looking to gather 20-40 people–with a limit of no more than 60 people–to live on the land together.  Some of us, including Serena, will be continuing on in the Lolia monthly intern program.  You are welcome to consider that for yourself too, if interested.  The program’s description is available.  Please check it out at this link.

While at Lolia Place, we will be eating vegetarian foods, many of which are grown on the land, while staying in camping style accommodations in small, and comfortable shared cabanas.  There will be a mixture of planned structured activities and free time to enjoy the land, the surrounding places nearby on the island, and each other.  We look forward to possibly sharing this magical time with you.  Let us know if this feels like the right thing at this time for you.

This community gathering is self-supported by all the people who are gathering together to live into the change we want to see in the world.  Presenters and all participants will cover their own costs for travel plus $500 for food and accommodation at Lolia.  No presenters will be paid for their offerings, keeping the cost down for everyone in attendance. We will provide travel and lodging information and appreciate your willingness to fund your own trip.

I’m linking the call for proposals , the Lolia general event brochure, and intern program description.  We plan on organizing an exciting program in September.  So we strongly encourage you to submit as soon as possible, and by our closing date of August 31.  Please send 300-word descriptions plus a brief bio to me at karenhery@gmail.com.  I look forward to receiving them.  Thank you!

To recap the access points:
This is the link to our event page on the Lolia web site:
This is the link to the Call for Proposal that closes on Aug 31st:
 This is the Facebook event for sharing in your networks:
 This is a Facebook group for participants to be communicating with each other.
This is a link to more information about the monthly intern program: https://docs.google.com/document/d/125vvgIgjqp1X1ThOknsw1MIOYpgrWjVsiJt1ZN5IaPA/edit

For more context and info:

Lolia is a 45-minute drive from Hilo International Airport and a 3-hour drive from Kona on the other side of the island (car rental recommended from this location)

Submissions to this call for proposals will be reviewed by the four-person organizing team for the event, including myself, Dr. SerenaGaia (aka Serena Anderlini), Saffire Bouchellion, and Walker O’Rourke. They should be sent to me at karenhery@gmail.com in 300 words or less with a 250 word or less bio. The closing date for proposals: August 31st. Please direct any questions to me. We all look forward to your responses.

It would be great to hear from you and delightful to receive a proposal from you. Please also help us to spread the word about our open call. Consider submitting with a partner or collaborator or two. Please also share this event info and call for proposals with colleagues and friends who may be interested in attending. Thank you!

With love of the journey –

Karen Hery

Your Portland Poet”

Dear Earthlings–

Thanks for listening to Karen.  We hope to hear from you soon.

aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Erstwhile Professor of Humanities and Cinema
Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium
Fellow at the Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2012-13)
Project: “Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema”

Caribbean Season of Ecosexual Love: West PR Symposium and Wedding – Press Release




                    A 4-WAY PANEL on the ARTS of ECOSEXUAL LOVE




January 16, 2017
Contact: serena.anderlini@gmail. com, Tel 787 538 1680
Dear Earthlings–


This season of Caribbean balms we offer a beautiful calendar of events of #EcosexualLove.  We welcome all interested parties.  There is no charge.  Why?  We want to seed the Area Oeste with the inspiring energies of #EcosexualLove.  Join us!

Event # 1:

Dates: Feb 2-3.  Practices of Ecosexuality and Sex-Positive Education: A Symposium.  Time: 10 AM to 6:30 PM.  Where: UPRM (Colegio), Salon Tarzan (Anexo a la Cafeteria).  Free of charge and open to the public.

Description: This symposium is designed to educate participants about the role of ecosexuality in helping humans to reconnect our metabolism to the partner we all share: the Earth, and design unscripted amorous lives that appreciate the beauty and health of natural surroundings.  The symposium also focuses on the skills people use in communicating their desires to others, in negotiating partnership that all participants enjoy, and in agreeing upon practices of love that are totally consensual and appreciated by all parties.

The events includes over 20 guest speakers, presenters, facilitators.  Guests are coming from far away locations including the ancient Mediterranean island of Malta, Montreal, Canada, and Portland, Oregon, and from numerous locations in Puerto Rico, including the Area Metro and the Area Oeste.
They are activists, students, professionals, teachers, practitioners, poets, professors, artists, and much more.


View and download the complete Program here.
View and download the Program-at-a-Glance here.

Event # 2:

Date: Feb 4.  Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You Three.  A Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love.  Time: 10:30 AM – & PM.  Playa Azul, on the tip of Punta Arenas, Carr 102, Km 11.6, Joyuda, Cab Rojo.

Description: This Plural Wedding celebrates the natural ecosystems of Puerto Rico or any other Caribbean island for what they are: Loving partners in the fruition of people’s amorous lives.  The event is designed to support participants in making love the ecology of their lives.  The program consists of three workshops, designed to help participants to connect 1) with their own personal ecosystem, 2) with the partner we all share, the Earth, and her elements water, fire, air, earth,  and, 3) with those who share this partner with us.   In between we rise the energy of #EcosexualLove with oxytocin group hugs.  The event culminates in a simple ceremony at dusk when participants symbolically marry the beach, and become its “spice.”

Nota: Ambos eventos son bilingues y participativos.  Los y las participantes estan invitadxs a expresarse en su idioma de preferencia.

Contact for both events: Dr. Serena Gaia, email: serena.anderlini@gmail.com, also on Facebook as Serena Anderlini of Puerto Rico, on Google, and on Messenger and WhatsApp at + 1 787 538 1680.

Event # 1: Facebook Page

Event # 2: Facebook Page
Share the news with your friends and beloveds.  It’s always good to experience something new with company you enjoy.
Send it as a Press Release to papers you like.
Let us know if there are any questions we can answer.
Thank you!
Enjoy the Caribbean breezes this early 2017.
Blessings and abundant #EcosexualLove.


aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD

Professor of Humanities and Cinema
University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR 00681-9264 (USA)
of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium at UPRM
Fellow at the Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2012-13)
Project: “Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema”


Dear fellow educators, colleagues, students, film buffs, lovers of cinema:

Friday Noon Colloquium is the new research-in-progress series hosted by Michael Huffmaster, in the German Studies program, Humanities at UPRM.

The series begins at noon on Friday, October 18 in the lobby area (Sala de Conferencias) of the OF-Edificio de Profesores building at UPRM.  It’s wonderful to have this space to share for those of us active in the humanistic and cultural studies research arena.  Check the series flier here.

What’s the topic of this inaugural event, you may ask?

The presentation of Amorous Visions, a book proposal for a study of Italian cinema from an ecosexual and Deleuzian perspective.  Look above or download the descriptive flier here.


This is the project that took me to Connecticut some years ago, when I won the external fellowship of the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute and also received support from the College of Arts and Sciences at UPRM to use it.

This is ALSO, and very significantly, a project that has emanated from the course in Italian cinema that I have been teaching at UPRM over the years, beginning in and around the year 2000.  This course has been an inspiration to me and to many groups of students over  the years.   What does it mean to appreciate, participate, enjoy, observe, learn from, and think about the art of the 20th century that studies the relation of “time, space and movement,” as Gilles Deleuze put it?   Students have been my most valuable teachers.  From them I’ve learned to look at cinema anew.  My study of ecosexual perspectives on Italian cinema is a direct emanation from this experience.  It is time to share about it with our local and regional intellectual community.

What is an ecosexual perspective in the study, practice, creation, and appreciation of cinema?  How can this kind of perspective relate to Deleuze’s cinema theories?  Italian cinema is a particularly fertile terrain for this epistemic inquiry.  So many “sheets of the past” emerge from the mise-en-scene of art cinema from Italy.  So many personal, intimate scenes invite a reflection on how our amorous lives are impacted by the ecosystems that we live in.

My project has evolved alongside with my contributions to the vibrant ecosexuality movement.  In estedadele2015 i was privileged in c-editing the first collection of writings on this topic, an arena of emerging knowledges where nature inspires humans to practice the arts of love.  It encourages our amorous expressions to sustain the health and well being of our own and our surrounding ecosystems.  A change in metaphors is due.  When we treat the Earth as a lover, we become aware of how much we need the blessings of this partner we all share.

We have successfully hosted the first symposium on this topic in the Caribbean last year, and plan a new edition in 2017.

In this presentation, I will outline how my book project on Italian cinema evolved alongside my participation in the ecosexual movement while I also evolved as a a professor and scholar of cinema.

Join us in animating the event.  Participate and invite your own students.  Below please find more information about the event.

Thank you!

# # # # # # #


Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema

Presenting a Book Proposal

This presentation traces the evolution of the book proposal Amorous Visions from the idea of teaching a course in Italian cinema from a philosophical perspective while attending the desire of UPRM students to explore the direct connections between a film’s mise-en-scène and its erotic/amorous scenes.  The proposal is organized around the philosophy of Deleuze and his study of cinema, as well as the cultural discourses of sexual fluidity and amorous inclusiveness.  The proposal benefits from the in-depth study made possible by externally funded research also sponsored by Arts and Sciences at the RUM.

The presentation will be a 20-minute plus 10 minutes for a Q & A session.

It will be done on a laptop with stills and clips.

The format is suitable for a small audience.

About the Author

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD, is the author, editor and co-editor of Women and Bisexuality (2003), Plural Loves (2005), Eros (2006), Gaia (2009), Bisexuality and Queer Theory (2010), and BiTopia (2011).  Her articles have appeared in DisClosure, New Cinemas, Rhizomes, Nebula, WSIF, and VIA.  She is the author of The ‘Weak’ Subject (1998), and the co-translator of In Spite of Plato, by Adriana Cavarero (1995).  Anderlini-D’Onofrio has spoken about polyamory on Italian public television.

More recently, Anderlini-D’Onofrio has adopted the sacred name of Dr. SerenaGaia.  At the helm of the ecosexual movement, she has keynoted at various symposia, and is co-editor of  Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love (2015), the first collection on this topic.  Dr. SerenaGaia is the convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium at UPRM, and is at work Amorous Visions, a study of Italian cinema from an ecosexual perspective.

News and project updates at www.serenagaia.org

Thank you!





Dear fellow educators, colleagues, students, film buffs, lovers of cinema:

In the spirit of challenge and renewal at UPRM and in Puerto Rico, the current course in Italian Cinema opens its doors to invite you for a CLASE ABIERTA event.

Please join us on Tuesday, November 1st at 5:30-7:00 PM in Chardon 226, for a presentation from the research project Amorous Visions, followed by a bilingual Questions and Answers period.  Look above or download the descriptive flier here.

The course in Italian cinema has been an inspiration to me and to many groups of students over  pazzathe years.   What does it mean to appreciate, participate, enjoy, observe, learn from, and think about the art of the 20th century that studies the relation of “time, space and movement,” as Gilles Deleuze put it?   Students have been my most valuable teachers.  From them I’ve learned to look at cinema anew.  My study of ecosexual perspectives on Italian cinema is a direct emanation from this experience, and has evolved with multiple support from internal and external sources.  It is time to share about it with our local and regional intellectual community.

Italian cinema is a particularly fertile terrain for this epistemic inquiry.  So many “sheets of the past” emerge from the mise-en-scene of art cinema from Italy.  So many personal, intimate scenes invite a reflection on how our amorous lives are impacted by the ecosystems that we live in.

pinkdressIn this invitation, we will present a study of two classics of Italian cinema from the 1970s.  Remember The Conformist and The Night Porter?  Very ecosexual.  Very Deleuzian.  Right?  If you’re a cinephile, you cannot have missed them.  If not, this is a perfect time to meet these two majestic films.  Students in the current Italian Cinema group are quite advanced in Deleuzian and ecosexual approaches to cinema.  They are excited to welcome visitors and other participants for this special CLASE ABIERTA EVENING.   Many of them will surprise you with their participatory questions and observations.

Join us in animating the evening.  Participate and invite your own students.  Below please find more information about the event.

Thank you!

# # # # # # #


Ecologies of Love and Toxic Ecosystems:

Lessons from the Holocaust in Cavani and Bertolucci


This study analyzes two classics of Italian cinema from an ecosexual perspective.  Bertolucci’s The Conformist (1970) and Cavani’s The Night Porter (1974) share a theme:  the 20th century Holocaust in Europe where circumstances are extreme and the ecosystems that host people’s lives are replete with toxicity.  The study integrates elements of Deleuzian and film theory, political history, the history of cinema, and cultural discourses about fluid and inclusive practices of love like bisexuality and polyamory.  It focuses on the relationship between mise-en-scène, or representation of the physical, emotional, interpersonal, and political ecosystems where characters’ lives unfold, and the styles of sexual and amorous expression they deploy in their intimate scenes.  Its approach is unique.  It empowers a vision of how the energy of love behaves in toxic ecosystems, surviving as love for love or erotophilia.  When the auteurs explore the inner landscapes of the films’ protagonists via Deleuzian time-image sequences, the sexual fluidity and amorous inclusiveness present therein become visible as a way to save love for love in the midst of extreme ecological toxicity.  In Bertolucci the fear of love prevails:  Marcello kills the woman who inspired love in him.  In Cavani this expansive sense of love manifests the imagination of a world where “it is safe to live because it is safe to love.”  The author claims that Cavani succeeds because her diegetic structure is organized rhizomatically.   The inner landscapes of multiple interconnected consciousnesses are made visible in the interlocked time-image sequences of her dyad Max and Lucia.


The article that corresponds to this presentation will be published in Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledges, an open-source peer-reviewed journal.   It uses numerous series of stills from both films.  The conference presentation uses a series of clips.  The latter will be presented in a 60-minute format, followed by Q & A sessions.


Stay tuned:  In the Spring of 2017 we also plan a more formally organized event about Amorous Visions.  It will be widely announced and open to the wider Arts and Sciences community at UPRM, and beyond.

About the Author

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD, is the author, editor and co-editor of Women and Bisexuality (2003), Plural Loves (2005), Eros (2006), Gaia (2009), Bisexuality and Queer Theory (2010), and BiTopia (2011).  Her articles have appeared in DisClosure, New Cinemas, Rhizomes, Nebula, WSIF, and VIA.  She is the author of The ‘Weak’ Subject (1998), and the co-translator of In Spite of Plato, by Adriana Cavarero (1995).  Anderlini-D’Onofrio has spoken about polyamory on Italian public television.

More recently, Anderlini-D’Onofrio has adopted the sacred name of Dr. SerenaGaia.  At the helm of the ecosexual movement, she has keynoted at various symposia, and is co-editor of  Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love (2015), the first collection on this topic.  Dr. SerenaGaia is the convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium at UPRM, and is at work Amorous Visions, a study of Italian cinema from an ecosexual perspective.

News and project updates at www.serenagaia.org



Essential Filmography and Bibliography

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Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You Three

Rituals to Bond with the Partner We All Share: The Earth

PROGRAM – Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You 3
When: February 4, 2017, 11 AM 7 PM
Where: Playa Azul, Punta Arenas, Carretera 102, Km 11.6, Joyuda, Cabo Rojo.

This is our basic program for the day:

11 am: Meet and Greet on Playa Azul, Music, Contact Dance
12 noon: Workshops
1. Know and Love the Ecosystem Called Thyself
2. Know and Love your Most Compersive Lover: Earth
3. Know and Love those Who Share this Lover with You: Humankind

Each workshop is about 75 minutes, including teaching, translation, practice, and debriefing. If we start at 12 noon, we should be done by 6 pm, with plenty of break time for connecting, meals, and socializing.

In between workshops: the famous Oxytocin Group Hugs that fill your personal ecosystem with enchantment and loving energy.

Refreshments, foods, water, amenities: on the sidelines and during breaks.

6:00 pm: Invocation of Earth Goddess, Gaia. Vows to Playa Azul: the Ecosexual Bride. Kiss the Bride. Drum Circle.

6:30: Enter the Body of Water: Bathe in the Caribbean Sea

Fun time till exhaustion of creative energy:
Includes watsu, reiki, more dance and drumming, assorted improvised co-creations, aguinaldos, burlesque . . .
–What to bring: your charming selves, a cheerful mind, a lovely smile, an open heart, swim suits, towels, comfort food, water, comfortable beach clothing for workshops time, pillows and soft stuff to find comfort on beach floor, eagerness, participation
–What to expect: magic, beauty, enchantment, love, healing, sharing, company, fun, joy, moderation, respect, continuity, togetherness
–Videographers in action: they may ask you to be filmed and/or interviewed, and it’s up to you to accept
–Once we start the workshops, the group will be formed. We will expect continuity, and admission to subsequent workshops is subject to participation in previous ones. Presence is required. The degree of participation can vary.

Parking: Please park on the street and Access the beach from the callecita to the south of the Condominio Punta Arenas. At the beach, turn right and go toward to oak tree, palm tree, and uva playera trees.

For more detailed information on program, see template for Plural Weddings of Ecosexual Love here:

For a series of pictures of the first edition of this ecosexual wedding, go to this link:

This program is part of the project Islas Maravillas: Ecosexual Education and Extensive Research at UPRM, for PI Dr. SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini.

The project is under the auspices of the College of Arts and Sciences, UPRM, and is supported by Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural Resources.

We look forward to sharing this magic day with you!

In love,



Announcing EcoSex: A ReLOVEution for the Wild – Proposal for an Event Series

Beloved Hosts and Venues:

Are your listeners feeling numbed by civilized monotony?  Are they longing for natural ways to combine sexual health and happiness?  #Ecosexuality can jazz them up!  Will you allow nature to inspire the arts of love in all your community?

As co-editors and authors of Ecosexuality (2016), we’ve come to appreciate Love + Radio as a show that is intent in co-creating a global vision of inclusive and regenerative love, freedom, and health on Earth.

We have a message that can resonate widely with your community.  Ecosexuality is a powerful way to connect more deeply with the partner we all share: the Earth. The first collection on this topic, our book is available in paper and kindle.

We have enjoyed tremendously speaking together about our passion.  You’re welcome to check our recent joint interview for Make Love Week.

We have now designed a talk where we speak enthusiastically about our collaborative work and share how we found our source of ecosexual love: EcoSex: A ReLOVEution for the Wild.  Check it out.  Enjoy!

EcoSexBook-FrontCoverWe write with an offer to speak at your venue.  How can we best serve your community?  We feel that our message is urgent in the current social and political climate replete with fresh energies of change.  In the next speaking season, we will consider keynotes, panels, video conferences, podcasts, and other options that involve long distance and/or physical presence.  Which one would work for you?  We hope you will extend to us an invitation.  Thank you!

In the next few weeks, we are available to talk about this collaboration further.  We’d like to discuss how hosting us can benefit your people.  Please let us know what possibilities come to your mind, and what questions we can answer for you.  We look forward to hearing back soon.  We can be reached by email, Facebook, text or phone: Serena 787 538 1680, Lindsay 413 325 3383.  Thank you!

Lindsay and Serena

Lindsay Hagamen
Co-Creator of the Ecosex Convergence
President of the Windward Foundation, WA
Dr. SerenaGaia
aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality; A Symposium

Author and editor of multiple books including:
Ecosexuality (collection, 2015), Bi-Topia (collection, 2011), Bisexuality and Queer Theory (collection, 2011), Gaia (theory, 2009), Eros (memoir, 2006), Plural Loves (collection, 2005), Women and Bisexuality (collection, 2003), The ‘Weak’ Subject (theory, 1998)


Practices of Ecosexuality @ UPRM: First Academic Symposium Speaks – From Day One in the Caribbean

Dear Earth Lovers–

It’s been a joy to convene #PracticesOfEcosexuality@UPRM, the first symposium about #Ecosexuality hosted at UPRM, an academic institution located in the region I’ve elected as my third Matria, the Caribbean.

Day One was Thursday, January 28, and we were in the Teatro Figueroa Chapel, a beautiful amphitheater at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, whose air conditioning system needs urgent refurbishing for calibration and sustainability.  It was FREEZING!  Despite the balmy temperatures and caressing breezes of the dry season in the blessed region of the Islas Maravillas, we had to wear coats and sweaters to resist the low temperature air conditioning.  The university contributed performance spaces and technical skills, with Dean Gilbes’s special blessing.  Speakers donated their time, travel funds, and expertise.  Volunteers donated their organizational skills.  My non-profit, 3WayKiss funded the necessary hospitality and publicity.

ThiPES-SusanKeynotes was a day of ideas.  A little too cerebral, considering the excessive air conditioning.  The really hot gift that made it all worth while is Dr. Susan Block, who came with her husband, Captain Max, all the way from Los Angeles to educate people in our region about the inspiring behaviors of our kissing cousins from the primate kingdom, the Bonobos.  Also known as Dr. Suzy, Susan Block is a renown sexologist and sex educator who devoted her energies to studying these gentle creatures who evolve peace through pleasure.  Students had been lining up in the Lobby to sign attendance sheets.  I rushed them in so as to start on time.

The theater was full.  Our speaker was absolutely charming.  She spoke ad lib presenting her BonoboKiss1 copyfindings on a background of eloquent videos where the diverse amorous behaviors of various Bonobo communities could be admired.  These include kissing on the mouth, intercourse while gazing into a partner’s eyes, various styles of pleasure, inclusive sexual play with partners of various genders, respect for the wisdom and experience of older females, and solidarity among “sisters” when annoyed by male insistence.

What a nice place to be!  I want to sign up for Bonobo camp next summer.  I’ve been called PES-SerenaSusanbonoboesque before.  But I bet I can learn a lot more too.  Dr. Suzy eloquently explained how, if inspired by Bonobos, we humans could find ways to use our intelligence more efficiently than we do today.  We too could evolve peace through pleasure instead of endangering terrestrial life with our cruel weapons.  Yes, I agree!  That’s ecosexual intelligence, or ESQ, right, Dr. Suzy?  And I’m so happy that the public could feel validation for these practices and ideas.  A whole batch of student reports was due this week.  Dr. Suzy’s keynote was a big hit.  Some students felt an alignment with their own way of thinking.  Others were exposed to entirely new ideas.  Many responded with enthusiasm.  Others considered Dr. Suzy’s proposal seriously.  All response were equally significant.  Some of these reports will appear on this blog in an upcoming series.  Stay tuned!

Lunchtime was a great occasion for community members, students, and volunteers to intermingle with speakers.  Tables were organized with attendance sheets, books, and foods.  We served Sancocho, a specialty of the Caribbean that brings out the richness of local ingredients.  It was made with love by our volunteers.  This tasty soup is healthy and complete, revealing the ancient culinary wisdom of the region.  Dr. Suzy was so eager to answer questions about her book we had to remind her to eat her soup.  People’s ecosystem absorbed the love found in the food.

Marsha1 copyThe day continued with two favorite presentations.  Marsha Scarbrough, from New Mexico, focused on the Orishas, these African deities that reside in elements of nature and remind us to sacralize what sustains our lives.  An onstage dance made it all more real.  Another favorite was the self-revealing tale of Maria Virginia Sanchez Cintron. a bilingual worldMaria copy traveler, social worker, and musician in Mayaguez.  She revealed how ecosexual love can work for people seeking openness in relationships, and especially for Latino women who experience sexual expression on a continuum.  This presentation was a favorite with attendees.  It was very spontaneous and reached to the heart of many bicultural people’s experience in our region.

As the program unfolded, an audience formed that continued attendance, well beyond any required hours, which is what makes symposia real.  It was great to see such diversity in attendees: ages, colors, attires, genders, origins, disciplines, interests.  It was a true manifestation of the motley nature of the Caribbean.  Speakers had been asked to be cognizant of bilingual needs, and to leave 25 percent of their time for open questions.  It was a great joy to me to notice that we always had more questions form students and other attendees than speakers had time to address.  Participation was eager and real!

Next was my presentation from my brave co-editing experiences.  As some of you know, I PES-SerenaAudienceam the co-editor of #Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, published by 3WayKiss in 2015 here in Puerto Rico.  I wanted to share about the complexity of this collaborative experience, where I worked elbow to elbow on a par with with a number of people spread world wide and all willing to go on record as ecosexual authors.  What a great adventure it was!  And a major joy in it was the evolution of a loving collaborative alliance with my faithful co-editor and mentee Lindsay Hagamen.  She appeared long distance from her community in Washington State.  This was a technological feat.  It all worked really smoothly thanks to the careful technical assistance of Antonio Ramos and Pepe Garcia.  I did not perform to the best of my abilities.  I was a bit too overwhelmed with production and emceeing responsibilities.   But it was great to read poems by Yemisi Ilesanmi and Kamala Devi, and excerpts from the book, along with Susan Block and Lindsay.

Linda RodrigPES-Lindauez is the brave colleague who became involved in the project from the beginning.  A graduate of the UCLA PS-EmilySchool of Film, she staged a scene from her film script Children from the Sea.  It was exciting to see the stage filled with props and performers in this in-progress staged reading.  While listening to Linda and watching the stage business, one could really understand the secrets of script writing techniques.  People could really relate to her theme and their questions were very interesting.

Last but not least for this day of ideas was Taber Shadburne‘s active learning exercise on the Tabertheme Spirituality in the 21st Century.  In half one hour this Master Trainer from Oakland, California, got everyone to speak out and loud about their most hidden secrets.  His simple sentence: “I pretend to . . . . but I really . . . ” worked its magic as people started to fill out the blanks with what’s in their heart.  Participants lost their fears and shared their intimate thoughts.  What a relief!  Impacting the whole person is a significant goal in teaching.  Education is a voyage of personal transformation.  And it is through practices like these that we can achieve it.
The day ended with the screening of two films.  Playa Azul I Love You PAILY-Flier2is a short film about the first Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love in the Caribbean, performed in 2014.  It’s my first and I was very shy when introducing it.  It’s co-direcred and co-produced with Shaison Antony.  It is still incomplete.  But was good enough to show to a supportive audience.  The second films is a classic of Ecosexual cinema, Goodbye Gauley Mountain, by Beth Stephens with Annie Sprinkle.
GGMPoster copyBy the time of the screenings, most people in our audience could not stand the cold any longer.  Many braved the adversity and stayed anyway.  But it was a small group.  Some of the feedback I received on my film is that it requires more drama.  Its accented English was amplified by the large screen.  Gauley Mountain is a favorite in my courses and was appreciated here too.  In a future edition, I would place films at a more favorable time in the program.
PES-SusanWorkshopThis is my report on Day One.  I want to thank all the speakers, volunteers, facilitators, organizers, technician, and attendees.  Collaboration was at a very high point, with everyone staying tuned and willing to pitch in.  There was a lot of peripheral vision.  Students enrolled in Huma 4996-001 did a great job of manning their teams, bilingual/hospitality team, attendance team, technical team.  Everyone was very responsible and present.  We met many new people willing to help us power events like this.  My beloved assistant, Paola Pagan, a UPRM alumna, was as appreciated, organized, and attuned as ever.   Thank you Paola!  I was, at times, overwhelmed with trepidation about how all this would pan out.
      This big Day One was a big challenge for me.   And I sometimes became bossy and bitchy as a PES-Danceway to fend off tension and cope with things.  I apologize to anyone who might have been in the way.  I’m glad I can think back to this experience with calm and wisdom.  Firsts are a way to gather stronger teams.  And when we do another edition we will have more calibration, delegation, and wisdom.
     Thanks for listening.  I hope this was useful.  If you find this report interesting, please share with your networks.  We will post more on Day Two, the in-the-body day, and, eventually, on Day Three, the spice-on-the-beach day.

Press Release – Dr. Susan M. Block’s “The BONOBO WAY” to Keynote at UPRM

For Immediate Release:
Contacts: David Rossi Phone: 310.568.0066 Email: Bonoboville@gmail.com, Serena Anderlini: Phone 787 538 1680, serena.anderlini@gmail.com

Dr. Susan Block to deliver “BONOBO WAY” Keynote at UPRM ECOSEXUALITY Symposium

Los Angeles, California: January 7, 2016 — Susan M. Block, Ph.D., a.k.a., “Dr. Suzy,” internationally renowned sexologist and best-selling author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure (Gardner & Daughters Publishers), will deliver the keynote address for the first Symposium on Ecosexuality in the Caribbean, to be held on-campus at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (UPRM).

Block’s keynote, “The Bonobo Way: An Ecosexual Paradigm for Humanity,” poses the question, “Can we learn to make ‘peace through pleasure’ from our Great Ape cousins?” Inspired by the real bonobos, it presents these fascinating close genetic cousins of ours as a new primate model for humanity in terms of sexuality, war, peace, gender equality, community and “ecosexuality.”

“The ‘killer ape’ paradigm, based on competitive, male-dominant common chimpanzees, has long been used to explain and excuse human violence, rape and war,” says Block. “Bonobo apes are at least as close to humans as common chimps, but rarely rape and never kill each other. Instead, they utilize consensual sexual activity, sharing resources, female empowerment, recreational play, hedonic kindness and lots of hugs to diffuse violent tension before it descends into murder. Can we humans learn to ‘make like bonobos (not baboons)’ and live in harmony with each other and the Earth? At this turbulent point in human history, it’s worth a try. Perhaps, if we learn from these amazing creatures—as well as save them from the seemingly imminent extinction that humanity’s bad habits have forced upon them—we can crack the bonobo code of ecosexual peace through pleasure.”

Other Ecosexuality Symposium speakers include UPRM Professor Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, Ph.D. and Lindsay Hagamen, co-editors of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, the collection that brings together the voices of 30 leaders of the ecosexual movement; Marsha Scarbrough, author of Honey in the River: Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality; Music Director Mariá Virginia Sánchez Cintrón; award-winning author and UPRM Professor Linda M. Rodriguez Guglielmoni, Ph.D.; “Conscious Communication” Master Trainer Taber Shadburne, M.A.; Aguadilla-based author Dr. Anya Trahan; Ecosexual poet and activist Karen Hery; Puppetry artist Camille Cortes and more, along with a screening of Drs. Annie Sprinkle’s and Beth Stephens’ documentary, Good-bye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story.

View and download a complete Program for the Symposium.  View and download a Program-at-a-Glance.

If you’re interested in Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You Two, the Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love that follows the Symposium on Jan 30, view and download this program here.

Block’s Bonobo Way Keynote is scheduled for 10:45 – 11:45 AM on January 28, 2016, at UPRM’s Teatro Figueroa Chapel, the first event of the Symposium. She will also conduct a workshop on January 29, 3:30 – 4:15 PM, entitled, “Release Your Inner Bonobo: A Different Kind of 12-Step Program,” weaving stories, studies, theories and fantasies into possibilities and a practical path of action that enables a very personal “Ecosexual RƎVO˩ution,” deepening “bonobo awareness” of our global interconnectivity through empathy, eroticism and play.

David Rossi Phone: 310.568.0066 Email: Bonoboville@gmail.com

Dr. Serena Anderlini Phone: 787.538.1680 Email: serena.anderlini@gmail.com


“Impactful, often hilarious… wildly entertaining…

The Bonobo Way just might hold the key to world peace.”
—HUFFINGTON POST book review by Steve Karras

The Bonobo Way is sexy and fun… damn smart too.”
—”TANGENTIALLY SPEAKING” with Christopher Ryan, Ph.D.

Podcast Interview with Sex at Dawn author Chris Ryan, Ph.D.

“Dr. Susan Block has a new understanding of how to enhance our intimate relationships!”
—PROGRESSIVE NEWS NETWORK interview with Dr. Diana Wiley

“Bonobo eroticism doesn’t discriminate”
—ALTERNET Why Group Sex? by Carrie Weisman

“Adventure, optimism, and love is what Dr. Susan Block is all about… Patients become fans, and fans become evangelists.”
—CITIZEN LA Inside the Pleasure Compound I Dr. Susan Block

The Bonobo Way is a refreshing must-read for our times.”
—Dr. Patti Britton, leading sexologist & past American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) President

“Bravo Dr. Block for paving the way to a hopefully more bonobo future.”
—Vanessa Woods, author of Bonobo Handshake

“The Bonobo Way is a pleasure on all counts… fun, humorous… meaningful, persuasive and especially significant at this time.”
—Dr. SerenaGaia Anderlini D’Onofrio, co-editor of Ecosexuality 

“The Bonobo Way is marvelous! A happy book for a happy life in a happier world.”
—Xaviera Hollander, author of The Happy Hooker

“Brilliant book. Enjoyed it thoroughly.” 
—Sherry Rehman, Sr. VP of Pakistan People’s Party & former Ambassador to the U.S.

“I love every page of The Bonobo Way!” 
—Christian Bruyère, producer of Champions of the Wild

The Bonobo Way is available in kindle and paperback on Amazon or direct from the publisher. A portion of all proceeds from book sales goes to Lola ya Bonobo and The Bonobo Conservation Initiative, as well as other organizations actively helping to protect and save the highly endangered wild bonobos from extinction.

Tired of conventional sexuality experts? Dr. Block is available for comment or interview. Would you like to review The Bonobo Way? Contact us today.

David Rossi
Phone: 310.568.0066 Email: Bonoboville@gmail.com  Web:thebonoboway.com
Watch The Video: http://j.mp/TBWyouTubeTrailer


PROGRAM – Te Amo Playa Azul I Love You Two – Jan 30, 2016




Practices of Ecosexuality: Invitation and Program, UPRM, Jan 28-29, 2016


Dear colleagues, students, administrators, community members:

It’s a joy to announce the keynote speaker for Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium, Jan 28-29, 2016.

Dr. Susan Block, a renown sexologist and specialist of Bonobo life, cultural practices, and communities, joins us from Los Angeles to keynote on this theme:PES-P1-2

The Bonobo Way: An Ecosexual Paradigm for Humanity.

Her key question is: Can we learn to make peace through pleasure from our great ape cousins?

The keynote is scheduled for 10:30-11:45 AM on Thursday, Jan 28, in the Teatro Figueroa Chapel. It will include live videos from her Bonobo research, and much more.PES-P3-4

We write to invite all of you to attend the keynote and strongly encourage all your students to do so as well. If you’re a professor, please include it in your syllabus. Giving students an incentive to attend and assigning a report on the theme is a great idea. Thank you!

PES-P5-6Considering the multiple crises that afflict the world and the island of Puerto Rico, no theme could be more timely or urgent. Please don’t miss it! Thank you!

It is a unique opportunity made possible by the program Islas Maravillas: Ecosexuality Education and Extensive Research at UPRM. It’s also an effect of the gift economy, since, with no budget to speak of, Dr. Susan Block elected to visit us and bring her expertise to our region. What a great way to turn a crisis into an opportunity for change!

Here I want to express gratitude to administrators who have made it possible. It is a joy to deliver on this promise to you and to the UPRM community. It’s also a joy to welcome our amazing and generous keynote speaker!

The Keynote Banner Dr. Susan Block posted on her website has more details, also about her recent book, The Bonobo Way, as well as a Press Release about the Symposium as a whole. Please find it as this link:


The complete Program for the Symposium can be downloaded at this link and is announced in the images posted here.  A Program-at-a-Glance summary can be downloaded here.  We have a total of 10 diverse speakers and facilitators joining us from Oregon, California, Washington State, and our region.  A great way to introduce Ecosexuaity as a theme of our cultural discourse and practice.  A gift-economy abundance!

As a reminder, the Symposium can also be taken as a course, for one credit. The code is Huma 4996-001.

To make enrollment easier, students can access the Huma pre-signed authorization sheet at this link.

They can download, print, fill out, and take it directly to their department to make the ajuste de la matricula.  it works well. Enjoy!

We look forward to the Symposium: Practices of Ecosexuality.  Please join us in welcoming our amazing and generous speakers!  Please let me know if I can answer any questions at serena.anderlini@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Enjoy this early 2016!