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Colorado’s First Black Woman Pot Entrepreneur on Edibles, Incarceration & the Industry’s Whiteness

A big wooow for this plant. Love of plants is a form of ecosexual love. And it’s good to love many plants that heal and bring joy in different ways. I’m so glad the industry is flourishing. It’s great that the shadow of criminality is being lifted.  One sad news is that people who’ve been arrested for pot are now barred from getting into the industry. How could this be fair? These people often gifted others with their pot and took all the risks, including the extra risk of structural racism if they were black. They might have been mentors and initiators. NOW that it’s legal and profitable, the road is closed for them. That’s NOT fair at all!

It’s an interesting industry for one to get involved in.  Where I get my info?  The Democracy Now! segment is available at this link.

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serenagaia • April 22, 2016

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