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EcoSex Symposium – Portland, OR – June 29-July 1st – Information for Participants, Volunteers

For Symposium Program, Keynotes, Workshop Description, Registration, Donations, Donor’s Perks
go to the Symposium Website
For Out-Of-Town Presenters:
If you don’t live in Portland, we will find you a clean, comfy, free place for you to stay among the community of organizers and volunteers who are organizing the Symposium. Call or email Henry Welch, our Presenter Host, with your particular accommodations needs.
We will pick you up from a train, plane, or bus and/or help you find a low cost parking spot for the Symposium weekend, Friday, July 29-Sunday, July 1st. If you do not wish to stay in a private home, we can help you identify local hostels, bed and breakfasts, and hotels in or near the N. Mississippi area that you can pay for yourself. Please contact Henry Welch with your transportation needs.

Marketing, Promotion, and Social Networking

We are counting on you, the presenters, to join us in spreading the word about the Symposium. Please create chats and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Meet Ups and other social networking sites. Maybe you want to make a video about your workshop and post it on YouTube as a teaser? Please put notices and postings about your presentation and the rest of the Symposium on your individual websites and newsletters. Send links to your websites to Audrey Brown, our Web Mistress. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, and grow this budding new movement, enviro-strategy, and EcoSexual identity by writing blog posts to our website Pick up posters and postcards from Gabriella Cordova’s house: Lotus Heart Center at 4124 N. Mississippi or call Ethan Edwards to make arrangements to pick them up.
Fundraising and Sponsorships
We have created an online crowd funding campaign on to create the funds for the keynote speakers and other basic costs such as venues, posters and postcards. Please consider donating $5-10 yourself before May 29th as this will increase our web traffic and help make the crowd funding campaign successful. Please direct your friends and supporters to this site ( before May 26th. Also, we have great sponsorship packages which you can see on our website. Feel free to cut and paste and send to people or businesses you think are likely sponsors. It is our goal to raise $8-10,000.00 to cover the costs of the Symposium. We are looking for a printing company to do our program and product sponsors to have their own booths
Volunteers Needed
We need volunteers. Please have your friends and associates connect with Teri Ciacchi, Volunteer Coordinator, to get involved. If you have a friend who would like to see your presentation for free, recruit them to be the onsite workshop door person for your presentation. We need help; as you can see from the list of organizers below, this is a small crew of people which needs to expand exponentially for the conference to be successful. Volunteer positions will be listed on the Volunteer tab on our website. Volunteer “perks” can include full conference packets (valued at $169) if volunteers can document they have done 5-10 hours of work weekly between now and July 2. Smaller work trades are available for on-site, i.e. registration booth shifts, presenter audio visual assistance & door shifts, and making food for organizing team members during the Symposium.
Call for Collaboration
On our website under the tab Sponsor & Collaborate is our vision of collaborations. Please encourage people you know to collaborate in congruence with this vision. Feel free to create your own collaborations.

EcoSex Symposium Portland 2012 Organizing Team
Teri Ciacchi: Co Producer of entire Symposium, Program Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator (206) 612-3511
Gabriella Cordova: Co Producer of entire Symposium, Keynote Coordinator, Venue Coordinator (503) 750-2323
Henry Welch: Presenter Host 503 544-6201

Stara Shakti: Fundraising Coordinator, EcoBall Coordinator, Editor/Proofreader, (973) 570-6530

Jeni Stambaugh: Sponsorship Coordinator: (425) 443-2948
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