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Ecosexuality: A Course in the Arts of Conscious Loving

Ecosexuality: A Course in the Arts of Conscious Loving

What’s ecosexuality?  Just a new buzz word for vegetarian with green bed sheets?  A new sexual orientation to connect with a new-age dreamy date in a chat room?  A new theory? 

It is of course all of these–and none of them.  In this course, we propose Ecosexuality as a new style in the arts of loving that is conscious of how important these arts are in process of making peace with humanitiy’s hostess, the third planet Gaia.

Ecosexuality is a way of being sexual that’s ecological, natural, balanced, amorous, exploring, playful, inclusive, adventurous, holistic, sacred, Gaian, erotic, considerate, consensual, responsible, and healthy, all simultaneously, separately, and in different proportions.

The emphasis in the course is on teaching styles of being amorous that are also ecological.   Ecoloogy has to do with balance and proportion.  For example, if a species reproduces excessively, the balance of an ecosystem is lost.  But when all species are present in sustainable proportions, the ecosystem is healthy and whole.

There is an ecology to sexuality too.  Many paths allow lovers and amorous people to access the ecstasy, the joy, the communion, the bliss of conscious erotic love.  Some include ‘natural’ intermediaries: the ocean, the sky, the moon, mountains, lakes, rivers have all been known to inspire lovers to ecstatic bliss.  Other intermediaries are more ‘human made’: the arts, poetry, scents, foods, wines, jacuzzis, watsu pools, leather, silk, floggers, film, fetishes, videos, sex toys, and a whole assortment of other aphrodisiacs inspire people to become amorous in a variety of sexual ways and paths to erotic ecstasy.  The contemplation of other people in love and the feeling of inclusiveness that emanates therein can be a powerful erotic inspiration too. 

We believe that love is an art that can be learned consciously.  We do not make conclusive statements on that the ‘nature’ of human love can be.  However, we affirm that every person has a very special talent to love.  The intent of the course is to nurture that talent into an artistic form that graces the person and his/her amorous communities with an abundant healthy dosage of the arts of loving.

We propose a wide sampling of these arts, including elements of meditation, touch, sensuality, cuddling, massage, pleasuring, self-pleasuring, communication, mirroring, witnessing, compersion, polyamory, bi-sensuality, sexual play, bonding and domination, fetishism, sexual play, tantra, and more.  These practices are taught as styles of amorous expression that help participants develop their talents as artists of love.

The encouragement is for students to become better resources of love for their communities.  We do not encourage the formation of identities around any of these practices more than any other.  Any combination of them that develops the amorous talents of participants is ecosexual to the extent that it makes the world more abundant with resources of conscious love.

This course is a work in progress.  So far, the main areas are:
Compersion: The Spirit of Polyamory
Fluid Bonding and the Health/Safety of Erotic Communities
The Pleasure of the Other: Becoming a Resource of Love
Flogassage: The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves

Developed by Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD, for the intellectual property of 3WayKiss
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serenagaia • December 12, 2010

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