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Gaia Mother, Hostess, Lover – Keynote – World’s First Ecosexuality Symposium

And finally, the HoneyMoon starts. The brides, now wedded to Gaia’s satellite, invited all of us to share their sacred nuptial time.

Listen to yours truly’s keynote opening remarks:

Notes from the Symposium’s Opening Remarks

“Evil nature: the kind of thinking typical of western mentality, where we want control, and that gets us to global warming. We’re so afraid to let go of our anxiety that we end us causing our own doom and Gaia kicks us out!

Nature as Mother: this is nice, typical of environmentalist culture, nature is a good old woman, we must ‘save’ her, oh well . . .

Earth as ‘lover,’ says Annie Sprinkle, makes ecology sound like fun!

I like to come back to the concept of Gaia, which lives as myth, science, and part of vernacular culture.

It refers to the web of life on the third planet: biosphere, atmosphere, and, I would like to add, noosphere, or the sphere of the interconnected mental/emotional energies of all those who are alive.

What I’d like to propose is that we imagine Gaia as hostess, with us humans as guests among others.

Hostess as mother: we live inside, it’s cozy, and at one point we get kicked

Hostess as lover: someone who welcomes us in their lives, who holds the
space of love for us, who acts as a resource of love for us.

Hosts and guests are ecosystems, they are symbiotic with one another, they exchange
energies and rebalance, they respect each other’s balance, they enhance it, they must not deplete each other too much.

Ecosystemic balance is what we want in our practices of ecosexual love.

These are practices of love that respect, enhance the balance, the vitality of our personal ecosystem and our lovers’s, and our lovers’s lovers, and so on and so forth around the planet.

These are practices of holistic sexual health that enhance the tantric force field across the body of Gaia and activate the material with the sacred energy of love, or Eros as the ancients called it.

The biosphere, the atmosphere, the noosphere become resacralized with this erotic energy of love, the chakra system of each person becomes aligned and the whole body of Gaia becomes integrated and balanced.

In ecosex we are resources of love for each other and we multiply the connectedness among all of us so that we become more respectful guests to our hostess, we become more loving and considerate of her.

How does the noosphere enter the picture, one might ask? Cyberspace is an actualization of the sphere of the mind, it is telepathy on wi-fi. Cyberspace is also a space of the imagination where the very concepts of sex, love, faithfulness, romance, eroticism are being redefined, it is a new space where the emotions travel.

When we become more cognizant of how the sacred (eco) and the material (sex) are one, of how matter and energy are aligned, the noosphere becomes more integrated and active, more creative and imaginative, so that solutions to the current ecosystemic crisis are found.”

And on this hopeful note, yours truly ended her remarks. Many subsequent talks, acts, performances, dances followed. What creativeness! What abundance!

At the end, many participants were inspired to get their own copy of Gaia. This book had finally found its public. Woooooow! Yours truly really felt that all the flack, the adverse reaction, the struggles of last year were rewarded. She felt really proud of her effort and appreciated for her gifts to the world and humanity.

Now that you are preparing to choose your Solstice/Holiday Season gifts, don’t forget to pick one that helps humanity make peace with the third planet. Where would we all be without her hospitality? How would we desire, meet, fall in love with each other? She provides the space for us to thrive and deserves to be treated with reverence and awe. Let’s begin now!

For a list of works where you can begin your education in Ecosexuality, go to the author’s page now! You can download Gaia on Kindle and start reading in the next five minutes! Don’t waste more time!

Wishing a joyful Solstice, and Christmas, and New Year to each and everyone!

Namaste ((-:~
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serenagaia • December 16, 2010

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