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Happy Ecosexual Mothers Day!

One’s mother iswomens-day-fruits one’s first object of love, said Freud.

Lovers are much like mothers in that they are generous hosts and hostesses for our bodies and lives.

Reciprocating is important.

We form good symbiotic teams that way.

Gaia is our cosmic mother and the partner we all share.

Enjoy the bliss of ecosexual love today!

Happy mothers day!

SaoPaolo-WomensDay2016Women around the world also celebrate our power on International Women’s Day, March 8th.

Power to generate and regenerate.

Power to wage peace.

Power to source love.

Power to enjoy orgasmic ecstasy.

Power to form alliances.Berta

Power to occupy public spaces.

Power to love our bodies.

Power to be sovereign over our immense potential.

Power to love.

Power to connect with the metabolism of the the partner we all share: The Earth.

Prepare for a March 8th, 2017, Happy International Women’s Day!


  • Above: women in Sao Paulo, Brazil, celebrate March 8, 2016.
  • Above: women in Honduras identify with environmental activist Berta Caceres.


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