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Holiday Ecosexual Joy Campaign – Step 1: Get Your Kindle, Get Your Code!

Beloved Visitor:

Happy holidays!

EcosexCardAre you here to tell us that you’re enchanted with your Kindle edition of Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love, and ready to get a whole bunch of super discounted paper copies to give your beloveds and friends?

“YES!  I just got my copy of the fabulous Kindle edition of Ecosexuality complete with photo gallery and searchability for research. All of that for only $ 7.69 at the very most!

I’m now ready to get my discounted copies of the paper edition.  I can’t wait to make my friends and beloveds happy and feel the reverberations of this book’s transformative effects in my life as a whole.”

Thank you!  We believe and appreciate you!

Click for the CreateSpace Holiday DISCOUNT CODE.

As an effect of our Holiday Ecosexual Joy Campaign, you can get AS MANY COPIES AS YOU WANT of the paper edition of Ecosexuality for only $ 10.50 a piece (instead of $ 16.50).

“No message is more timely or urgent,” says Christopher Ryan of our offer.   You bet!  With Ecosexuality you get the voices of over 30 leaders in the movement.  Eager for more information?  Check details in brochure below!

What a great opportunity to choose this as your Holiday Season Gift for people in your life you love!

If you haven’t gotten your own Kindle edition yet, please CLICK HERE to order.  If you ever bought a paper edition of Ecosexuality from, the Kindle edition is as low as $ 2.99.  If not, it’s only $ 7.69.  It will be delivered immediately to your reading device.


Want to make sure we get in touch with you for more good offers?  Great time to sign up for our list.  The box is on the right column.  Welcome!

Let us know what you think of our Holiday Ecosexual Joy Campaign.

  1. Did it create more joy in your life?

2. Did it help you get thru the Holiday blues?

3. Did it bring new friends and beloveds to your ecosystem?

4. What could we do better next time to help you manifest these effects?

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback.  Thank you!



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serenagaia • December 14, 2015

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