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Holiday Ecosexual Joy Campaign – Step 2: Get Discount Copies for Your Loved Ones

Beloved Visitor:

You’re on the right track.  That’s GREAT!  Here’s your CreateSpace DISCOUNT CODE


When you click on THIS LINK you get to the CreateSpace BOOK BUY page.

EcosexCardYou are just a few STEPS away.

1. Click on ADD TO CART

2. Insert your QUANTITY

TIP.  Take advantage of the offer to order some extra copies.  They will come handy when you make new friends and when your happy beloveds ask you for copies to give their new friends and beloveds!

3. Scroll down a bit and INSERT the CODE into the APPLY DISCOUNT box.  REMEMBER, it’s EWMBLB2D.

4. Your price will drop dramatically, as you are getting $ 6.00 off each copy.  Woooow!

5. You can now click on CHECK OUT.

6. The system will require that you choose a type of shipping and a form of payment.

7A. If you’re a customer at CreateSpace, you can sign in now, and finish your order.

7B. If you’re not a customer yet, this is the time to become one.  In a few quick steps, the system will set you up with your email address and password.  Enjoy your new membership.

8. Now you’re ready to place your order.

YOUR ORDER WILL BE ON ITS WAY!  Tell your friends and beloveds you have a special gift this season: the gift of ecosexual joy!

9. Make a note of your password so you can check check and track your order online. Our experience is orders often arrive within three to four days.

10.  Enjoy your gift and make sure to offer it to your friends and beloved in joyful way!

“No message is more timely or urgent,” says Christopher Ryan of our offer.   You bet!  With Ecosexuality you get the voices of over 30 leaders in the movement.  Eager for more information?  Check details in brochure below!

We are very happy to give up the vast majority of our royalties so more and more copies of Ecosexuality can circulate.  We really believe in the spirit of the gift economy and trust that giving this book will reverberate a lot of joy in the lives it impacts.  Its transformative power is beyond estimation.  Enjoy!

For those who order over 10 of these super discounted copies, we have an amazing bonus.  You can pick one of SerenaGaia’s authored books from her author’s page and she will send a copy to you in the mail.  Write SerenaGaia at  She’ll be delighted to hear from you!  Thanks!

Want to make sure we get in touch with you for more good offers?  Great time to sign up for our list.  The box is on the right column.  Welcome!

Let us know what you think of our Holiday Ecosexual Joy Campaign.

  1. Did it create more joy in your life?

2. Did it help you get thru the Holiday blues?

3. Did it bring new friends and beloveds to your ecosystem?

4. What could we do better next time to help you manifest these effects?

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback.  Thank you!




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serenagaia • December 14, 2015

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