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In Shock and Awe: Bliss to the Passing of Deborah Taj Anapol

 Dear Taj–

I am in shock and awe of the news while here in India, the home of conscious death. I respect anDeborahFace2d feel your energy coming within me. I am not accepting yet, but maybe I will. I will miss you, the world seems empty with a wider vortex without you. I felt a very deep affinity for you. You were someone I could confide in even the most personal secrets. When in a dilemma about an important decision, I could go to you. You were open, present, and intimate at alSerenaTajOpenSecret6-22-10l times, while respectful and sincere. Generous with your things. Thanks for all the beautiful gifts the world is blessed with from you.

Thanks also for your beautiful gift to Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires The Arts Of Love.  Is the Earth a he, or a she? Your prosody rich with warm emotion and intellectual brilliance resonates within me, as you leave these open questions with us.

Your hosts in England, Marta an Robert, write that you were ecstatic all day. That you showed them a video about “ecstatic death” before going to sleep.  Was it conscious, was it ecstatic, was it orgasmic? What kind of death was it. I’m not sure. While in Auroville, India, about ten years ago, I heard of conscious death in reference to Sri Aurobindo, avatar of a yoga of doing. People said he passed consciously to enable the foundation of the intentional community named after him, the City of Dawn, or Auroville. Perhaps there is a city we are meant to found after your passing, Taj? Please help me, I’m confused. Thank you!

Thanks to those who delivered the news with grace and awe, KamalaDevi MacClure and Annie Sprinkle.

These mDebSerenaPantheonemories are too recent to even think I’ve lost your company, at least in live existence. With Deborah Taj Anapol , at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael, California, summer 2010, and at Piazza del Pantheon, Rome, Italy, summer 2014.

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serenagaia • August 22, 2015

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