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Intentional Communities: Research Perspectives on Alcatraz and Auroville

Years ago I became interested in intentional communities, and in particular in those that took the form of what appeared to me at the time as Ecovillages. I wrote two articles based on very intensive quality research done onn the field. The two communities were Alcatraz, in central Italy, and Auroville, in South East India. Both are very significant project in the history and synchronic map of ecovillages today. Today I am fortunate to live in and around another major ecovillage/intentional community: Damanhur. People ask me about my research. It’s difficult to find without major research tools which are often not accessible to non-academic people. So i am making these studies available here. I am inserting the pdfs with the articles on the respective links.

A City in the Forest: Auroville

Gaia at Alcatraz, Italy

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serenagaia • July 27, 2019

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