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Is Mass Incarceration Ecosexual? No!

Is mass incarceration ecosexual?  No.  Is the “war on drugs” ecosexual?  No.

JimCrowWhat is then?  Devotion to the virtues of plants.  Freedom to appreciate their power serenely and with joy.  Awareness of their presence as partners with the lover we all share.  Moderation in their use as medicine.

A new “Jim Crow” is of course not ecosexual, but being aware that it’s happening largely on account of plants is. Awareness of how this affects young people of color, immigrants, their families, and communities under the current police regime is ecosexual as well.

Thanks Michelle Alexander.  Your interview with Democracy Now! is great.  I remember your book and your presentation two years ago in Hartford, CT.  It made me cry, and helped me to understand my own predicament and the predicaments of those I love.

Remember: It’s time to make love the ecology of our life.  It’s time to allow nature to inspire the arts of love.  Namaste,


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serenagaia • March 10, 2015

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