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Luigi Anderlini’s Career in Politics – “Invito alla Presentazione” of a First Volume of Essays, Feb 21, 2012

Dear Earthlings:

Did you know that Yours Truly’s father was a senator?  Yes!  An honest politician, they exist, oh yes!  He passed over ten years ago, and now the first volume about his mission and career in politics is being presented in the Italian Senate.  Here’s the invitation in case you’d like to attend.  RSVPs are a must.  All attendees’ names to be notified three days prior to the event.   
Yours Truly cried when this was announced to her.  There is such need for models of politicians who are honest, who do it for passion, for love.  How can a new generation be inspired if the models are unknown?  This is a first step.
In the country of the Borgias, favoritism is an ancient tradition.  Nepotism, pulling the ropes for your own.  Yet Yours Truly’s father repudiated this to the point that both his children ended up making their lives and careers abroad.  Isn’t that evidence enough that honesty in politics is a sacrifice hard enough to bear?  Oh well . . . 
Now consider for a moment that Senator Anderlini was a poet.  Being a good poet helps a great deal if one wants to be passionate and honest in politics.  I helps a lot more than being a god attorney, Yours truly would like to claim.  Why?  Because poets tend to understand things from another persons’ perspective.  

It would be great to have you all.  Diversity is so important.  And there are all kinds of absolutely interesting people in Rome who would share many of the values of Yours Truly’s dad.  Peace, non-violence, authenticity, integrity, intermediation.  If you feel inspired, let us know.  However, we suggest some knowledge of Italian as a prerequisite.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour presentation!  Here’s the invite:

                                         Invito alla presentazione del volume

Il Ponte  Editore
Contributi di:
Tullia Carettoni Romagnoli, Emanuele Macaluso, Adriano Ossicini, Alberto Provantini, Fabrizio Battistelli, Andrea Becherucci, Alfredo Casiglia, Giuseppe De Lutiis,
Tommaso Nencioni, Dario Orzali, Andrea Ricciardi, Marcello Rossi, Giambattista Scirè
Luca Polese Remaggi

(Università di Salerno)
On.le Fausto Bertinotti
Presidente Fondazione Camera dei Deputati

Marcello Rossi
direttore de IL PONTE
Martedì 21 febbraio 2012, ore 16.00
Biblioteca del Senato “Giovanni Spadolini”
Sala degli Atti parlamentari
Piazza della Minerva, 38 – Roma
         v   Per gli uomini è d’obbligo indossare giacca e cravatta     Rsvp: Segreteria Il Ponte 055.6235455

Did you enjoy the post?  Let us know!  Yours truly appreciates your attention.  The comments box is open.

Come back!  And stay tuned for more wonders.

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Gilf Gaia Extraordinaire

Author of Gaia (2009), Eros (2006), and The “Weak” Subject (1998) 
Award Winner with Nautilus and Finalist with Lambda
Editor of BiTopia (2011), Bisexualtity and Queer Theory (2012), Plural Loves (2005), Women and Bisexuality (2003)

Professor of Humanities

University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

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