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Message from Gaia – Ecosexuality: Purple Wedding to the Moon, LA, Oct 23, 2010

At the Purple Wedding to the Moon, yours truly was invited to deliver a message from Gaia.  Performance art at its best.  Annie and Beth, and the whole ecosex weddings crowd!  What an honor.  What inspiring company around!
She felt the energy of the third planet shiver into her body, and was inspired to speak with the voice of the third planet, thus:

Message from Gaia

Gaia is very happy that we are marrying her satellite.  She is not jealous, she is a very generous lover who is willing to share her favorite astral partner with us.

Gaia, the web of life that sustains us humans on the third planet, is asking us here to imagine the full moon over a body of water with the shimmering light of the moonwake like a magic staircase that brings the moon s magnetism into our lives.

Gaia also asks me to invite you to the world s first symposium about ecosexuality, where, inspired by this ceremony, we are going to be part of the brides honey moon.

Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, 3-6 pm, limited space, show up on time!

This meeting of the minds (and bodies, bring your bodies too!) is designed to invent and discover together what is ecosexuality? This symposium, where arts meets theory meets practice, is where we will invent a million ways to bring the sacred and the erotic back together, to become the expanded resources of love for one another that will persuade Gaia that we humans are still welcome guests on the third planet.


Click on video to see the message delivered alive!

Aren’t you falling in love with ecosexuality? Remember, ecosexuality is good for everyone. The author’s page has a whole range of books where you can start learning about it, as well a string of other sources! It’s all good, what you’ve been doing all along or always dreamed of doing and are about ready to start. Find out why expanded practices of love help humanity make peace with our hostess planet!

Ecosexuality: a way of being sexual that’s ecological, natural, balanced, amorous, exploring, playful, inclusive, adventurous, holistic, sacred, Gaian, erotic, considerate, consensual, responsible, and healthy, all simultaneously, separately, and in different proportions.
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serenagaia • December 14, 2010

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