Serena Gaia

Make love the ecology of your life


Past Workshops

A repertoire of successful past workshops.


Ecosexual Love Series

Make love the ecology of your life: Create Plural Weddings of Ecosexual Love.

  1. Opening and Connecting
  2. Know and Love the Ecosystem Called Thyself
  3. Know and Love the Lover we All Share: Earth
  4. Know and Love Those Who Share This Lover with You: Humankind
  5. Wedding of Ecosexual Love: Invocation and Vows

Sexual Fluidity Series

Make love the ecology of your life: Let the flow of sexual energy lead you.

  • Workshop 1 – Compersion: The Spirit of Polyamory
  • Workshop 2 – Fluid Bonding and the Health/Safety of Erotic Communities
  • Workshop 3 – The Pleasure of the Other: Becoming a Resource for Love
  • Workshop 4 – Flogassage: The Bioenergetics of Multiple Loves
  • Workshop 5 – Bisexuality, Self-Knowledge, and Eros

Gaia, Eros and the Sacred Series

Make love the ecology of your life: Embrace the sacred erotic energies of the Cosmos.

  1. Gaia Theory,
  2. Erotic Energy
  3. The Sacred: Sharing Amorous Resources
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