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Practices of Ecosexuality: Invitation and Program, UPRM, Jan 28-29, 2016


Dear colleagues, students, administrators, community members:

It’s a joy to announce the keynote speaker for Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium, Jan 28-29, 2016.

Dr. Susan Block, a renown sexologist and specialist of Bonobo life, cultural practices, and communities, joins us from Los Angeles to keynote on this theme:PES-P1-2

The Bonobo Way: An Ecosexual Paradigm for Humanity.

Her key question is: Can we learn to make peace through pleasure from our great ape cousins?

The keynote is scheduled for 10:30-11:45 AM on Thursday, Jan 28, in the Teatro Figueroa Chapel. It will include live videos from her Bonobo research, and much more.PES-P3-4

We write to invite all of you to attend the keynote and strongly encourage all your students to do so as well. If you’re a professor, please include it in your syllabus. Giving students an incentive to attend and assigning a report on the theme is a great idea. Thank you!

PES-P5-6Considering the multiple crises that afflict the world and the island of Puerto Rico, no theme could be more timely or urgent. Please don’t miss it! Thank you!

It is a unique opportunity made possible by the program Islas Maravillas: Ecosexuality Education and Extensive Research at UPRM. It’s also an effect of the gift economy, since, with no budget to speak of, Dr. Susan Block elected to visit us and bring her expertise to our region. What a great way to turn a crisis into an opportunity for change!

Here I want to express gratitude to administrators who have made it possible. It is a joy to deliver on this promise to you and to the UPRM community. It’s also a joy to welcome our amazing and generous keynote speaker!

The Keynote Banner Dr. Susan Block posted on her website has more details, also about her recent book, The Bonobo Way, as well as a Press Release about the Symposium as a whole. Please find it as this link:

The complete Program for the Symposium can be downloaded at this link and is announced in the images posted here.  A Program-at-a-Glance summary can be downloaded here.  We have a total of 10 diverse speakers and facilitators joining us from Oregon, California, Washington State, and our region.  A great way to introduce Ecosexuaity as a theme of our cultural discourse and practice.  A gift-economy abundance!

As a reminder, the Symposium can also be taken as a course, for one credit. The code is Huma 4996-001.

To make enrollment easier, students can access the Huma pre-signed authorization sheet at this link.

They can download, print, fill out, and take it directly to their department to make the ajuste de la matricula.  it works well. Enjoy!

We look forward to the Symposium: Practices of Ecosexuality.  Please join us in welcoming our amazing and generous speakers!  Please let me know if I can answer any questions at  Thank you!

Enjoy this early 2016!


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