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Reminder: Big Push-Up Date for Gaia on Kindle, September 26, 2010

Hi dear everyone!
     The Big Push-Up Date for Gaia on Kindle has come!  This world wide event starts on Sunday, September 26th, as early as 12:01 AM your time and lasts for the next 24 hours.  It is an ecosexual way to reclaim the power to generate best-seller status for books that offer community-based knowledge, research, and wisdom. You can attend from wherever you are.  When you download your digital copy of Gaia within this timeframe, you get to decide what a best seller feels, looks, reads like!  Also, you start building your own digital library, with streams of ecosexual wisdom flooding your knowledge store without the waste of a single twig!  What could be more ecosexually savvy?  
     Click now to download your digital copy of Gaia and the New Politics of Love
     This book is considered an avatar of ecosexual theory.  A winner of the Nautilus Award for Cosmology and New Science, it already rates quite highly in ‘health. mind, body’ and ‘women’s studies.’  The title just needs that little extra push to make it on the general digital best seller list!  We at 3WayKiss thank you for that little extra push today!  We are a non-profit devoted to spreading knowledge about love as an Earth-saving arts, and will reward you with a discount of up to $ 20 discount on any forthcoming event on our author’s calendar.  

     Keep your receipt as proof of purchase to redeem your  up-to$20 3WayLKiss Reward! 

     Here’s what’s featured for Serena in the October calendar, Los Angeles area:
    —October 16-17th: Gaia and the Wisdom of Love, author’s Special Appearance in Conscious Sensuality experiential workshop with SaRina and Robert Silber.  Hosted by LuvHub in Santa Monica, Ca. Sign up now for weekend and enjoy this special feature, among others.  Only $ 225 for weekend.  Learn how to witness love, how to share and multiply the amorous resources of your life.  Click here for details and to sign up!
    October 19th, 8:00 PMReading from Gaia and the New Politics of Love in Sex and Culture Lecture Series, hosted by Leanna Wolfe in Van Nuys, Los Angeles area, Ca. Don’t miss this fabulous Casa de Pensamiento Libre Production.  $ 10 Donation.  For details and address, go to Ask Leanna.
    —October 23rd, 6-9:00 PM: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens‘s Purple Wedding to the Moon performance ceremony, produced by Love Art Lab. Officiated by Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After Shopping Choir.  At Farnsworth Park Amphitheater in Altadena, Los Angeles area.  This event is free of charge and open to the public. Serena is featured for special announcement.  Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the ecosexual community and be inspired! For details, donations, volunteering, click Purple Wedding to the Moon.
     —October 24th, 3-6:00PM: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens‘s Ecosex Symposium HoneyMOON.  Not to be missed!  First ever event of its kind!  Moderator Veronica Hart.  Panels, presentations, discussion.  Serena featured in Ecosex Panel as expert on GaiaHighways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Ca.  $ 15 charge. Can’t be sure to comp you to redeem your 3WayKiss Reward but sliding scale at door might apply. For details and to sign up click Ecosexuality Symposium.
    More events to be announced in the next few months.  More ways to reward your participation in the Big Push-Up!  Do keep your proof of purchase to redeem your reward! 
     In addition, as you read Gaia, don’t forget to go back to the Kindle Store webpage and post a Customer Review!  You’ve decided to be at cause in the making of best-seller status: your perspective is ever so valuable. Thank you! 
     Finally, the free software Kindle for PC is also available to get you started on a digital library:  For detail and to download click Kindle for PC.
     Thanks for your contribution to the Big Push-UP.  We at 3WayKiss are absolutely proud of you!  Please spread the word as widely as possible to all interested parties.  And, don’t forget to become a follower of PolyPlanetGAIA!
     With love and wishes for a juicy, healthy, hospitable ecosexual planet!
     Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
     Author of Gaia and the New Politics of Love, a 2010 Winner for the Nautilus Book   Awards, and many other fabulous books
     Professor of Humanities at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

     Credits: Image of Earth as Lover by Cindy Baker
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serenagaia • September 25, 2010

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