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4 of 7 – A Life of Science: Lynn Margulis Opens the Gaian Era

Dear Earthlings:
more snapshots this week.  What is science?  Who first talked about the “biosphere”?  Is music a form of knowledge too?  The big question come up when the topic is Lynn Margulis.  She was “fearless” her son Dorion Sagan says in Digital Journal.  That’s how she invented a new episteme, a new interpretation of what life is, from cell to cosmos. 

Martin Brasier, of Oxford University, explains how specialization leads to mass extinctions in the history of life s evolution.  Oh my!  The we really need scholars whose horizon is the entire system.  Have you been wondering what science is?  Brasier explains, with a pinch of British humor: “A unique system for the measurement of doubt.”  Just in case you’d confuse it with religion or other belief systems shamefaced enough to offer prepackaged “truths.” 

Douglas Zook, of Boston University, compares Lynn Margulis to Alexander Humboldt, a 19th century American scientist, pioneer of ecology and biosphere.  Like Morgan, he was a defender and advocate of indigenous people who saw the need to merge disciplines to look at the cosmos as a whole. 

Flute music as audacious as Lynn, at the Ayurvedic lunch entertainment.  Because, yes, science is also music!

Dear Earthlings:

Education is the heart of democracy.  And that includes education to love.  It comes in many forms.  Including learning about Lynn Margulis, the role of collaboration in evolution, and Gaia theory. 

Did you enjoy the post?  Let us know!  Yours truly appreciates your attention.  The comments box is open.

Come back!  And stay tuned for more wonders.

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serenagaia • May 3, 2012

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