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Bi ReConNaissance: Introduction to BiReCon
Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio

Last August at UEL a sense of hope and joy of coming together emanated from the mere simultaneous presence of so many bis with different interests, backgrounds and motivations for participating.  When BiCon 28, 10 ICB, and BiReCon converged, BiTopia came alive.  The sober walls of academe were made more spirited and effervescent by the concrete presence of such an imaginative congregation of folks from many countries, genders, queer subcultures, age groups, venues, and walks in life. 

The 26th was research day and at BiReCon one would find work that breaks new ground.  The research presented was informed and reliable yet wide-ranging enough to trade in paradigmatic issues.  It was free of media friendly sensationalism and ivory tower abstractions.  The very concept of bisexuality, with its multiple meanings and implications, offers a prism through which the semiotics that organize cultural constructions of love can be sorted out. The contents of that day have been elaborated into articles and organized in five clusters.  We are grateful to the authors who submitted to us and revised.  We hope to have orchestrated a volume that honors BiReCon’s momentous quality. 

In subsequent days, one would get a sense of the lore of bisexuality, how bi people like to dress, how they relate, what they talk about, the urban legends they trade.  Imaginativeness, creativity, playfulness, a certain taste for the odd, the eccentric, an inclination for the carnivalesque, the topsy-turvy, for the giggly excess, the performative, the subversive.  Different age groups met, who have experienced biphobia at different times and in different contexts, yet with the same sense that integration of perceived opposites is what dissipates the fears.  The festive atmosphere was traversed with a vibration that energized the intention to respond to the challenges that make bisexuality necessary as a transformative force for the new millennium.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, February 20th, 2011
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