A Gut Feeling: Anal Pleasure and Holistic Sexual Health

We plan to publish a series of dialogs on anal pleasure and holistic sexual health.  The idea is that the two go very well together–in moderation.  In anticipation, we offer the vernacular science available on the topic.  Today’s science often serves profit.  See expose of corruption in Our Daily Meds.  Vernacular science is science by the people and for the people.   
The author of the main source is Tony Lance, an American hero who self-trained as a scientist to save his own life and now is sharing his knowledge to save others . . .
As we learn from Reduce the Burden, Tony Lance is a healthy gay man who turned ‘poz’ 13 years ago.  He refused conventional treatment and practices holistic health.
“His experience of the AIDS era has made him feel increasingly lonely and isolated. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, like many gay men, he performed the sad New Year’s Day ritual of crossing out names in his address book of friends who had died of AIDS.
  . . . . . 
Lance witnessed the shocking transformations his friends went through. ‘These were strong, vibrant men turned in a matter of months into ghoulish caricatures of what they used to be,’ he recalls. ‘Their hair turned grey, their skin turned a purplish color, their gums receded and their teeth fell out; they lost weight; and some couldn’t leave the house because of uncontrollable diarrhea. . . .
The impression convinced Lance that, ‘if my time came, if I tested HIV positive, I would not take anti-viral drugs.’  . . . .
Later he discovered Peter Duesberg’s book (Inventing the AIDS Virus, 1996) in a gay and lesbian book store.  He read it in one sitting and became a dissident.”
When some of his fellow dissidents died of AIDS, he was crushed.  Initially he felt guilty and wrong.  Then he began the process of training himself as a scientist and doing research on Intestinal Dysbiosis.

His article explains almost everything we know as AIDS in LGBTQ communities in terms of Intestinal Dysbiosis.  It’s an admirable piece of genuine science: science by the people and for the people.  A must read for any lover of anal pleasure like yours truly. 

GRID = Gay Related Intestinal Dysbiosis?
Explaining HIV/AIDS Paradoxes in Terms of Intestinal Dysbiosis

by Tony Lance
One thing that those who reject the HIV/AIDS hypothesis agree on is that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. But when it comes to alternative theories of causation, disagreement abounds. And some of the most vexing questions surround the earliest cases of AIDS, those that were initially dubbed Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID). Why did it originate in some gay communities? Why did this happen in the late 1970s and early 1980s? Why in the particular form of PCP (Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia), candidiasis, KS (Kaposi’s sarcoma)? And why still do gay men so often test “HIV+”? Why do some “HIV+” people thrive without medication while others get ill? Here’s a suggestion that answers all those questions in a coherent way.

Tony Lance speaking at First Rethinkign AIDS Conference, Oakland 2009


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