Dear friends from social media families and tribes.

Dear friends from social media families and tribes.

I have a beautiful announcement that I feel inspired to share.

The School of Ecosexual Love offers alchemic journeys for those who wish to support and participate in sacred spaces where the energy of ecosexual love can expand and thrive, and where we share the earth so that she’ll keep us well and in good spirits.

This is so aligned with Gaian values that I feel strongly about sharing it here.

Thank you sisters and brothers for allowing me to do it.

I will share a trailer, a video, and some links.

Our offers are fun and educational. For 2020 we are in the Rome area in a magical exclusive location. Dates to be saved in July: 3-5 for Alchemy (intro path), and 5-11 July for Symbiosis (advanced path).

We are a management team that highly appreciates your values, and we hope to fertilize each other with our respective energies!

Curious? Here’s a trailer to visualize the atmosphere.

Here’s a link to the sign-up and info pages:

I’d like to add a few words about current needs of our groups. These are in fact some of the best opportunities for qualified interested readers.

Current needs:

2 priestesses or priests, possibly with experience in decorating, caring for and supporting temple spaces for tantric events.

1 or 2 people with linguistic talents and consecutive translation experience, Italian-English, Italian-French / Spanish, so we can welcome people with different native languages.

Are you there? If the challenge inspires you, it will be a very formative and resourceful experience for you and for your own groups.

Conditions for these roles:

–Course fee: free.
–Cost of stay to be paid by those who qualify (Eu 50 per day all inclusive).

For those who are interested and feel qualified, do not hesitate to contact us, here or on whatsapp at 39 329 4779406 (Serena Anderlini). Call in the afternoon from Italy, in fact I am now in Puerto Rico.

I will be super happy to hear from you.

To complete my announcement, I’d like to also remind you that, for those who want to participate without team responsibilities, early bird registration is open for the whole month of people in love (February), with the intro course for only Eu 127 (plus food and accommodation to be paid on arrival).

Take advantage now if it inspires you. Thank you!


I also wanted to share this important information with you.

The journeys of the School of Ecosexual Love integrate the values of expanding and sharing the energy of love with others, with ourselves, and with our hosting ecosystems, with a series of modalities that converge in creating sacredness, love and respect for nature and for our own nature, for our fluidity and inclusiveness.

They are offered in a programming spirit based on non-profit principles, that is dissemination, experiential education, sharing, and inclusion, as is appropriate for my “non-profit” called 3WayKiss.

At the School of Ecosexual Love we love beautiful and welcoming ecosystems. We appreciate the magic venues that host our groups in exclusive. And they reciprocate with beautiful gifts. Check out this video of the inner-cave jacuzzi our location has installed for the joy of its upcoming groups!

Thank you for listening.

Questions? Clarifications? Ready to join? Go to our sign-up page with info:

Interested in our advanced course, The Symbiosis of Ecosexual Love (July 5-11)? Go to its own event for more info

You can sign up for the Symbiosis as soon as you’ve signed up for the Alchemy intro. You can also sign up if you took the Alchemy in a past edition.

Sign up for Alchemy:

Sign up for Symbiosis:

Do not hesitate to contact us here.

All these events are 100 percent bilingual.

Thank you!

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