Ecosexuality: A Course in the Arts of Conscious Loving

Ecosexuality: A Course on the Arts of Conscious LovingOnly 500 Euros until June 30!

Robert Silber, M.S., LMT and 

Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD 

teaching the first completely bilingual course on ecosexuality and the art of sharing love
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Do you desire an expanded community of trust, love, pleasure, intimacy, and connection? Do you wish to develop your talents as artist of love? 

We believe that love is an art, and when consciously developed, the art of love can bring creativity, joy, and peace to our lives and the world. We share our knowledge in the arts of loving and guide you to develop your own. Bringing more trust, fun, and abundance in your amorous life is good for you, for others and for the planet.

The course will facilitate your development as an artist of conscious love. It will enhance your potential as a resource of love for your communities and networks.

Join us for five days of exercises and activities that will stimulate your mind, body, and heart. Practice communication techniques that help you to become more present and connected with others. Experience touch and massage modalities that create trust and lead to ecstasy. Share deeply with others who resonate with your passion for truth, community and the beauty of authentic relationships. Learn to appreciate your talents for erotic expression and use them pleasurably and respectfully. Be present to your nature as a resource of love.

Where: Casa di Fervento – Boccioleto
Via Val Sermenza 18, Varallo (Vercelli)
When: July 16-21, 2011
Cost of Course: 500 Euros per person
for only 500 Euros until June 30th

Full Board with
Vegetarian Option:
For the fabulous cuisine of
Stella Procopio 
Mini apartments at nearby 
Residence Pineta now 
available too!

Some of the questions we will address include:How can a more conscious sensuality improve one’s sexual relationships and act as a force for more peace and justice in the world? How can our diverse talents for love and amorous expression be fully developed and appreciated? Can we live in a state of greater intimacy (not necessarily sexual intimacy) within a community and not just one other person? What role can an expanded network or community of friends who share these desires play in both individual and global development? How can we meet our needs for touch and closeness in non-sexual relationships? How can we release our emotions and speak our truth in ways that build trust, connection and create community?

You bring your unique talents. 

We support you discovering the arts of conscious love.

Shared intellectual property of 3WayKiss and Conscious Sensuality

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Corso Ecosex – for 2 or 3

Who we are and why we teach this:
Robert Silber, M.S, LMT: Since entering the realm of conscious sensuality, he has studied and taught with the Network for New Culture, One Taste, Essensual Evolution (co-founder), and worked with many sacred sexuality and tantra teachers. He practices ashtanga yoga, is a licensed massage therapist, and loves to give massage incorporating the elements of lomi lomi, thai, cranial sacral and pelvic release techniques in a process that is deeply empowering and transformative.  He also provides conscious sensuality coaching via phone/email/in person.
He is a nature lover, master gardener, and was appointed by Robert Kennedy, Jr. as a Riverkeeper. He has worked in the fields of environmental activism, political organizing with Sierra Club, is a certified permaculture designer and co-founded an intentional community and environmental education center in Hawai’i.
He brings these two aspects together in the Kipuka Temple Community, where he has provided a framework of sensual living involving beautiful spaces, permaculture gardens, sustainable living, spiritual cultivation, and perhaps most importantly – a community grounded in conscious communication and intimacy building.
From this location, Robert travels to the mainland and internationally to lead workshops and events.  He is currently finishing a book on conscious sensuality, community and sustainability.
Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD, is a writer, professor, leader, healer, and activist in the paradigm shift toward a Gaian future where humanity makes peace with our hostess planet. She is a successful coach and workshop leader working on polyamory and bisexuality issues. She believes that the Sacred Sex Movement, the Global Ecology Movement and the Holistic Health Movement are part of this paradigm shift. She is currently active in the global Polyamory, Bisexuality, Ecosexuality, and AIDS Dissidence movements and communities. Her latest book, Gaia & the New Politics of Love: Notes for a Poly Planet, was released in September 2009, from North Atlantic Books, Berkeley. It is now available digitally in Kindle edition, and is a Silver Winner in Cosmology and New Science for the Nautilus Book Awards. Serena is a world class keynote speaker and workshop leader who has presented in California, Washington State, New England, the United Kingdom, and Greece. She also coaches clients on ecosexuality and relatedness issues.
Serena offers coaching sessions to participants interested in healthy, sustainable inclusive relationships.
Robert offers conscious sensuality sessions to interested participants.

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