Ester Prayer , 2020, from Humankind to Gaia

As Easter is with us, a prayer of resurrection is jelling in my heart. It’s a prayer of ecosexual love from humankind to Gaia.

Gaia, hostess of all life, sovereign of the only hospitable symbiotic planet we’ve found so far, partner we already always share with all other forms of life, may this day of resurrection be the one when you feel heard by us.

Your voice scours our world thru the passage of this virus which keeps us apart from many of our loved ones.

It s like the scream of a partner whose warnings have been ignored long enough.

It s your voice, Gaia, expressing your infinite ecosexual love for all life.

May this scream be loud enough to shake us into alignment with the forces that inspire you.

May it bring our awareness on how we have suffocated, imprisoned, maimed, desecrated our fellow travelers, be it animals, plants, soil, fellow humans, underworld, skies, rocks, waters, microbial life.

May this awareness pinch our numbness to the pain, grief, desperation we ve created around us, and on which we ve installed our world.

The planet s happiness is before our eyes, when dolphins swim in the lagoon of Venice, when the skies are clear is Los Angeles, when hares walk in Milan s parks, when trees rejoice as logging is paused in the forests they inhabit, when spring visits war fields paused by a ceasefire, when ducks take their brood for a walk on city’s riverbank.

This happiness now depends on the timeline of the virus.

Life is calling upon non-life to save itself from us.

How did we let that happen?

Can we be more considerate of how we treat our partners?

Do we need a virus to behave as if our world depended on the health of this planet?

From this scream, a new awareness has come to us.

May this awareness guide us as we reinvent the world to align with the happiness of the entire planet.

Happy Easter from Dr SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini, happy Easter to all of us!

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