Evaluations of academic programs are a lot of work and they require much patience.

The Curricular Sequence in Italian is a program I love and of which I am very proud to be part.  It is coming up for evaluation as we speak.

The original version only included three of the four teaching faculty.  A few days ago I realized that I, the fourth one, had been left out.  I didn’t take it personally.  I simply proceeded to complete the job.

The Sequence includes one of my favorite courses: Italian Cinema.  My contribution to the Sequence includes the results of my one year of advanced study in Italian cinema and what that brings to the students of the SCI and others at our university.

The complete evaluation integrates the teaching of cinema as a path for students to discover one of the 20th century arts for which Italy is best known and appreciated around the world.  This I believe makes the program stronger and more viable.

The version also includes the goal of having more that one faculty teach the course in Italian cinema.

All of these are available.

Enjoy the evaluations and think about all the time it really takes to prepare them.
Thank you!


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