Giving Ecosexual Thanks on the Day of Accion de Gracias

Oh well, you must have been wondering why we rushed to post this video without the slightest comment. It’s so cute! It’s really about persona, private life here in Western Puerto Rico, and how we really make it nice and cozy with our close friends. There is a certain intimacy that comes with living on an island where almost everyone knows after a bit. Here we are with our friends David and Javier in Ponce, ciudad senoral, which actually means town of distinguished, well-to-do people, and it really is, with its large avenues and southern tranquility. They invited us for a vegetarian Tanksgiving dinner, can you imagine: no turkey! They had prepared the most exquisite meal, served on the indoor patio on a cool evening. How cheerful!

We are so late posting comments to this because we were involved in a tech upgrade which turned out to be very efficient but made things a bit confused during the transition. Yours truly had been told that her computer skills and multiple systems deserved a Mac. And she got it! Oh technology, let me be slave to Thee! It is a good system and we are enjoying its efficiency.

Thanks to all the geeks who suggested the switch!

And a belated Buen Dia de Accion de Gracias to you!

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