Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to support participants experience one another as “metamours,” people who share a partner they love: the Earth.  It helps people evolve a consciousness about the inclusive and fluid aspects of ecosexuality, and make love the ecology of their lives.

The workshop opens with activation practices based on Tao and Tantra principles.  These connect participants to their inner being and to others in the room.

The practice of #EcosexualLove follows.

Roles include giver (lover), receiver (beloved), and witness (also dubbed “moon,” or panderer, or hosting ecosystem).  Agreed-upon body areas for touch are limited to the head, face, shoulders, and upper torso areas.

The giver’s intent is offering pleasure and loving touch.  The receiver’s intent is absorbing the loving energy and enjoying the pleasure.  The witness’s intent is providing the safe space hospitable to, and conducive of love.  Each participant embodies each role at least once.  People are encouraged to imagine the witness as a beautiful ecosystem, a natural host/ess whose energy is conducive of love.  At the end of each round, participants share about their experience.

Some of the questions addressed include:  How does it feel to be the compersive planet that hosts all of our loves?  As we witness the lovers, can we find it in our heart to experience their pleasure as our own?

Participants come away with an enhanced awareness of the connections between loving fluidly and inclusively and appreciating the spaces that host this love.  Many report they enjoy the role of witness more than anticipated.  As people envision the Earth as a generous and compersive lover, many realize they can make love the ecology of their lives.

Requirements and timeline:

We suggest a 100 to 120-minute time slot so that all participants get to experience the three roles and sharing.  The workshop can be held in a garden or other nearby natural site, if available.  It can also be held in a nice yoga room, possibly equipped with movable chairs, backjacks, and mats.  Carpeted or wooden-floors are welcome.  A good sound system is also useful.  It can be good to use tokens for the witness, including foliage, stones, shells, and symbols of forces of nature, like the moon or the sun.

The Facilitator:

Dr. SerenaGaia is the sacred name of Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD.  She is a teacher of #EcosexualLove, a leader in the ecosexual movement and an expert in the ecology of love.  A writer, activist, scholar, filmmaker, professor, and cultural theorist, she co-edited the collection Ecosexuality (2015), and co-directed Playa Azul I Love You (2016).  “Her prophetic books,” including Eros (2006) and Gaia (2009), “have inspired readers around the world,” Dr. Susan M. Block has said.

Dr. SerenaGaia believes that “a world where it is safe to love is a world where it is safe to live,” and intends to create that world with her sacred activism.

Contact: email,  Tel + 1 787 538 1680

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