Workshop # 3: Make Love the Ecology of Your Life

In this segment of the Alchemy of Ecosexual love participants have the opportunity to experience others as “metamours,” people who already always share a partner we love: the Earth.

Participants take turns in embodying three main roles: the giver (lover), the receiver (beloved), and the witness (also dubbed “moon,” or panderer, or hosting ecosystem).  Receivers set their boundaries for a session of loving touch. Agreed-upon body parts may include the head, face, shoulders, and upper torso.

The giver’s intent is offering pleasure and loving touch. The receiver’s intent is absorbing the loving energy and enjoying the pleasure. The witness’s intent is staying in balance with themselves and providing the safe space hospitable to, and conducive of love. Each participant embodies each role at least once. People are encouraged to imagine the witness as a beautiful ecosystem, a natural host/ess whose energy is conducive of love. At the end of each round, participants share about their experience.

The workshop addresses sexual fluidity and amorous inclusiveness, and helps people overcome the fears of pleasure and of jealousy.

Some of the questions include: How does it feel to be the compersive planet that hosts all of our loves and lives? As we witness the lovers, can we find it in our heart to experience their pleasure as our own?

Participants come away with an enhanced awareness of the connections between loving fluidly and inclusively and appreciating the spaces that host this love. Many report they enjoy the role of witness more than anticipated. People envision the Earth as a generous and compersive lover, and experience gratitude toward this shared partner.

The practice helps participants evolve a consciousness about the inclusive and fluid aspects of ecosexual love. It prepares participants for the wedding ceremony in which the hosting ecosystem is the bride. It provides a reference for those ready to make love the ecology of their lives.

Duration of Workshop: from a minimum of 90 minute and up to 2 hours

Space: An activity room with a wooden floor, comfortable mats, and mild temperature. A grassy garden on a quiet sunny day. A large tent or gazebo with a comfortable and soft floor.

Participants: from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 40

Let’s make love the ecology of our lives!

Let’s practice ecosexual love!

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