Oh the sweet music of Gaia, can you hear it? Ecosensual Water Kiss

Perhaps you’ll find this waaaaaaay too romantic and syrupy, one more video of the full moon, what could be more conventional, trite, deja vu?

And yet, and yet, when we put these things in the context of ecosexuality they acquire a completely new, fresh meaning. Yours truly was honored to be at Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens’ ecosexual Wedding to the Moon in Altadena last month, and she came home with this impulse to honor her moon rituals with this video. Living near the Moon, as she comes close to your window and as the moon wake whispers her sweet songs to you over the ripples that kiss the beach. Oh my goddess! That’s where the inspiration comes from! How could I not see it before? Or at least, perhaps I did, but not so tangibly, not so completely. The Moon is kissing with the silver ripples that caress the shore of Playa Azul. What is she telling me? She is urging me to bring Gaia’s message of hospitality to people! Oh Moon, oh changing Luna, you are a satellite to our mother, lover, sister, hostess, the third planet, the only celestial body willing to have us in her. Annie and Beth are now married to you, and Gaia is cool with that. Listen to the ecosensual water kiss . . . .

And when you decide what to read this Solstice/Holiday Season, make the right choice for you and the planet too! Learn all about ecosexual theory from Gaia, yours truly’s favorite book, and find out how to live your life as an experiment in ecological practices of love from her memoir Eros.

You can get both for $ 53.23, with the added bonus of a Taormino book. What a treat! What a thoughtful Solstice/holiday Season gift!

Even better, visit her author’s page on Amazon.com and choose what really inspires you to live the ecosexual life of your dreams while you become an artist of love whose creativity helps humanity make peace with our sacred hostess.

Listen to this video again on winter Solstice, and on Christmas Eve, and on New Year’s Eve. The whole concept of making love to nature, making love with nature will come true to you. Feel the caressing wake of the full moon kissing the beach with its water lips. Choose ecosexuality and start to learn all about it immediately!

Your truly sends her grateful greetings to you. She sends warm wishes for a delightful Solstice/Holiday season. And remember, it’s not ALL about the water kiss!

Namaste ((-:~


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