Podcast – Gaia Science: Path to Human Love, Health, Relatedness

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Now the story!
PRN, or Progressive Radio Network, describes itself as “The # 1 Radio Station for Progressive Minds.”  It’s also known as “the thinking person’s forum.”  I found out I was invited as a guest to talk about how Gaia science impacts human emotions.  “Wooow!” I thought, “your first time live on a radio show, Serena. You better make sure you know what’s you’re saying as your voice goes on the air.”

I looked up my hosts.  PRN does indeed live up to its descriptions as far as I know.  On the Progressive Radio Network archives page I saw a whole range of interesting radio shows, with topics including energy, news, community, politics, writing, women, consumers, animals, health, and more, all in the context of critical thinking and presented in the form of debates.  “Great!” I thought, “this seems like the kind of place where one finds like minded people who have not stopped asking questions, regardless of how out of fashion critical thinking might be at the moment.  How refreshing!” 
One is Gary Null, who describes himself as the radio host who “takes on the real issues that the mainstream media is afraid to tackle.”  His show covers a wide range of topics, including local and global ecology, the environment, science, religion, spirituality, nutrition, health, and human relationships.  He welcomes a stream of interesting guests, including scholars, professors, reporters, and other kinds of experts.  He heard of my new book, Gaia and the New Politics of Love, and invited me to speak of the Gaia Hypothesis and what it means for relationships among humans and those with other species.  “How wonderful,” I thought, “I can’t wait!”

“You studied the Gaia Hypothesis” Gary said, “Can you tell us what it is and how can it help us better understand human relationships? Relationships with other species?” he asked.
“The Gaia Hypothesis is the most important scientific hypothesis of our time,” I explained, “because it is the foundation for the paradigm shift toward the new system of knowledge that will enable humanity to make peace with Gaia, the third planet, rather than commit suicide on it.”  I gave the references to James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, on whose science the hypothesis is based.  “If this hypothesis is true, then all of the biota, including atmosphere, biosphere, and, of course, ourselves, is a body of interconnected life made of symbiotic elements.  This means that we are all already always related.  So developing healthy relationships is simply allowing this relatedness to actualize its potential in the most authentic form.” 

Gary asked me about dissident science, including AIDS science.  “I have the highest respect for science that differs from commonly accepted knowledge because without these differences knowledge cannot evolve.  For example, Gaia science is still a form of ‘dissident’ science, since the Gaia Hypothesis is not the prevalent paradigm upon which today’s accepted knowledge is based.”
I then proceeded to explain how for myself I have chosen a vegetarian path to health and a holistic one as well.  In a Gaian context, one’s health is a result of the health of the symbiotic elements with which one chooses to surround oneself.  For me, time-tested indigenous remedies make more sense than recently invented pharmaceutical drugs, especially when used regularly.  When something has been used from generation to generation, its impact on the body’s balance is known.
It was a pleasure to be a guest on this program.  There were many more questions I would have been happy to address, and I would welcome another invitation.  It was great to have my work recognized by a host of Gary’s experience and courage.  I hope more listeners become aware of how Gaia and the New Politics of Love can be a resource for them.

Listen to Podcast 03/24/10 – Start Serena’s Segment at 44th Minute HERE 

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