Mission Statement: The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love

The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love is an educational program in the arts of love designed for people with the desire and courage to love fearlessly and unconditionally.  It combines practices and principles from Tao, Tantra, amorous inclusiveness, and sexual fluidity to empower students to reconnect with our natural gift to love.

The program refers to the practices and principles of sex-positive education, which appreciates the value of amorous and sexual expression as a basis for human happiness, health, pleasure, joy, and well-being.  In sex-positive education, a wide variety of ways to express one’s amorous and sexual energy are appreciated, provided these expressions take place among people who are fully consenting adults.  Sex-positive education encourages self-awareness, open communication, good listening, and complete respect for the wishes and non-wishes of others.  Learning to respond to a proposal with a NO, and to accept that NO with respect and gratitude is a first step in sex-positive education.  A NO offered without apology or excuses is often a sign that the person who speaks is taking good care of themselves.  Accepting this response with respect and reverence is a way to contribute to co-creating spaces where a profusion of authentic YES’es is possible.

The practice of Ecosexual Love is based on inner guidance from the core of one’s personal ecosystem, and on respect and devotion to the ecosystems that surround us, including natural, human, and technological ones.  For example, awareness of our fears puts us in touch with our inner vibrations.  Addressing these insecurities is a way to raise our vibration above them and energetically dissipate external obstacles and critiques.

Respect for diversity is a way of being in awe of the diversity of nature, including human nature.  When we come from a place of love, we can appreciate the value of people’s choices even when they don’t correspond to ours.  For example, we can respect open relationships without practicing them, and learn to experience compersion as a way to overcome the fear of being consumed with jealousy.  The programs in The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love are designed to empower participants to evolve their talents in the arts of love and to become artists of Ecosexual Love.

The programs’ elements include the following:

  1. The Tao, a practical philosophy from the Orient that allows one to harmonize the elements of one’s personal ecosystem, treating one’s organs and other parts of the person like members of an expanded family, who function well when they get along.
  2. Tantra, another practical philosophy from the Orient that combines amorous expression with aspects of the sacred, sacred, allowing aural and energetic connections among people who wish to love each other with respect and reverence for their respective vital energies.
  3. Amorous inclusiveness, which allows one to expand one’s ability to love in a wider horizon, beyond exclusive and monogamous norms.
  4. Sexual fluidity, which allows one to perceive and appreciate amorous energies regardless of the gender of the person they emanate from.

The program’s experiential practices emphasize aspects of the practice of love as an art.  In particular, they are designed support participants in alchemically transforming the energy of fear into love.  The opportunity of the program’s courses is to dissipate four major fears that are common obstacles to love.

These fears include:

  • the fear of lovesickness
  • the fear of being rejected
  • the fear of being consumed with jealousy
  • the fear of pleasure

Once these energetic obstacles are removed, once the energy of fear is alchemically transformed into the energy of love, there are no reasons why a person cannot generate all the love he or she desires.  Participants in The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love are empowered to become sources of love in their own lives and communities.

  • The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love is affiliated with the educational non-profit 3WayKiss, whose mission is available at this link.
  • For a wider background on the evolution of this program, watch the documentary film Playa Azul I Love You: Together in Ecosexual Love (32 minutes).  Film free of charge on Vimeo. View trailer here.
  • The first introductory event in this program will take place at Suncave Gardens, in the vicinity of Rome, Italy, on June 29-July 1, 2018.  View program at this link.
Can we answer any questions?  Please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to serving you in your journey of #EcosexualLove.  Enjoy!
aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
Erstwhile Professor of Humanities and Cinema at UPRM
Convenor of Practices of Ecosexuality: A Symposium

Author of Multiple Books
Website Serenagaia.org

Contact: serena.anderlini@gmail.com

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Fellow at the Humanities Institute, University of Connecticut, Storrs (2012-13)
Project: “Amorous Visions: Ecosexual Perspectives on Italian Cinema”

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