New Program: The Alchemy of Ecosexual Love

Connect with your natural gift to Love

The Alchemy of EcosexualLove combines practices and principles from Tao, Tantra, amorous inclusiveness, and sexual fluidity to empower participants to reconnect with their natural gift to love. 

By Dr. SerenaGaia, aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio

This sequence of three workshop is for people with the desire and courage to love fearlessly and unconditionally. When you overcome your fear of getting lovesick, of being rejected, of being consumed with jealousy, and of pleasure, what will keep your loving nature from becoming fully expressed?

This introductory training helps to dissipate these four major obstacles to love. We welcome diversity, appreciate consent, emphasize confidentiality, and support all forms of amorous expression.

Join us as we transform fear into love with the Alchemy of Ecosexual Love.

This content is organized in a sequence of three main 90-minute segments or workshops.

Workshops # 1 and # 2 focus on Tao and Tantra, workshop # 3 adds fluidity and inclusiveness (compersion).

The sequence can be complemented with an introductory evening, which may include a puja and a 30-minute documentary film, and a final ceremony called Wedding of Ecosexual Love. The ceremony may be followed by a facilitated celebration party.

The transforming program helps people overcome their fear of love. It works successfully with groups and in communities. Segments of it can also be included in gatherings and festivals. It has been produced in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Italy, and Estonia.

As a recent attendee commented:

“The Alchemy changed the way I can receive or give touch, the way I feel about sexuality and the Earth. You created a bubble where we all could connect and be true to ourselves and show ourselves. You inspired me with the power of the energy that hands can create for another person in connection with the natural elements.”
– Karolina, attendee of the workshop


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