The Covid Chronicles # 1, May 4, 2020

This is very good news to me. Apparently, the experimental cure from the Poma Hospital in Mantua has entered about 4000 hospitals in the US too. It’s based on Hyperimmune Plasma from the blood of the healed. It’s experimental, and of course if one is severe with phase three of the disease, it’s compassionate and can help one heal. Woooow! I’m really glad to hear this. I am moved that the work of dedicated doctors in the field is recognized, and that patients who wish so can access the cure. It makes me feel at peace with the system. And i wish everyone health, wealth and longevity, as the Tao say.
I also hope that this eases up the Mantua hospital team, which apparently was investigated by the Italian authorities on the very same day that Bill Gates called Italy’s prime minister about funding research for his vaccine plan w/ Italian taxpayers money. Which i did find, let’s say, unconvincing. And I want to trust that was just a coincidence! Lol! <3
Here i link both articles, the one about the adoption in the USA, and the one about the inspection of the Italian team. Please let’s pray that the team can continue to administer plasma and save people, and that word of the cure being made accessible more widely spreads so that people are aware they can benefit if they so wish.

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