The Covid Chronicles # 2 – Conspirators and Theories

Sometimes i get accused of being a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think i am one. My rhetoric can become a bit heated when i feel indignant. And i feel that it’s important for my voice to inspire a wide range of emotions with my words. Sometimes my emotions are very strong. And i do want my rhetoric to reflect that. If i do sound too passionate to you, please forgive. Thank you!

One aspect of using a wide palette to color one’s emotions expressed in one’s words is that they galvanize attention where it’s needed. The places where attention is needed are sometimes radiant, and sometimes very dark.

And my sense is that using that palette appropriately can generate waves that then can result in returning news that are exactly when one would have wished, or even better.

For example, i was all up in arms about a magnate of the IT industry proposing that my first matria‘s prime minister use taxpayers money to fund his vaccine research project. I was concerned that this priority might hijack progress for the experimental cure based in Hyperimmune Plasma. Just because, of course, when a cure is found, vaccines become less mandatory and less needed.

And i wrote and translated extensively about this so it could make sure it would become more known at least to those in my circles, to the people i love.

And, yes, i did get to hear that my rhetoric was a bit hyper-passionate from some very appreciated readers.

I was passionate, YES, i agree.

To me, the news that a cure is found for a disease believed to be incurable is GOOD news. I want to celebrate unconditionally! And now i know i really can.

Lo and behold, i get back online to find out that my wildest hopes have come true. As of today, the Hyperimmune Plasma cure has entered the health care system of my second matria, the USA! And will be available for thousands of patients to use.


I feel overjoyed. And relieved for all the people who are now in the thick of the disease! Buon coraggio e buona salute to all of you!

Sta girando questa vignetta, vedi sopra. Chi saranno i complottatori? Chi saranno i complottisti? Speriamo proprio che si possa ridere di questa congettura, vero?

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