The Covid Chronicles # 3 – Day Trips and Herd Immunity – Dr Katz’s Educational Interview

Dr. Katz, an MD with a solid experience and background in public health, recommends building herd immunity as a way to contribute to total harm minimization. And so today we practiced. We went on an outing in nature and visited areas where social distancing was very easy to practice. We took out immune systems out for a day in open air, beach, viewpoints and countryside, so that our white blood cells and personal ecosystems could exercise well for the time when restrictions might ease up and the goal of heard immunity might be in sight. it was really great! I have to admit, the taste of freedom was inebriating, especially on a day leading into a full moon night. Yes, when you have good friends and people to love, navigating a crisis can be just as exciting as standing in the void with the awareness that something really beautiful and even better that you can imagine could arrive!
One really special time was, in our outing, finding an open cafe on the shore near the river estuary. One could go in and order take out. And then consume the order on public space chair outside. I adore cafe life. And it’s one of the things i’ve really missed lately. I especially cherish the taste of the froth from a dry cappuccino in my mouth. I had a blueberry mocha and, lo and behold, i open the cup, and find the most delicious froth inside. As it came to my mouth, the joy was almost orgasmic. Oh consumer me, i don’t have a very expensive taste, just a stop at a cafe is enough, and yet, i really deeply cherish these little pleasures of life.
Here i share some pictures of the outing, with deep gratitude to those who enjoyed with me and to the universe that conspire to make this possible for us. Yes, the universe also conspires amazing manifestations of joy sometimes. Lol.
Enjoy the pictures. And if you’d like educate yourselves about “total harm minimization” and “herd immunity” from Dr. Katz.

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