The Covid Chronicles # 4 – Plasmatherapy in Oregon and Washington State

If you are in the Oregon/Washington State area, and value awareness of where and how to access options for Convalescent Plasma, this information may be useful to you.

I am so happy to have found it. And I do hope that more people who’ve recovered fill the plasma tanks with their blood donations. I find this way of helping one another through this crisis to be really encouraging and empowering. When it works, as it often does from experimental data in Italy and China, the more healed, the more plasma, the more plasma, the more healed. It’s a chain of love and compassion for those who choose it, that may work very well all around.

And i’m happy to have found a health care facility near me that can practice this type of cure, which at this point is experimental and compassionate. Unfortunately, i haven’t been able to find any follow up news about Liliana Locke, the first woman in Oregon who has received the plasma transfusion. I believe there is good hope for her, in the context of the news i get from Mantova. I am sending good energies to Liliana, wherever she might be at this time. If you are aware of updates, please comment. Thank you!

To all my friends and loved ones in this region, and everyone else. Enjoy the good news!

More good news. Convalescent plasma also arrives in Seattle, on a compassionate, experimental basis, at Swedish Health Services. I’m overjoyed. And i do wish the brave doctors and patients and donors much success and courage all around! Love and blessings to those intent in helping the sick and spreading hope for a cure that can be expanded to many others.

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