The Covid Chronicles # 7 – Preparations: Bill Gates and Plasma Cures

In the ways of information, i want to share this link as well. It’s to a TED Talk by Bill Gates back in 2015.

It alerts people that humankind is not as ready for a global epidemic as it could be. A number of people do question Bill Gates’ qualifications for, and integrity in assessing these very significant matters.

And i could well be one of them.

This said, interestingly enough, Bill Gates does mention what has turned out to be a significant cause for hope in the Covid 19 crisis: the practice of infusing patients with the plasma of the healed, often known as Convalescent Plasma.

His example? The Ebola epidemic in West Africa, where, Bill laments, this plasma therapy wasn’t done.

This is good news to me. And everyone is invited to check this out at minute 2.43 in the TED Talk video.

This mention of plasma therapy indicates to me that Gates’s horizon about how to proceed with pandemics might be more modulated and wider than what his pronouncements in recent tweets suggested. And since he is influential, this counts.

So i am happy to share the news here.

Much has been said lately about “conspiring” and about “theorizing” of what that might be all about. Especially around this philanthropic pundit.

Sometimes there are conspirators. And so those who theorize about them may do a good job of protecting us from their plans. Helping to avert these plans ahead of time.

Sometimes there aren’t any real conspiracies. Theorists of such possible events can still be useful, and it’s healthy to hear about them to the extent that we can still keep our energetic focus on possibilities for a positive win/win result.

Of course, often only history will tell and there is no conclusive knowledge in advance.

Let’s keep our vision that cures will become accessible widely, that they will work out, and will save many patients one after the other. Let’s hope that these effective cures will naturally lead to a vaccine that’s a safe option for those who most need it and like it.

I hope this is useful. It certainly helped me and i am happy i found it. All good wishes to everyone.

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