The Covid Chronicles # 9 – Infections of Hope and Natural Remedies

I feel in the air that infections are going up. I read it in the papers. I see few faces in the streets.

What do I do?

I breathe deeply and tell my personal ecosystem that it is well calibrated, well prepared to deal with what’s to come.

I decide not to penalize my social life or that of other people who appreciate human company, including mine.

I tell fear to go away, and I invite courage in my heart, and lungs.

I respect those who decide to protect themselves and withdraw more than I think I need to do.

I appreciate anyone who is tuned to a similar caliber as mine and with their presence brings health and happiness–this magical combo–to my life!

I open my box of natural remedies and nutritional supplements, what I adopted several decades ago to escape the tyrannies of big pharma.

I find the ones that are most recommended to cushion the effect of Covid, should it come my way.

I take some, for good luck, as my mother would say, to keep the jinx at bay, for the placebo effect, because maybe they are also effective, you never know, right?

I tell myself: Serena your range is very well matched.

Vitamin C and D, for melanin, light and energy.

Zinc, to cushion the virus.

Quercetin to keep the blood nice and fluid.

Lactoferrin, because it’s abundant in kids and covid does not give them a must.

Echinacea because the flu won’t take hold on a good immune system.

I have hydroxychloroquine and I do not take it because there is no point without symptoms, even though I’m aware it’s a well-tolerated medicine in small doses, has been in use for over 60 years for malaria.

The wisdoms underlying many of these remedies are centuries-old, sometimes millennial. Their effects have been studied by HISTORY, A SCIENCE THAT’S ABOUT THE PAST and AN ART ABOUT KNOW HOW TO APPRECIATE THIS PAST.

Why not believe it?

Why not rely on it?

Why not benefit from it?

All this is cheap and keeps the alarm level down. (Which in itself is good for people and the planet.)

I feel calmer with indigenous, ancient and ancestral experiences than with the latest inventions of pharmaceutical companies whose capital belongs to the new super rich of the digital age.

Monopolies can be fatal, and it seems to me that with natural remedies the margin of error, the risk, the unknown of secondary effects is much more minimized.

This list I have put together from various sources of natural medicine experts. These are the people who take responsibility for saying that diseases, including Covid, are curable. And then they do cure them, that is, they help people recover, they help them heal, they help them take good care of themselves and others.

I would like this information to be more disclosed, more available.

I would like to see hope in the headlines, and not just apocalyptic sensationalism.

And so I do here in my small way what I hope will also be done on a larger scale.

Thank you for listening. I hope it is useful.

Good health and good happiness.

# # # # #

Can we answer any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you in your journey of #EcosexualLove. Enjoy!

aka Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio, PhD
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