The Resilience of Love – Inner Meditation – A Guided Practice

The Resilience of Love presents:

Inner Meditation: A Self-Care Practice in the School of Ecosexual Love 

Conducted by Dr. SerenaGaia

Inner Meditation is a very significant practice in the care of the ecosystem called Thyself!

This article/video/podcast includes an introduction to the ancient practice of inner meditation, with its origins and benefits. It includes a guided demonstration of the meditation process itself, which can function as a self-initiation for students and followers willing to teach themselves.

If you prefer to listen rather than reading, we invite you to access our Podcasts about Inner Meditation, HERE for the INTRODUCTION, HERE for the GUIDED PRACTICE. THANK YOU!

Questions we will address in the article include:

• How can we use this ancient practice to take care of our personal ecosystem?

• How can we carry out a meditation that connects us with our inner being and the symbiotic parts that make it up?

• How can we raise the internal vibration while our awareness shifts the focus towards ourselves?

• How can we connect with planetary bodies, celestial forces, and those of Earth?

• How do we couple the yin and yang energies within us?

• How can we expand this vibration towards the areas and communities we care about?

These are the themes that we will address, while sharing inner meditation experiences and practicing together.

Before we start. How to prepare:

  • Eat moderately if you have a meal before the practice
  • Prepare a very bland and abundant herbal tea and have it warm and handy for sipping while we explain the practice
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Have enough space around you to sit comfortably in a yoga position on the floor, possibly on a mat or carpet and with your back resting
  • Have some pillows handy so you can use them to adjust the position to your comfort
  • Have a sleep mask handy or bandanna to cover your eyes
  • If necessary for your knees or other body area, sit in a chair

Inner Meditation

What’s meant by Inner Meditation? It’s simply a meditation that focuses inward while your body does not move. It’s not a medit-action, where you’d be doing something, for example.

Before you begin, I invite you to ask yourself two questions:

  1. What is your experience with inner meditation? Have you heard about it? Where? What context? Have you been curious about it? Have you tried it?
  2. If you are familiar with it, what’s your sense of its benefits? Have you felt some of these benefits before?What can a regular practice of Inner Meditation do for you.

It can function as the basis for your practice of holistic health
It can establish a positive relationship with your own inner landscape
It can offer your personal ecosystem calibration for the day
It can rebalance the fluxes of energies and emotion that traverse your being from impacts with the external world
It can activate the flow of your vital energy
It can reset the vibration of this energy
It can transform the frequency that emanates from your ecosystem and impacts others around you

It seems like a waste of time. Just sitting there doing nothing, right?

One hour spent doing this every day can easily save you many hours spent in

Anger, bad temper, resentment, sadness, desperation, illness
Standing in line at the doctor’s office, in a pharmacy, in therapy, at the hospital

I have been practicing for over 20 years, learning from various schools, and adapting forms to me

Time of day to do it: Morning, on waking up
My practice: waking up two hours before anything else on schedule

One hour drinking hot liquids, water, bland herbal tea

One hour sitting in a yoga position with straight but supported back, ear plugs, eye mask to protect sleep

That’s how I do it. We are all different. Everyone will adapt the practice to their needs and themselves

Here are some of the phases through which I will take you.

Get in position

Place your sleep mask over your eyes

Collect your energies

Enter your inner landscape


Find interfaces between your external and your internal self-perception, could be hands, feet, crown

Breathe into the sacred, breathe naturally and with awareness, feel air through nostrils, down your pipes, into lungs, down your abdomen

Breathe into your spine, down to sacrum

Drop your awareness from the mind into the body

Listen, there could be emptiness, dark field, maybe anguished

Accept, stay in that

Wait for it to change color, vibration

Listen to the breath

Feel the vibration within yourself

Stay in that

Expand your awareness to the whole inner ecosystem, from the throat into the root, sacred, feel the activation of your vital energy as your awareness is enhanced

Connect with cosmic energies

White light enters from the crown, North Star, heart, left kidney, dantien, Yang energy

Green light from the Earth, through the pelvic floor, enters into the sacred, connected with the soil under you, Yin energy, your awareness crosses through the Earth, goes towards the southern cross, opposite the North Star

Moves up from your right buttock, right kidney, and into your dantien

Circle in the dantien, the two energies mix, spiral together, make a clockwise circle in the belly

Let these cosmic and terrestrial energies intermingle with each other

Clench your abdominal muscles, contract them as if you were trying to get a bowel movement, but wider

Stay in that contraction

Then release, let out the sound that wants to come

Belching, welcome

Farting, welcome

Expel air

Feel the expansion of a stronger vibration, carrying more vital energy, reaching out to include limbs

Stay in that

Expand frequency of your inner vibration into areas of our life that interest you at this time, visualize these areas, activate the energy field toward them, travel there with your energy body, connect with their frequency, imagine them as your vibration impacts them, feel your connection to them, feel how you energy impacts them, brings them to life, heals them

Visit as many of these areas as you feel inspired to do

Gradually come back to yourself, feel your own dantien

Gradually let go, relax, and when ready, slowly remove your eye mask and open your eyes

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