US Elections

US elections. The edge is here.

People are waiting for this. The world is.

Much as i don’t get excited about Biden, i appreciate the Democratic Party for nominating a woman of color as a vice to him.

As a California absentee voter, i’ve voted for Kamala Harris in the senate a number of times already.

I appreciate the fresh breeze she brings.

As a person of color and a woman, she might even be closer to a holistic perspective on health than it might be advisable for her to include in the campaign.

I loved that moment in the debate when, in a clear, calm voice, she declared “Mr Vice President, i am speaking” as soon as Pence tried to interrupt her.

It was so affirmative, in a gender based scenario that is so typical.

The panache she handled it with is a positive model for all kinds of people.

I trust she will bring good things.

Happy voting and happy Halloween!

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