Welcome to the cinema and visual arts section of the Webpage of Dr. SerenaGaia, also known as Serena Anderlini-D’Onofrio.  It’s a joy to have you here.

Dr. SerenaGaia is a passionate cinema and visual artist.  Her work intends to guide viewers in the practice and art of sharing resources, including resources of love.  It is inspired by artists like Frida Kahlo, Grandma Moses, and others, and by film-makers like Bernardo Bertolucci, Liliana Cavani, Ferzan Ozpetek, and others.

Recently, Dr. Serenagaia has tried her hand a film-making, in a fruitful collaboration with Shaison Antony and Jimmy Garcia.  Having taught cinema for over 15 years without ever studying it (lol!), Dr. SerenaGaia earned a fellowship at UCHI to devote one entire year to the study of this art.  The result is a new passion that has delivered its first results.

The film Playa Azul I Love You has been completed and is now featured on Dr. SerenaGaia Vimeo Channel.  Please access it at this link.  Enjoy!

Playa Azul I Love You won awards in several categories at the International Independent Film Awards Festival.  It is now being considered for awards in other festivals, including Bridges, in Greece, and EcoFilm in Portland, Oregon.

The film has been and will be featured at several conferences, including Practices of Ecosexuality and Sex-Positive Education: Symposium Too, UPR Mayaguez, Feb 2-3, 2017, and Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacy Conference (NMCI), Vienna, Aug 30-Sept 2, 2017.  The film has also been requested for consideration by TWIST, the Seattle Queer Film Festival.

Descriptions and details about the film are available here.  Contact us for more information or if you want to screen or consider the film.  We will be happy to respond.  Thank you!

As a preview of the documentary Playa Azul I Love You, we offer a series of photos taken by the film’s co-director, Shaison Antony, on the day of the first Plural Wedding of Ecosexual Love in the Caribbean, January 25, 2014.

Click to enjoy the whole series.

We hope you enjoy this listing.  Make love the ecology of your life while inspired by the visual arts of Dr. SerenaGaia.  Stay tuned for news about Playa Azul I Love You and for more inspiring films.

Thanks for your visit.  Enjoy the website of Dr. SerenaGaia.

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