What are People Saying about Ecosexuality?

FlierUpdate2What are people saying about Ecosexuality?  “A sumptuous feast.” Susan M. Block, The Bonobo Way.  “The blueprint the world needs.”  Robyn Vogel, Intimacy Coach.  “Truly inspiring.”  Dr. Anya, Author.  “The potential to define a new era for humanity.” Christiane Pelmas, Author.  Time to mark your calendars for the book’s release in May, 2015.  The posted flier has the latest updates.  A PR tool kit is available.  We accept blurbs, gigs, keynotes.  Connect with Lindsay Hagamen or Serena Anderlini.  Stay in touch when you “like” the page.  Visit the book’s website for updates.  Enjoy the week.  Make love the ecology of your EcosexFBPageCoveImagelife.  Allow nature to inspire the arts of love.  Gear up for abundant ecosexual love.



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