Workshop # 1: Know and Love the Ecosystem Called Thyself

In this segment of the Alchemy of Ecosexual Love participants have the opportunity to know and love themselves as ecosystem made of elements designed to collaborate symbiotically with one another.

The practice is based on principles from the Tao and includes various elements. It starts with the opening of energetic channels in the body’s back, front, and middle. The practice of interior smile connects the mind with one’s organs, sending them loving energies. This recycles negative emotions deposited therein in to positive emotions. The practice of the water wheel repositions the elements of fire and water within the person. The practice of tapping activates the mind and the brain’s glands. These practices transform the energetic filed within the ecosystem that every person constitutes. They promote collaboration among its various elements, stabilizing the person’s balance and health.

This workshop addresses a person’s holistic health and helps to overcome one’s fear of falling ill from love.

Duration of Workshop: from a minimum of 90 minute and up to 2 hours

Space: An activity room possibly with a wooden floor, comfortable mats, and mild temperature.  A grassy garden on a sunny day.  A large tent or gazebo with a comfortable and soft floor.

Participants: from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 40

Let’s make love the ecology of our lives!

Let’s practice ecosexual love!

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